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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Interesting name, appealing bottle and good marketing made me try this scent in the mall... I sniffed the bottle first then gave up trying it on my skin as I thought it was another sweet sugary smell out there.
Found it ordinary... But two weeks ago, a lady who I met in a conference was wearing a perfume which was amazing, she said it was Flowerbomb. Couple of days later another lady in the office was wearing a very good perfume and she said it was Flowerbomb, again. So I tried it again on my skin and changed my mind about it. Because it develops on your skin in a very good way. I cannot detect bergamot, tea and flower notes much, except jasmine, it blends with patchouli very well and becomes milky. This is definitely not an Angellike overly sweet perfume, not offending, and quite good choice for night and special occasions... Oh by the way, drydown reminds me of Gloria of Cacharel (although the notes are not similar)
22nd January, 2009

Sensuous by Estée Lauder

It seems everybody finds this scent similar to something, me too :-) At first I found it similar to Organza, then after the dry down, it was similar to Tentations (Paloma Picasso).. Anyway I am sure that this is the best perfume of Estee Lauder so far, and perfect combination of amber and honey. Scent has a lovely sweetness but not cloying, makes me calm down.. Staying power is great also. Thinking of buying a bottle.
21st November, 2008

M by Mariah Carey

Just sweet and a little boring. Not a disaster but it starts out sweet, goes on sweet and finally dry down is sweet as well, does not change and this makes it boring and ordinary I guess. I find it a little similar to Hypnose-Lancome. Staying power is very good.
Bottle is good in the pictures but looks very cheap in reality.. feeling a little regret for paying lots of money for 100 ml i guess :-)
04th September, 2008
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Forever and Ever Dior by Christian Dior

One of the smells that everybody may like, that means not a very different and unique scent. But if you enjoy floral scents this is one of the best! A good composition of jasmine and almond, not sweet just fresh and lovely.. I receive tons of compliments from people when I wear this, at least more than 10 different people so far, more than my signature scent Allure :-( So if you want to go middle way and do not want to offend anyone, this is the best! especially for summer days
04th September, 2008

Sheer Veil by Vera Wang

What is the difference between original Vera Wang and this one? I was expecting a fresh smell maybe due to blue colour and more lavender notes as described, but I could not detect any difference with the original one. It is just an ordinary floral smell, nothing special.. If you order this online without trying, do not expect something different than the original one.. Oh well, staying power is better than the original though I have to admit.. They say oils were increased in it.. Previous one used to disappaer in 15 minutes on my skin and I am not the only one who thinks that way
04th September, 2008

Allure Eau de Parfum by Chanel

This is definitely a classy scent. I don't know if having this from Chanel makes me think that way, but I have always thought that this is a very good composition. Everything is so very well balanced.. Not too much flower, not too much vanilla, not too much citron.. It changes a lot from start to dry down and I enjoy smelling every note in it during the day.. I strictly recommend EDP which is leaves a great and not overpowering vanilla smell behind.. I will always keep one bottle of Allure in my collection..
04th September, 2008

Poême by Lancôme

Romantic is the perfect definition for this scent. Be careful though it is not very easy to wear. It is strong!
a little goes a long way.. First of all it is definitely sweet scent, but although I don't enjoy sweet scents this is one of the perfumes that I enjoy most.. It is not sweet like Angel, or Hypnose, sweet in a different way that I cannot describe.. It feels like you are smelling a honey jar, lovely, also mimosa is very dominant, but better used comparing to Champs Elysees which is another famous mimosa scent.. I apply this in the morning and when I come back in the evening room still smells Poeme, so a great staying power. Perfect for evening and romantic occasions..
04th September, 2008

Brit by Burberry

Such a dissappointment for me.. I found it just boring. Feels like you added lots of vanilla in a men's cologne..
I love sweet scents but this is not a lovely sweet it is just one of those boring sweets.. I find all other Burberry's scents beautiful but I just find it ordinary and in my opinion it is in the same cathegory with YSL Cinema and Dolce Vita from Dior, boring sweets..
04th September, 2008

Flower by Cynthia Rowley

This is a very lovely floral fragrance, sweet, floral, musky at the end, all notes are composed very nicely, it lifts my mood up when I wear and I find it a little similar to Jil Sander/Sun, but more floral than that.. Staying power is very good as well.
11th August, 2008

Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

When I first tried this scent I fell in love with it and bought it immediately in duty free. It felt sooo classy, with citrus and flower notes and it is definitely a high class scent. But after the drydown I started to feel the leather notes which generally makes me sick.. I wish the leather notes would not be so strong in this scent.. This nice feminine perfume turned into a sharp men's cologne on my skin..
08th August, 2008

Fleur d'Eau by Rochas

This is one of the best light, fresh, summer fragrances out there. I feel the green notes first then I start to feel the fruity notes of melon and something like apricot, but it is not sweet at all..
Whenever I wear this I get tons of compliments from the people because it is something that is never overwhelming and too sweet.. Staying power is not good but it is still very nice and comforting scent so I can afford it!
08th August, 2008