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Fleurs d'Ombre by Jean-Charles Brosseau

Fleurs d'Ombre Jasmin-lilas

Exactly what it says,jasmine and lilac. If there are any other notesI can't detect them (except, perhaps for a hint of rubber?) The lilac is white and has no warmth, the jasmine is neither bright nor sharp. The effect is of a cool, glassy grey-green transparency. It is linear and does not develop.
Put like that it does not sound very attractive, so why do I like it so much? Probably in part because of the complete absence of any citrus, amber, vanilla or sugary fruit, all of which I feel have been used to horrible excess in many modern formulations. Wonderful in hot weather, very reasonably priced, and worth a try by anyone who enjoys clean, unsweetened florals
19th December, 2007