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Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

As far as ingredients and the craft, Id give it a thumbs up. But on me, it went straight to the dried fruits and cedar, way too much cedar. I was thinking of cherry pipe tobacco but the cedar in it came out. A nice scent, and not like anything you are going to find in the department stores like Macys, but for the price, I guess I am maybe judging it a little harder.
19th November, 2011

Vetiver 46 by Le Labo

Reminds me a lot of CDG 2 Man, that sort of smokey/woodsy vibe. I get a hint of vetiver in the smoke or something grassy, but you sorta gotta just leave your nose down on the skin and see if you can pick it out.

I agree, this scent, if comparable in smell to 2 Man, is longer lasting and projects more. However, why pay more than twice as much for this Vetiver , just take 2 Man and reapply after 4 hours and save the money.
03rd December, 2010

Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

Good: Great silage, great longevity

Bad: No patchouli as far as I can tell. I get a cinnamon/clove vibe against a background of leather, glove leather. Nicely crafted. It seemed that it warmed on the skin after 30 minutes, and then stayed linear. I get the smoke, not as smokey as Fumerie Turque but smokey nonetheless. However, it leaves me wanting more. If I had never smelled Fumerie Turque, I might have said this is a great smokey scent.
01st December, 2010
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Cuba by Czech & Speake

Buzzlepuff and Odysseum reviews, if I can combine them, are what I would say. I have worn Cuba twice. Once I had a bottle and today, wearing a sample. First time, I thought it a scrubber. Today, I am rocking it!!! The notes sorta seem discordant, citrus and tobacco, rum and greenleafy. You know how you see a wreck on the highway, up the road, traffic slowing down and you just wanna get on to your destination, but you get closer and you know you are gonna look? Cuba. But, this is a macho scent for sure. I can see why some ladies are drawn to it. Today is a summer day, about 84 now, and this scent is nice, plays nice too. Very well done and this one is gonna have longevity and nice projection.
01st July, 2009

Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

Clove, yes. I get that. I also get burned wood as well. I like this one, but not enough to want to buy a bottle. Some scents are pleasant, and this is more than that, but when you compare it to the likes of Chergui and Fumerie Turque, well, it leaves you a bit wanting from the Serge Lutens line. If I had never smelled Chergui or Fumerie Turque, maybe I would have given it a consideration to buy a bottle. I will give it a thumbs up, but it will not be one of those that jump out for me to recommend.
06th June, 2009

Cèdre by Serge Lutens

I agree with Pigeon Murderer's description. Candied is right. It is nice, but my wife said it smelled like an old grandmother. A classy dame at that though.
06th June, 2009

Les Colognes : Néroli by Annick Goutal

I found this to be as described, bitter orange blossom. Very nice, but only lasts a bit longer then Eau d'Hadrien on me.
18th May, 2009

Chez Bond by Bond No. 9

I also agree with ZZ topp. I am testing each, one on each wrist. Yes, Chez Bond is closer to GIT than is Cool Water. I could not pinpoint what was making the Chez Bond smell a little more powdery and less floral or aquatic-like, and vanilla, yes, I can see where that would temper the GIT notes. So far, after two hours, they seem to be wearing about the same as projection, but my wife likes the GIT over Chez Bond. Close enough that were the Bond much cheaper than the Creed, I would go the Bond version. However, having worn Creed for a few years and then Bond being the newcomer, I won't downgrade it for maybe being 'like' GIT (okay, call it a copy if you must) but I would go with the GIT as I like the little bit of brightness it has to my nose over the Bond. If I did not know GIT was out there, then yes, I would be over this scent.
26th April, 2009

Red Vetyver by Montale

I loved this scent the 1st time I wore it. Liked its spices, but they are not like Piper Nigrum, or Rose Poivree. Rather, this is more gentle, and warm as Foetidus said. No mint, but maybe pink peppers. Then the second time I wore it, I was expecting a sillage monster and did not get that. I was wanting it to be this loud, show stopper, better-make-sure-I-don't-use-more-than-two-sprays scent like Black Aoud. But the more I wear it, the more I get back to the wowness of the 1st wearing. Don't really know why that is, but it is. I like to spray this on my arms as well as the crook of my neck, just right near the shoulder blades. This scent really does linger and last, though it does not project like Aoud Limes or Black Aoud or Rose Petals. But it is stronger than a regular Eau de Toilette. How do I know? Well, at lunch, after wearing it for five hours, I passed within 4 feet of a lady heading in the opposite direction. When she was ten feet past me, and we were just walking past each other, she shouted out that wow, I smelled good. This was in an office building. So its sillage is more than what your nose may think. It has a different sort of spiciness to it, not like the heavy spices in some scents that are black pepper, or cloves, or something assaultive. Now, I am not a vetiver lover, so this Haitian vetiver must be a different sort than that in Guerlains, or Floris. The scent works for me, and is versatile. You can wear it with a suit, but it is not authoritative. You can wear it with shorts and a polo shirt to that backyard patio party, but it is not whimsical. I wore this as a sample in August heat in Memphis, Tn, and it wore well, and it wears well so far into the fall (middle October)
15th October, 2008

Rose 31 by Le Labo

Like Jenson, I thought that Le Labo 31 was rose water on first wearing. Second time, I got a little bit of that cummin note. My usual inclination is to try it once, maybe twice and form my opinion. I was thinking this would be a netural rating, in that while I liked it, given its price, it was not earthshattering. Well, it is just on my mind and having smelled more rose scents in the meantime, this keeps coming back.

Czech and Speake 88 is a darker rose for sure, more pungent, more earthy, more projection. But the 88 goes soapy on my skin, and reminds me of soap my grandmother used to have. The Different Company's Rose Poivree is much, much heavier on the pepper. Montales Rose Petals is perhaps more projection, longer lasting, but it is a more of a pure rose scent. Head up against each other, Rose Petals leans to feminine (but is not a feminine scent) while the Le Labo is certainly the more versatile.
11th September, 2008

Aoud Roses Petals by Montale

I was able to smell this, as I was undecided about which Montale rose scent to get. I get more patchouli and oud than roses out of Black Aoud, and I got a sweet rose and a creamy Sandalwood from Attar. The roses in Damascus were sweet as well. I was wanting a darker rose to predominate and this, Rose Petals, is the answer. I agree with Trebor that it is the reverse of Black Aoud on the strength of roses - that is, this starts off with roses and the aoud props it up. I guess, Black vs. Rose Petals depends on where you come from, and what you want the scent to be, roses first and foremost, or roses in a supporting role. This is no girlie scent, at least not on my skin, a 48 year old businessman
02nd September, 2008

Vetiver des Sables by Montale

I have a hard time getting to like Vetivers. I agree with Trebor's analysis, though I have not smelled Geir. I did not get the earthiness of many vetivers. However, this is an easy scent to wear, and one that, while many may not prefer it, I can not see anyone actually disliking it. It may disappoint, sure, but it is nicely done, a different take if you will. This is like Aromatic Limes, in that I do not get the vetiver. Minty, yes, and maybe light spicy.
26th July, 2008

Tangerine Vert by Miller Harris

I do get some similarity to Eau de Orange Verte by Hermes but this is a bit fresher, a bit tangier, but without being acidic as some citrus is on me. Also lasts longer than a typical citrus. If it was priced say at the same level as Acqua di Parma Colonia or Assoluta (3.4 ounces is now $140 vs. around $110 for the Parmas), it would outsell the Parmas since the Colonia peters out in half the time. I got mine on sell and am gonna get another bottle if I can score a similar deal
27th June, 2008
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Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone

Like Coastfansocal, I got the hint of Vick's Vapor Rub, but not all that much camphor. I did not get the cedar chips in the hamster cage, but after a couple of hours, it has subsided and I can get some smoothness. Redhot candies, maybe that is what it might be on some. But I do say that the scent is not one to throw away after your first wear it. Have to give it some wearing, maybe like a Piper Nigrum. Many scents, I can tell from first sniff I won't like them, and those that have vanilla or powder, easily get tossed. Not so. This is my first Jo Malone sample to test, and while I tend to think this line gets less favored status, well, this is well made. I am going to give this a neutral, as I do not dislike it, but that Vick's Vapor Rub at first gets me. Now, someone remind me to come back and revisit this fragrance.
17th June, 2008

Idole de Lubin by Lubin

It is 68 outside, I am in the car, air conditioning blowing on me and I am wearing Idole. I am in short sleeves, so I sprayed it on my forearms as well as other areas. Wow. I had worn Idole from a sample and wife thought it bordered on soapy. Well, from a spray, it is not. Ladies, this is the scent for a guy. I love Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac because of that fresh tabacco accord. Some fresh colognes can be soapy, or too linen-like. Feuilles is that fresh, green tobacco. Anyway, think of Feuilles as a tomato base for a sauce. Well, Idole is the refined French chef that comes and mixes in a naunced bit of spices, nothing heavy, but spicy. Makes you want to try to pick out the individual notes (which I am so, so bad at). A heavy hand and it ruins the sauce. But in the hands of a master, wow. The spices are piquant, but not in your face like Piper Nigrum. I think this would work in cool to hot weather, all but the winter. Now, admittedly, the air conditioning blew the scent around in the car, but hey, it is me and a 30 minute drive. With long sleeves and business wear, very appropriate for the office. My wife usually does not give a thumbs up to colognes (she loves her Coco, her SPring Flowers - and GIT and MI on me - and that is it) but she smelled it this morning and said, not bad. So that right there is a 7 out of 10 on the meter. Yup, gonna be a good day today.
09th June, 2008 (last edited: 19th June, 2008)

Opoponax / Impérial Opoponax by Les Néréides

My first impression wearing it today, was there is a note that is strangely familiar to the prominent note in Serge Lutens Chergui. Buttery is an apt, apt description of how it smells. This is not a scent that will make you thing, UGH, how could they bottle that, but then again, it is not going to knock your socks off. It may unfold today, but it is a very pleasant, pleasant scent.
14th November, 2007

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I concur with Helder. Nice for 30 minutes, and maybe lasted 2 to 3 hours tops. But after that, really, I can not detect it. Warm perhaps, but really, I could not distinguish anything about this cologne. Now, your mileage may vary, but I'll not think twice about thumbs down on this. Not bad, but how can you say something is bad if you really can not smell it?
28th August, 2006

Greyland by Montale

This one is a long lasting scent on my skin. Had a sort of pine needles start to it, and it is definitely manly. Pine needles that mellowed out, and I can see the smokiness in it.

16th August, 2006

Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I usually hate Vetiver, having been turned off by Guerlain's raw, earthy version. When I first applied this, I was thinking it might be more like Creed's Vetiver, which is a soapy sort of scent. Well, could it be possible that the Malle take is somewhere exactly in the middle? I will have to see about longevity, but this version of Vetiver is very wearable for me.

15th August, 2006

Hamptons by Bond No. 9

I can not add more to the similarity between this and SMW. SMW seems to have more tea at the initial application and seems to be a more pungent scent. In other words, the notes are deeper on SMW, so it depends on where you want to go. Longevity, sillage, go with SMW. A lighter touch, closer to the skin, go with Hamptons.
11th August, 2006

Wall Street by Bond No. 9

I think Matt is right about the Drakkar Noir as well as the posts on it being a better formed Erolfa. I do smell the Cumcumber Rob talks about. A nice aquatic summertime scent. If you could get a good price on it, a nice edition, but it does not have that WOW factor at a full price buy. One of those scents in my opinion that you would take if someone gifted you, but there are better things to buy out there. However, I will say if you prefer something safe for the summer, consider this scent
11th August, 2006