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Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

This was very promising at the first spray (The fruit! the tobacco! The warm, sexy splendor!), but quickly devolved into a generic wood scent with a drydown that left me with a tension headache. Not for me.
29th April, 2010

Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermès

I smell....rotting fruit? There is something about this scent that reminds me of wine that is fermenting and it's not something I'd like to smell like at any time. I went back and tried it again a week later, and then I smelled vinegar as well. I decided to pass.
18th April, 2010

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

I was far too harsh on this with my initial review. The opening is sometimes a Herculean feat to get by, but you need to be in on this for the drydown. The traces of neroli and iris that persist throughout the day create a bright, not-at-all-powdery accord that makes me smile whenever I catch a whiff. Definitely a body-hugger, you need four or five sprays to get any kind of sillage. Fantastic in the heat!
13th April, 2010 (last edited: 28th March, 2011)
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Cologne Blanche by Christian Dior

The opening is so very, very powdery (to the point that I sometimes choke) and I cannot smell any orange blosssom. However, the real magic of this scent is in the drydown - it's warm, sweet, super sensuous and a skin-hugger. I really like this one when I wear suits for work because it is understated with low sillage and I feel it's unexpected for an office/professional environment where most men are wearing Calone-laden fresh/fruity/aquatic things. Much like Dior Homme I feel like a million bucks when I wear this, though I feel that Dior Homme works better for evening use than this would.
13th April, 2010

Millésime Impérial by Creed

This has the most beautiful and crisp sweet fruit opening. It smells so utterly expensive and so effortlessly casual at the same time. Twenty minutes later, only the slightest traces of the start remain and a generic alcohol funk remains. If this had a slower drydown or a richer base, I'd be wearing it more often.
13th April, 2010

Le Mâle Summer by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is a really expert paring down of the original for people that don't have the luxury of seasons or a temperate climate. It's light enough that you can wear it as a body splash and the bottle (2009 edition) is a handsome vanity addition. Highly recommended if you are living in a sweaty climate and want sweetness that isn't cloying or overloaded.
13th April, 2010

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I can only wear this in the cool months because like Vibert says, this one comes swinging out of the gate with heavy-handed milky sweet density and doesn't quit for hours. However, the beauty of this is that it loves to be layered, lending its rich and decadent firepower to other fragrances that open beautifully but fade to nothing or fade to awful.
13th April, 2010

M.A.C Hue: Turquatic by M.A.C

Turquatic is supposedly one of MAC Cosmetic's highest selling SKUs and it's easy to see why - this is a true unisex fragrance that works well for any occasion. It is very well blended and has a close sillage - it's definitely a lovely scent for the summer when you'll be in close proximity to others. Does tend to smell "soapy" if you get too hot - but still a very classy affair that will have everyone asking what you're wearing!
02nd November, 2009

Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

I really wanted to like this - it smelled so subtle, warm and sexy when I did a spritz test and wore it one afternoon. I was hooked! Tried it again and it smelled great, so I bought it. The juice in the bottle I got smelled RANCID - an overpowering funk of cheap, alcohol tinged synthetic vanilla with none of the coconut, citrus or mint notes. I was certain I had gotten a defective bottle so I did an exchange, and the next one smelled just as awful. If the scent wasn't so overpowering, so long-lasting and so....ARTIFICIAL I'd have loved it!
02nd November, 2009

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

A really foolproof scent. The real magic is that it's such a luxurious scent but so understated. The sillage is minimal but I like that - when passing by, people get a sense of something really special and then it flits away, inviting them in for a second snif.
02nd November, 2009

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

This is what class smells like on a cold autumn night. Rich, rich scent of oranges and cloves over the leather. Does not fare well in the Texas heat so I save it for the special occasions in the (brief) winter months.
02nd November, 2009

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

The bottle is beautiful and you wouldn't be wrong to hope for something spectacular with the expensive-smelling opening, but it dries down into something terribly sharp and metallic at the end. All of the unique and subtle fun of the opening is lost in a woefully generic fog after about ten minutes.
02nd November, 2009

Essential by Lacoste

It's very fresh, it's very clean, and I end up smelling like grass clippings and generic "sport scent" aftershave about an hour in. Mild and inoffensive, perfect for office wear. I use it as a room freshener in the summer months now.
02nd November, 2009
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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

There is something about Dior Homme that I have never found in any other men's cologne - it never smells like alcohol, never smells pungent, never smells cheap. I definitely smell the iris in the top, and I don't know how to describe the drydown as anything other than intoxicating. It is the scent equivalent of your favorite leather jacket, your favorite snuggly afghan and the crook of your lover's neck. It's true scent poetry and I can't recommend it enough for the man who will look past the notes list and appreciate the aura it projects.
02nd November, 2009

Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

An uncomplicated smokey, clove-tinged sweet sticky tea scent. To me it smells like the barest whisper of the finest leather, enveloped in the smoke of a clove cigarette - it smells the way a Djarum tastes! Terribly sad that it has zero sillage and poor longevity on my skin but I wear it constantly anyway, because it invites people to get closer. Excellent for a date.
02nd November, 2009

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

It's certainly a nice "beginner" fragrance but I smell this EVERYWHERE and the drydown on other people smells terrible to my nose. I took it out of my rotation.
02nd November, 2009

MV3 by M.A.C

This scent has absolutely no chocolate notes, but the winning combination of leather and vanilla certainly evokes it. Good for cooler weather but since I live in the south I rarely have an occasion to wear it. Definitely a unisex - I'd certainly recommend you try it out before you buy it (many MAC locations will gladly hand out a sample vial and all locations have testers), because many people who have smelled this on me have commented that it seems a bit heavy for daily wear.
02nd November, 2009