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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Ah.. Kouros.. The wild one..

The short version of this review:
To me, Kouros is like Miles Davis's jazz. It could be confusing at first. Even headache inducing. But with perseverance, you can 'train' your senses to appreciate this, and a whole new world of sensory enjoyment awaits :-)

I remember it took me several tries to appreciate Kouros. The first times were awful. It smells like an old, antique.. thing.. I couldn't quite put a finger on what, exactly.
House? Probably.
Person? Not impossible.
I never got the urinal cake/feces association, though. And the SA always described Kouros as "clean smelling". Huh. Weird.

Though I had help from a bottle of Kouros Tattoo, I finally managed to bring my nose around to Kouros. It smells strong, yes it does. It smells old at first, but the 'old' aura diminishes little by little, until nothing remains but a clean, antique, refreshing scent (one can be antique without being old, no?).

I've never once gotten a complaint while wearing Kouros. On the contrary, my girlfriend loves it! She also describes Kouros as "clean". Weird, that.
And I've only _once_ detected a faint association of something disgusting. I never could understand what made it appear, though. The temperature, the wind, the food, everything was of the ordinary.

This is not a perfume that you should dismiss just by the (negative) reviews. Try it. Even if just once. It will surprise you. It will challenge you. And hopefully, it will change you.
10th May, 2009