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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

One of those love it or hate it frags that usually evokes a powerful response, it's rare to find someone just indifferent about it. I don't think this is as feminine as other reviewers have suggested, nor as challenging. Really, you need the right attitude (i.e. comfortable self-confidence) more than anything else to pull it off right. You don't need to be iggie pop or whatever the guy below said.
It's kind of a gourmand, kind of not. I smell the cocoa as others have remarked, but basically, once it settles down it smells like fine leather, vanilla and florals. It does bear a passing resemblence to cosmetics or maybe lipstick (maybe also a fine liquor) but on closer scrutiny the fine details (should) evoke different images. In any case, in all the (numerous) compliments I've received from women they themselves have never mentioned any such analogies. A couple things... 1. don't over-apply or you WILL get teary eyed and nautious, 2. I really don't understand at all what these people are saying about poor longevity, honestly, more than 3-4 or so sprays is too much, no exaggeration, if it is a proper bottle a good application should last most of the day. Classy, and rather unique.
30th January, 2007

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Over the years, SMW has been the only consistent presence in my collection. My friends associate this scent with my very identity: it is my signature scent.

I personally think this is Creed's most distinctive scent. In contrast to what some others below have shared, I really can't smell the black currant. I definitely smell the tea note, but it serves in a rather complimentary role in the overall composition to the vanillish note and the infamous "ink note" that i always have a hard time articulating to others. While granting that i wear this cologne more often than any other, i would like to mention that it generates a lot of compliments.

Some others have mentioned the poor longevity. Creed intended for this to be a VERY light summer scent, lingering close to the skin rather than projecting lots of sillage (that is why the body wash is available in SMW). I myself like this smell far too much for it to rest light on my skin. My solution is to purchase the scent from (gasp) large online second-hand retailers. Ordinarily I would never recommend this, but I discovered that the older the bottle is, the longer it lasts and the greater the sillage. Compared to a fresh bottle, an older bottle will smell a little more deep in vanilla, tea, ink and ambergris, but otherwise not at all much different. Older bottles of Creed project more and last longer because the notes have had more time to mingle and settle (of course, true of most scents). While this can ruin certain scents, for my taste it amplifies what i love of SMW with little drawback. This way, SMW lasts 3 times as long and projects a hell of a lot more for me, keeping me very satisfied. For SMW, I always buy it at above mentioned bulk retailers, with the specific request that they send me their oldest bottle when possible. This is my tip (from a long satisfied fan) for those who love the smell but wish it lasted longer.
27th December, 2006

Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Like others have said, wet roses and patchouli predominate, dovetail beautifully, though I can't really make out anything else (but my sense of smell isn't as refined as a lot of people here). That said, the rose note smells different than other rose notes in other parfumes (e.g.Iquitos)... voleur is more wet and more "real smelling(!?!)"
01st March, 2006
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Touch GrigioPerla by La Perla

An unknown gem that deserves more attention...I catch cinnamon, cedarwood, bergamot, but especially amber, musk, vanilla, and more amber in the bottom notes. It's actually very unique smelling. Not too loud once it settles in...I wish it would last a little longer, but it's still worth it.
01st March, 2006

Millésime Impérial by Creed

Exotic smelling aquatic scent. Sharp and clean and gets you noticed in a hurry...And unlike inferior aquas, there is not a trace of soapyness to be found, only cool, crisp, distinct, and UNsoapy notes. Requires an extra spray for longevity, however.
01st March, 2006

Vetiver by Guerlain

Guerlain makes the best vetiver. It's not a loud smell at all, very unobtrusive. Surprisingly complicated scent with many nuances. Vetiver, cedar, tobacco, nutmeg, pepper, and lemon are all prominent notes, while the others can be picked out with a little effort. The notes combine very softly and harmoniously with each other and never at any point mix akwardly. Dry down is great. Could last a little longer but really that's nitpicking just apply a little more and your fine...
25th February, 2006

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain

Very simple but good mint scent. scents like these never last really long, but knowing this I am nevertheless happy enough with its longevity for what it is. I don't find anything too sweet with the grass notes, but rather it is the mint that seems to me sweet. Definitely wearable for men, just keep in mind that its fresh and sweet after all...
25th February, 2006