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Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

I ordered a large bottle of the EDP about a week ago. I wanted something different from my usual scent suspects and the BN reviews were intriguing so...I leaped, unsniffed. And all I can say is OMG, my HG has been found. I cannot stop spritzing it, and I have lost all interest in all my other perfumes. I really cannot add anything to the marvelous reviews already posted. Except that there is no cucumber note that I can detect. A hint of aquatic is all that I can smell, not cucumberish, but a viney green scent. It has a lovely luscious drydown, the amber is soft and gorgeous. The only flaw in our budding relationship is that it doesn't last on me. After an hour or so, it becomes a skin scent, and a couple of hours later is gone.Not even a whiff left. I am going to order, if I can find it, lotion and bath gel or oil and see if layering makes it last longer.
21st June, 2010

Création by Ted Lapidus

Someone gave me a bottle of this when it first came out. I was at first offended by it. I thought they had given me some men's cologne. No sweetness, no floral, nothing like any of the perfumes I was used to. But it intrigued me, and I found myself wearing it until the small bottle was gone. It was to me exactly as melancholic-botanist describes. I could not have described it any better. I think I will purchase a little bottle again, my tastes have changed and the intrigue I remember needs to be explored.
01st June, 2008

Forever Krystle by Charles of the Ritz

When this was first launched a friend recomended it to me. It was a blinding headache at first sniff. If I can remember anything past the memory of the pain and nausea it was a floral scent, not really bad. Some ingrediant though was instant migraine for me. Later most of the Avon fragrances did the same to a much lesser degree. Forever Krystle wasn't hugely popular thank god because it got to the point that just a small whiff would bring on a headache.
01st June, 2008
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Sparkling White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

My sister wanted this for Christmas last year so I got her a big set of it. Curious as to her love for it I sprayed a bit on after she opened it and yeech.....lemon pledge. And that note seemed to last a looonnngggg time. However it finally dried down to a nice little floral. Nothing special, for me anyway and I cannot get past the lemon pledge opening. Sis loves it though and if the little Napoleon type person is happy we are all happy.
01st June, 2008

Chloé (new) by Chloé

I cannot tell any difference between this and the old formulation. Maybe something has been forgotten, but this is just like the original to me. It is a perenial favorite of mine, along with all the Lagerfield creations. It is beautifully sweet, and floral and the drydown, like the drydown of Tresor, is not floral, but sweet warm amber. Love it. It doesn't have the sillage of Tresor, lasts only 4 to 6 hours on me, with a sweet warm barely there scent for a couple of hours more.
31st May, 2008

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Luca Turins review of Tommy Girl made me very curious, so I decided to try this to see what all the hoopla was about, fortunately to find it I didn't have to go very far, my 7 year old granddaughter got a bottle for Christmas. So I marched to her room knocked on her door and asked if Nanny could have a spritz. She graciously squirted a goodly amount on my arm and off I went, sniffing away. The very first scent was....rubbing alcohol. I kid you not. Lasted maybe a minute or so then a weak green tea started. Thirty minutes later a stronger green tea, an hour tea. After about 3 hours something weakly floral and sort of sparkly popped up but didn't stay long sort of faded to tea. However it was sweetly floral on my granddaughter so I think body chemistry reared it's ugly little head. For me no. Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea is a wonderful scent on me and I believe that is the tea formula I will stick with. But for others this is a nice little floral. And oddly enough, on my granddaughter no scent of green tea at all, just flowers.
31st May, 2008

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

I was reading The Shipping news in the early nineties and Tresor was the signature scent of the doomed party girl wife of the protagonist. The description of the scent sent me straight out of the house and to the department store for a sniff. I was hooked. What is probably apricot smells like peach to me and the rose is subdued. Then the peach fades and the rose really comes out. Soft sweet rose. Then the lilac blends in. Wonderful. The drydown though on me is not floral nor fruity, it is warm sweet almost musky. It lasts a long long time and a little goes a long way especially in the warmer months. I wore it a lot back then, then got hooked of all things on New West...and that is another story entirely. Anyway I have circled back to Tresor and begged the Christmas pixies for a bottle and have been happily wearing it day or two every week. Very comforting to me and the grandkids love it.
31st May, 2008

Vintage Soul by Curve by Liz Claiborne

I have a dear niece who is enamoured of Vanilla Fields. Which I loathe and gives me a headache. So....I bought this for her and not only did she like it, so did I. Very nice florals drydown to a very nice lightly musky vanilla. Smells good on her and on me. I liked it well enough to buy some for myself. As with all the Liz Claiborne perfumes, the price is excellent.
10th May, 2008

Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld

Although I really don't like fruity fragrances that much I do adore this one. I do get a little bit of pineapple in the opening, but mostly peach. And yes it is sweet, but not cloyingly so. Then the soft and utterly lovely floral kicks in. On me there is not much vanilla, instead the musk is most dominate. This is my fallback for those days I cannot make up my mind what to wear and my comfort scent. It has been hard to miss the downward price,"class" spiral of this fragrance as well as Chloe and Chloe Narcisse. Oh yeah and the truly lovely spicy KL. I do so hope they aren't discontinued. While I don't wear the Chloe's or the KL that often, I do like them and I would miss having them but I would be bereft without my SMS.
18th April, 2008

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

I cannot wear Opium. Sour slightly musty cinnamon is all I get when I use it. But on my mother it smells like heaven must. I would love any perfume to smell as good on me as Opium does on my mother. And the drydown on her is totally different from the drydown on others who also wear Opium. On my mother it practically becomes a skin scent. You have to be very close to her to know she is wearing perfume at all. The spiciness disapears rapidly and what is left is this silky shimmering golden scent. That is the only way I can describe it and that is what I think when I smell Opium on Mom. No real sweetness, no spices, and absolutely nothing floral. *SIGH* I would give my left kidney for any perfume to smell that heavenly on me. So far I have not found the HG. Mom has though.
13th December, 2007

Tomorrow by Avon

My sister loves Avon perfumes and has a huge collection of them. Knowing my love of orientals she persuaded me to try Tomorrow. She also had a few other she wanted me to try, Rare Gold, Rare Rubies, Pink Leather. Now I hadn't worn Avon perfume since the early 70's and I remembered them as being inoffensive mostly with a couple being interesting such as Topaz which my grandmother wore and which I liked and Persian Wood an Aunt loved. Well Avon has changed over the years. All the perfumes, including this one gave me a headache. All of them, every last one, has to me an unpleasant, synthetic opening note that gives me a headache and makes me a little queasy.I couldn't believe it, and came back the next day to try a few more of her perfumes and all of them smelled exactly the same as soon as I tried them. There are other brands of perfume that give me a headache as soon as I smell them, but none have that unpleasant opening note. After that note disapeared, very rapidly I might add, I was able to appreciate some of the other notes in the perfumes, but there seemed to be hints of the unpleasant whatever it is in all stages of the perfumes.I have no idea what it is, what Avon has changed or done new to their perfumes but I can no longer abide them. I guess it is like Lipton tea, I hate it. Tastes and smells musty to me. No one else seems to notice any off flavors or smells so perhaps it is that my nose and sense of taste are somewhat skewed. Since the flaw may reside in me and not the perfume and because Tomorrow smells very nice on my sister, as long as I don't get very close to her, I'll make this a neutral call.
12th December, 2007

Xi'a Xi'ang by Revlon

I really liked this as an "office" fragrance. Light, subtle, never offensive. Even freshly sprayed it never offended anyone. Not much lasting power though. I am sorry it has been discontinued, cheerful pretty little scent.
12th December, 2007

Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

I cannot abide this perfume. To me, on me and on others it smells like cheap cleaner of some sort. There is also a large hint of insecticide lurking around. And it makes me headachey and nauseous. Just like all the Avon perfumes there is something in this fragrances that triggers some sort of allergic reaction. Oh well another added to my never wear list.
12th December, 2007
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Dune by Christian Dior

I love layering this with some musk based scent. It is just too arid or something by itself. Not disagreeable to me, just sort of uninteresting. By accident I paired it with a musk bath oil and the fragrance bloomed on me. Wonderful, elegant, warm, sexy as hell. I got more compliments on this combo than any other scent I have ever worn. My SO at that time, literally swooned and certainly acted the fool every time I wore it. He would swear that he just could not help himself, he said the scent bypassed the frontal lobes and went straight to the "gotta mate" (he was a bit cruder than "mate")animal part of the brain. By itself I cannot give it a thumbs up, interesting, certainly but just not for me. But paired with a musk lotion, oil or other perfume HOLY MOLY!
12th December, 2007

Poison by Christian Dior

This is a lovely monster of a perfume. I, and my family, cannot abide the opening notes. Most people say berries, I say cough syrup, my sister says vomit. But then after about 30 minutes the magic starts, and it is a wonderful smooth sexy ride that lasts almost 24 hours. It is lucious during the drydown, rich, elegant, almost smokey. Unforgettable. Not to be worn if you don't want to get noticed. I get lots and lots of compliments when I wear this. But never forget this is a monster, quite capable of smothering children and little old ladies with cheerful abandon. Never ever over apply. A dab to a few pulse points is enough. Any more and you risk murder if not of asthmatic strangers then of someone murdering you if the room is small, crowded and the window won't open. Never a scent to apply with abandon.
12th December, 2007

Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder

I love the smell of honeysuckle. When I was a girl, (when the crust was cooling on earth) hot summer nights were filled with the lovely scent of honeysuckle and roses.It seemed that everyone in my tiny home town had honeysuckle and roses in their yards and both grew wild in fields and woods near my hometown. So I love this scent.One whiff from the bottle and I am 12 and the world is a much more simple and innocent place. The honeysuckle scent is brilliant and true. I can also smell leaves and freshly cut vines. On me the jasmine drydown is soft and a little sweet, but still I love it too. Wonderful fragrance for me. But I can well understand why some people loathe this fragrance. It smells good on me and my mother, but on my sister it reeks of rotting watermelon rind and makes her skin itch where the perfume had been sprayed.
11th December, 2007

Dazzling Silver by Estée Lauder

There are a only a few perfumes from Estee Lauder that I can wear. Most are way too loud and give me a headache. Dazzling Silver is one I can wear comfortably. It is not one of the knock you to your knees delicious scents. It is light and clean floral, the drydown is a little powdery. It is good for the office. Nice but not great. I keep it around for those times when I am not sure what to wear, or where I will be, in the crowded mall, or lunch with a friend, etc. It lasts a long time and like all Estee perfumes, go easy on the application.
11th December, 2007

Beautiful by Estée Lauder

I love this perfume on others. On my mother and sister it is marvelous, but on me...a lovely start and then about 10 or 15 minutes later it smells sharp and very very sour, fortuntely it fades completely away in about an hour. Odd that, most of my favorite perfumes in the world are Grosjman's creations. And the perfumes that constantly get me compliments are hers as well.
11th December, 2007

Cinnabar by Estée Lauder

Cinnabar and Opium do smell a lot alike in the opening. All that cinnamon. But then they take very different roads. Opium is more complex and on the right person with the right body chemistry it is magnificent. Unfortunately my body chemistry is not the right one for Opium, which makes me cry.... but...Cinnabar I can wear and it smells great on me. Someone said cozy? Yes, definitely and spicy and warm. Love it. And I have worn it off and on ever since its debut in 1978. Like all Estee products a little goes a long way and it lasts a long time, ten or twelve hours.
11th December, 2007

Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

When I was very young, 8 or so, I thought the bottle of Youth Dew owned by my Aunt stunk of skunk. In my thirties I had a friend who was older than I and who was the epitome of elegance and chic and whose signature perfume was Youth Dew. It was magnificent on her. Men would walk by her, stop, turn around and follow her. Always asking the name of the perfume so they could buy it for their wives, or girlfriends and always complimenting her. I thought that maybe it was time for Youth Dew to work its magic on me so the next time I was at a department store I tried a little on my wrist. Huge disapointment. Skunk juice.Sigh. Now I am in my fifties and it just so happened that someone gave me a gift collection of Estee Lauder mini's a few days ago and one of them was Youth Dew. So yesterday I touched a tiny bit of the perfume to my wrist was rewarded with the most luscious dark sexy sweet fragrance in the world. It has taken 50 years for my body chemistry to get "right" with this perfume and I can say it was so worth waiting for. It is elegant and classy. Even though I am not, I feel that way for a while while I am wearing it.
11th December, 2007