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Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

Boo. Has an amber drydown that tends toward the feminine. Prada fans please apply.
10th November, 2007

Weekend for Men by Burberry

My girlfriend asked me to get this, so naturally I did. Very floral and fresh, but lasts like a fart in the wind. A decent casual scent that should be labeled as unisex. But hey, the gf likes it so I wear it around her.
30th March, 2005

Nautica Competition (original) by Nautica

This was one of my first fragrances and I still love it. Working on my third bottle. I don't know what it is about this scent, maybe all the memories tied up with it, but its phenomenal. It just kind of pops! Perfect for younger guys (like me), especially in summer.
30th March, 2005
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