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Zegna Intenso by Ermenegildo Zegna

I got a sample of this fragrance some time ago and tested it on my arm one day I was running out of fragrances.

It had a fresh start, a generic citric (I couldn't get the individual notes). Although it was still mixed with alcohol, it stayed alone just 5 minutes... then middle notes appeared, spicy but soft and with traces of flower (iris)... the spicy notes were similar to Essenza Di Zegna. One hour later the flower note became more intense and other spicy notes appeared, maybe pepper and cardamom... giving me a sensation of a perfume I already smelled some time ago. Two hours after the first spray some tonka bean notes appears, mixed with the flower note plus sweet amber. About 7 hours later I felt soft woody notes, maybe sandalwood, cedar and musk, plus traces of amber and a earthy note of iris.

Although it's fresh without being an oriental fragrance and the staying power is good, it hasn't special or unique notes and tends to be a tradicional fragrance. For daytime and office use, maybe at evening for simple events. Works fine at summer due to its fresh start, and at winter thanks to the tonka bean, amber and iris notes (giving a "dark-light" effect). Recommended for men over 30 years old.
22nd November, 2007

Unforgivable by Sean John

I tested just because it won a Fifi Award. Nothing special, it remembered me some notes from Aramis Life, but a lot intense.

The start had orange, bergamot and grapefruit notes, very strong, intense and not fresh. Some vetiver and soft lavender at middle notes, plus some sage notes (I never liked it). Notes of sandalwood at base notes, some amber, musk and marine notes.

Due to its strengh I didn't know it should be suitable for summer use, despite their citric notes. At winter it should fit for evening use... for office use it's a bit disturbing. Range of age between 25-40 years old.
22nd November, 2007

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

Although it's a very known fragrance I never smelled it before. Surprisingly it was good enough and different.

It has a fruity start, a bit citric in a grapefruit an bergamot style, with some tradicional lavender and mint notes. Middle notes appears mixed with the top notes, a bit spicy with cinnamon and nutmeg notes without turning in a dense, oriental or winter fragrance. The base notes was a bit woody with sweet amber and traces of lavender and fruity notes from the top notes.

The fragrance is recognizable... distinctive but not intense. Works fine at summer or winter due to their lavender and spicy notes and because the fruity notes didn't feel like a refreshing summer shower. For daytime and office use thanks to the classic style lavender notes, also works at night but just for simple events... it's a bit casual for using at a wedding dinner. Range of age between 20 and 40 years old.
22nd November, 2007
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Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

I tried it just because the advertisement looked funny, like a fragrance used to invocate a "delicate" ghost or the reincarnation of an austrian pianist from the 17th century. Surprisingly, it smelled very traditional and masculine.

It had a classic start with citric bergamot, mandarines and grapefruit, a bit of mint and something like anise. At middle notes some green notes appeared, some soft cardamom notes and traces of lavender... at this point the anise disappears. At base notes it had classical woody notes, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.

The fragrance was made following a "fair-play" style, avoiding to break rules or defining new schemas, and tends to be another classical cologne. The start was nice but the last notes were traditional ones. For daytime or office use, maybe it should be unnoticeable at evening use. Fresh and spicy notes works fine at summer and winter. Range of age between 25 and 45 years old men.
21st November, 2007

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

I smelled it together with Antidote for men... it felt nice but it gave me the sensation of an aroma not plenty original, smelled on another perfume.

It starts with sweet flowers, a bit fresh, with notes of bergamot an tea. Middle notes appears quickly, dominated by freesia in a Ralph Lauren's Romance or Lancome's Miracle remembrance, plus other notes I felt like a floral mix. The base is sweet, like orchid plus sugar or caramel, and maybe a soft wood and vanilla noticeable since the beginning.

Very feminine, flowers fit well at summer and the vanilla is nice at winter. A bit complex for daytime use, better for office or evening use, for women between 25-45 years old.
21st November, 2007

Animale by Animale Parfums

I smelled this fragrance today from a colleague at office, she used it for several years and the first time I met her, I confused her fragrance with Paloma Picasso.

As I smelled this some hours later from its first application, didn't know how their top notes are. At least at morning, when my colleague crosses the hall in front of me, the trail she leaves at middle notes are based on strong roses and earthy notes of ylang-ylang, and some spicy note like coriander (like a less flowered version of Paloma Picasso). At the end of the day sometimes I leave the office with her on her car, and the base notes of this fragrance felt more musky, with some notes of earthy moss or oakmoss. There's a strange vein of animal notes, maybe civet, castoreum, ambergris or leather.

Still remember those advertisements from the 90's about Animale, and this fragrance felt a bit retro. It's very long lasting, for women with personality (at least my colleague uses it as her personal signature). A bit strong for summer, more suitable for winter or evening use, like saturday nights at pubs. Young and mature at the same time, I think can be used for women in the range 30-45 years old.
12th June, 2007

Animale Animale by Animale Parfums

My mother used it for some time, as my father gave her a bottle he found in a discount store. It was strong, like the fragrances she used, but it wasn't her style and it was a rather common fragrance in the late 90's. This lead my wife and me to to take her to another fragrance store to check really what kind of fragrance was her style.

This fragrance is a more oriental and floral version, compared with the original Animale. Top notes are based on fruits and violets, and middle notes of roses and ylang-ylang, but mixed with more classic jasmine. The base note is oriental, with some vanilla and musk.

Less dense and more feminine than Animale, it's more suitable for daytime and office use and for warmer seasons. The range of age is lower compared with the original one, between 25 and 40 years old.
12th June, 2007

Mellow by Roberto Verino

When testing a fragrance for me with my 3 years old twin daughters and one of them was getting bored, the sales woman asked her what kind of fragrance used her. As she said "Strawberry", the saleswoman gave her a card sprayed with this Mellow.

The starting was a bit annoying for a women fragrance, but OK for a girl, as it was almost exactly like a fruity candy, or some kind of fruit punch (read it was pear, peach, bergamot and orange). About a couple of hours later, a better middle note arose, not like candy but more floral like jasmine and violets. At the base notes, although some fruity notes persists, they got blended with some musk and traces of vanilla and sandalwood.

At first I think it was a joke, but the fragrance matures from a 4-years old girl cologne until a nice young woman fragrance (as reference, my wife liked the sprayed card at the next day). The range of age is young, under 25 years old... maybe suitable for an older woman but she should keep hidden and away from people until the top notes fades away. Due to the amount of fruits, it's better aimed for daytime at summer, for use at college or for a party.
11th June, 2007

Signature pour Femme by S.T. Dupont

About 3 years ago we bought this fragrance to my mother-in-law, for her birthday. It was fine for winter, a bit stronger, but it left a trail of headaches at summer seasons.

The top notes are fruity, but brief, with something in the orange vein (maybe bergamot or mandarin) and some peach notes. Middle notes appears then, based on strong floral notes of rose, orchid, maybe a bit of soft gardenia, and an always present note of earthy iris and some old aldehydes. The basenote is based on woods like sandalwood, rosewood, some cedar and musk. Maybe also a little of vanilla, as an oriental note.

About a month before we bought it, we tested an 1 ml sample on my mother's skin and also my best female friend smelled it. Both of them liked it, as she often used strong and distinctive fragrances. Unlike them, my mother-in-law usually used soft fragrances and with this fragrance she tended to overspray it. At winter it was fine, but on summer or closed spaces, it was suffocating for the ones in the same room. Best suitable for colder seasons and evening events, for women with personality over 35 years old. Not suitable for office use or another kind of closed spaces, or warmer seasons, as it's a dense and not fresh fragrance.
11th June, 2007

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

Gone last weekend looking for a fragrance, to replace one that ran out last month, and remembered I tested this Marc Jacobs about a year ago but didn't write a review to check how its aroma was. Only remembered the fig note it had.

The start notes are dominated by some spicy and woody notes, very nice but brief (read it was cumin, cardamom, ginger and some cedar), but the dominant middle note of fig leaves appears soon, in a more fruity and less spicy way than Salvatore Ferragamo (by the way, several people usually confuses this fig note with coconut). Base notes continues with fig, but also appears soft notes of vanilla or tonka beans and musk, and classical wood notes.

Not bad, but a better lasting power should be desirable: I tested it about 13:00 hrs, by 22:00 it was gone from my skin... on paper it lasted until the next day and then I felt the rest of the base notes. It's a different fragrance, a bit sharp and happy, maybe for office use or evening, also romantic occasions, for a man under 45 years old (and better in the range 25-35). Suitable for all seasons, on spring and summer the fig gives a fresh sensation, on colder seasons the spicy and woody notes should arise.
11th June, 2007

Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert by Bulgari

My wife got a miniature of this fragrance as a gift in a fragrance store, and used it for the first time in our honeymoon at Venezuela. The fragrance worked very fine under tropical weather, with warm temperatures and high humidity.

Blended as an old fashion classic cologne, with top citric notes of bergamot, lemon and oranges, but don't fall in this category thanks to its middle notes of roses and jasmine, all around a main note of green tea. The base notes adds spicy notes of pepper and maybe soft wood notes like cedar and sandalwood.

The only drawback of this fragrance is its price, as it's a very expensive fresh cologne and for this amount of money someone would expect a very complex and sophisticate fragrance. As several unisex fragrances, I prefer to consider them like female fragrances. Very fresh and floral, its better aimed for office, daytime and evening use at warmer seasons or just simple evening events at more colder seasons. Don't seems to have a restrictive range of age, as it should be suitable for 20 years old teens and 60-70 years old women.
11th June, 2007

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

Tested at the same time I was checking a Marc Jacobs for men. Tried it on paper, the first impression wasn't good as it smelled like an old soap.

The start was very floral and fruity, something like a shampoo or some beauty product. A couple of hours later I smelled it again and middle notes were present, with a dominating gardenia note (first I think it was some kind of tuberose), hints of classical jasmin and a sporadic sweet note of honeysuckle. The base notes seems to be musk, but it was masked by the gardenia.

An elegant floral blend, although not very original or distinctive (it remembered me some kind of sweet variant of Carolina Herrera), but with a very good lasting power. As it's strong, it's suitable for office use or evening events. Gardenia isn't fresh and is a bit mature, I imagine a women over 30 years old should use it, mainly in colder seasons.
11th June, 2007

Aquaflore by Carolina Herrera

Although I usually wrote about fragrances I tested recently and currently in the market, surfing in Internet I found this discontinued fragrance I smelled several years ago and still remembered, as it was one of the first fragrances I almost bought to my wife.

About 10 years ago it was my wife's first birthday together, then she was only my girlfriend, and I wanted to buy her a fragrance. I learned in the process how to select a fragrance for one or someone in a fragrance store at Viña del Mar (by the way, I was stuck with the same Azzaro for men my dad gave me at birthdays and Christmas), and everyday we tested just 3 or 4 very different fragrances on paper and came back the next day to test another group and to find what kind of fragrance my wife liked. We selected two finalist: the Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue and this Carolina Herrera's Aquaflore. She tested both of them on skin and smelled them the rest of the day.

Both of them were very similar, sharing fruity top note of mandarin and peach, middle notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and roses, and base notes of sandalwood and musk, but Aquaflore added a watery factor with notes of violet and melon. Also, the lasting power was a bit shorter compared with 5th Avenue.

At last, my wife stayed with Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue, as it was more suitable for all seasons. Aquaflore was lighter, and more like a summer fragrance. Both of them are oriented for the same range of age, for women over 20 years old, office use and daytime, but Aquaflore is better aimed for daytime and summer times.
11th June, 2007
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Amor Amor Passion Elixir by Cacharel

Tested it about a couple of weeks ago, on paper at a department store. Although my wife liked it, final notes tired her.

The top notes are almost the same from original Amor Amor, mainly orange and berries. Middle notes are different, around one note like maracuja or something tropical (found at Internet it should be a Tiare flower). Base notes aren't as oriental as original Amor Amor, but that tropical note lasts until that point.

More fruity than Amor Amor, although I disagree with the new tropical note. If Amor Amor gave me stomachaches when used in excess, this one gave us (also my wife) headaches. Again, still don't believe on it as a passional elixir... there's a lot of better woman fragrances for romantic occasions. Believe it should fit well (not overspraying it) on young women, around 15-30 years old. The tropical note makes it more suitable for warmer seasons.
08th June, 2007

Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera

A classic fragrance I smelled on an old female friend in the 90's. Now as a colleague used it at office, I remembered these moments.

The top notes are fruity and brief in the orange vein, bergamot and orange blossom. The middle notes are strong, around tuberose and ylang-ylang, and a classical note of jasmine. Base notes are woodier but soft, sandalwood and a bit of amber.

The problem with Carolina Herrera is, the woman who uses it smells older and more mature... something strange for my old friend as she was in her twenties. Fortunately, this also added a sexy factor on her, and also on several young women on whom I smelled it. On older women, this fragrance just fit naturally on them, no sexy factor. As it's a strong fragrance, it should be suitable for winter seasons and evening events, but it smelled fine at day and summer.
08th June, 2007

Vetiver by Guerlain

Some years ago, when buying a fragrance, I got a lot of fragrance samples. Among these samples were 2 Vetiver sprays. I had tried it once and didn't like it, it smelled rather old. When a friend of my wife needed some fragrance for the week, because he broke his bottle, I gave him the Vetiver ones as I didn't like it. Maybe it was a matter of skin or image, as he worked in a bank, wearing classical grey suits, white shirts and stripped ties, but the Vetiver worked fine on him.

Top notes are citric, not in a lemon style, just like an old style cologne. There's a note of coriander I couldn't smell as an individual one, just as a green note that avoids the top notes becoming a so much citric blend. Next middle notes are green, mainly vetiver notes arises, while citric top notes tones down. The base notes are bitter, with something spicy like pepper, maybe also nutmeg, and a note like leather (or tobacco).

Works fine as a office fragrance, also for daytime, but don't know if it should work for evening events. Suitable for all seasons, but for classical style men, over 30 years old.
11th April, 2007

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

I smelled this fragrance for the first time about 4 years ago, it was really good but since then it turned rather common in department stores. At least I smelled it once on every office I worked.

The top notes are citric, mandarin and grapefruit and are very long lasting. Middle notes are part fruit, part woods... I believed it was because the next base notes were almost all woods but, according to internet, a note of davana scent gives this double sensation. The base notes are mainly cedar, and the fruity citric sensation persists at this point.

It gives a clean sensation, a good office fragrance choice, also for daytime but a bit soft for evening use. For summer time, but suitable for all the year due to its woody notes. For a range of ages over 25 years old, better on a 35 years old man.
29th March, 2007

Pi by Givenchy

One of my brother's fragrances. Very oriental, almost all vanilla.

The start was strange, with a citric like mandarin, plus several kitchen-like spices (checked later, they was tarragon, rosemary and basil). As middle notes there was a vanilla like aroma and a bit of anise, but mainly an oriental sweet sensation. The base notes were tonka beans, maybe also vanilla, and benjui according to the salesman at the store.

A fragrance with a gourmand style, my 3 years old twin daughters liked it at a blind test and they said "chocolate" when smelled this one. My wife said "ambar" at the base notes and I remembered some notes from Elixir des Merveilles when it was dry. For winter use, due to vanilla and other warm spices, maybe a chance of summer with fewer sprays on skin. Suitable for daytime and office use, and a recommended range of age between 25 and 50 years old.
29th March, 2007

Ysatis by Givenchy

A fragrance a long time friend used several years ago, and I smelled when we travelled in bus every Friday. I haven't seen this fragrance at stores, it's very hard to found in Chile, as several stores benefit spaces for newer and more popular fragrances. Fortunately, I found a store yesterday who had only one bottle and they still had a tester.

The start was sweet and fruity, with mandarin and something like coconut, but the sensation was very short. The middle note was complex as I felt a lot of flowers, some of them I couldn't identify. At least a couple of notes were similar with Balenciaga's Rumba: the tuberose and the jasmine. If the tuberose is the common note I smelled, it's the main dominating note. The rest of the middle notes were a bit soapy. The base note had some patchouli and sandalwood. There was some note like "old"... maybe the civet I read it had.

It's a complex and strong fragrance, more times I smelled the paper they sprayed it, more flower notes I felt... surely it also has notes of Ylang-Ylang and roses. I believe, due to its strong aroma, it's more suitable for winter, office and evening use. Although my friend was in their late 20's when using if, and it smelled really good on her, it should fell better on an older woman, maybe over 35 or 40 years old.
29th March, 2007

Sunset by Naomi Campbell

A couple of years ago we're looking for some fragrance for my mother-in-law, something not expensive for summer use. We find it at the fragrance store I usually buy, the 30 ml bottle cost about US$15.

The starting notes were floral and fruity, with a brief hint of something spicy and a note similar to a watermelon. When passing to the middle notes, a bunch of flowers appeared, several of them I couldn't recognize, a couple of them could be roses and freesias. Maybe it was one of the flower notes or the fruits from the top, but the fragrance smelled at this point like a Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, or a tropical fruit punch. The base was still flowers but more sweet, like vanilla. Also, some notes of musk and sandalwood were present.

A simple summer fragrance, due to the fruit and flower notes, but for use at open spaces because it tends to be suffocating. Don't believe it should be suitable for office use, maybe for some event at the summer night. For a range of ages between 15 and 30 years old.
26th March, 2007

Burberry Brit for Men by Burberry

One of the last fragrances my brother bought. Classical oriental style, but with a young note.

The starting note is soft fruity, based on green mandarin, plus some spicy notes of ginger and cardamom. At middle note the spicy vein continues with nutmeg and cedar, but some notes of roses breaks the oriental trend. The final notes are soft woods and tonka beans.

A soft oriental fragrance, not in the sweet vanilla or incense style. The rose note is noticeable (my wife felt it at a blind test) but well blended in a masculine way with the other notes (without roses, it should be considered as another classic fragrance). For daytime, a good office fragrance also suitable for simple evening events. For use at all seasons, range of ages between 25 and 50 years old.
26th March, 2007

Xeryus by Givenchy

Another fragrance my brother bought, when he was finding his fragrance style.

The fragrance has a citric start with grapefruit notes, traces of lemon and lavender could also be felt. The middle note has some berries, plus kitchen like notes of tarragon and coriander, and something I didn't like, surely sage. The final notes gives it an oriental flavor, something like chinese woods (ok, it sounds weird, but it gave me the image of something at China), and some green notes of vetiver.

Fresh and woody, with bits of fruit like berries, and the old chinese sensation. For office and daytime use, maybe night. Suitable for a range of age between 25 and 40 years old.
26th March, 2007

Burberry for Men by Burberry

This was one of the first fragrances my brother bought, when my father stopped giving us the same Azzaro bottle all the years.

At my brother's home I tested it on a paper. At the first spray it felt classic, mainly lavender, but quickly a note of mint gave it a fresh and younger sensation. Also with mint, some notes of bergamot and other fruits could be felt. At middle notes, the same notes above continues, but sandalwood and cedar appears. At base notes, notes of tonka beans and amber are present.

Classical and a bit sweet, but with a hint of fresh minty note. Suitable for all seasons, although the tonka beans, amber and the sweet notes makes it more suitable for colder seasons. For daytime and office use, for over 25 years old men.
26th March, 2007

Hot Couture by Givenchy

A fragrance my mother still uses, I helped her to select it some years ago, when she was looking for a replacement for her old Chistian Dior's Dune, as she wanted something strong but not in the oriental trend.

The top note is fruity, mainly raspberry with some orange and bergamot. The raspberry note stays and fades down just a little when the middle note appears, based on magnolia. At this point the aroma is soft fruity flowered. The base notes has some sandalwood, musk and a bit of ambar.

Suitable for daytime or office use, and also for evening events, for warm and cold seasons. The raspberry and magnolia gives it a soft sweet note, also suitable for a romantic event. A noticeable fragrance, for women in the range 25-60 years old.
26th March, 2007

Dune by Christian Dior

One of the fragrances my mother used some years ago. As my brother gave her this fragrance as a present last Christmas, I could smell it again.

At top notes it smelled like something fruity, with a bit of flower notes. The fruity note didn't felt citric, instead it was a little sweet (according to Internet, the top notes were bergamot, rosewood and aldehydes). At middle notes some notes of rose and jasmine can be felt, also some notes of Ylang-Ylang avoids this fragrance turns into a so much sweet blend. The base notes are oriental, with vanilla and sandalwood. Checking in internet, there's also a note of Benjui (something I smelled at my office, as a colleague had a little bottle of Benjui oil for aromatherapy), that gives a different twist to the oriental vein it had.

It seems to be a more colder seasons fragrance, for daytime or office use, elegant and strong (I have the image of my mother as a teacher, something to be noticeable when meeting with a lot of people). Suitable for women in the range of 30-70 years old.
26th March, 2007

Silver Light by Escada

A discontinued fragrance. Checking my samples I found a little collector's bottle I got when bought a fragrance. It was still full and never opened.

When test it on a paper, the starting was citric, a bit aquatic, with notes of grapefruit and mint, plus some green apple. About 5 or 10 minutes later the top notes faded down in a very drastic way, appearing middle notes of classic lavender, mixed with notes of violet leaves (it remembered me for a while the Samba Zipped) and jasmine. As base note, some oriental notes of vanilla, plus oakmoss and patchouli.

Strange... for the first notes I should believe it was a fresh summer fragrance, but the remaining notes were very classic and oriental, due to lavender and vanilla. Maybe it's suitable for all seasons, as a daytime or office fragrance, for a range of ages over 25 years old.
23rd March, 2007

Mystery by Naomi Campbell

A sensual and nocturnal fragrance, it has a similar note with Elixir des Merveilles, but not in a strong gourmand way.

The starting notes are like bitter orange or some kind of citric note, but not a fresh one. These notes fades down quickly into middle notes of iris and resin. As base notes, bits of resin still can be felt (it's the main note) plus oriental notes of vanilla and soft woods.

A romantic or nocturnal fragrance (the resin and vanilla act as sensual notes), maybe for office use as it's not so much strong, more suitable for colder seasons. Range of age over 30 years old.
23rd March, 2007

Naomagic by Naomi Campbell

A simple fragrance, when tested it remembered me some notes from Sunset, another Naomi Campbell fragrance.

At first spray it felts fresh, fruity, citric and floral notes (orange, bergamot and violets), but for a while it gave me the idea of a shampoo. This effect passed quickly and at middle notes appears some traces of almond notes, plus floral notes (they should be lilies of the valley and jasmine). At the base, soft woods and vanilla, plus some musk.

For daytime or office use, suitable for all seasons and a range of ages between 25 and 40 years old.
23rd March, 2007

Hiris by Hermès

A bit dark fragrance, the advertisement said it was based around the iris as a main note.

The top notes were very earthy and spicy, due to the coriander and something like carrots. The middle notes added some notes from roses, but the whole blend was still earthy due to the iris. Later it tended to a sweet oriental base note, with notes of vanilla, honey and cedarwood.

The earth note was a bit depressive, not a fresh fragrance. More suitable for colder seasons, as daytime or office fragrance, and for women over 30 years old.
23rd March, 2007

Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

Tested on paper from a sample my wife got as a gift several years ago when she bought a fragrance. The first spray remembered me an old perfume, in the line of Avon, my grandmother used when I was a child.

At top notes, some citric and fruity notes can be smelled (most lemon, also bergamot) plus some aroma that gave me the idea of "antique" or "old" (perhaps aldehydes). The middle note is floral, with roses and jasmine. Base note tends to woody notes (oakmoss, cedarwood, sandalwood, plus vetiver), keeping the fresh citric floral first notes.

A classic fragrance, for daytime or office, all seasons. It don't seem to have a range of ages for use (it's like a cologne), although I tend to associate it with older women.
23rd March, 2007