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Cherry Bomb No. 05 by Tokyo Milk

Where is the Cherry!?

Exactly as the notes describe: you get a light rose, and a fruity osmanthus which comes off apricoty. The chocolate is definitely present, making this fragrance gourmand and the vetiver gives it some legs to stand on.
I was looking for a cherry fragrance -- this isn't cherry.

This is yet another fruity-floral-gourmand for young girls. However this one does have some higher quality ingredients which shouldn't be ignored. It's the overly common fruity floral gourmand that happens to be a bit more 'expensive' smelling.
I would give this a thumbs down if smelled cheap - but luckily for tokyo milk, it smells of quality.

Think rich, suburban 14 year old daughter: "like omg stacy, justin totally didn't text me back! What a jerk!"

18th October, 2011

Baie Rose 26 by Le Labo

I must say! EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE! It is VERY potent and lasts ages!

What I get in the opening is a nice pepper paired with rose and - i am assuming - some carnation. I also get clove - i don't know if everyone will pick up on it.. but when i got warm, i could smell cloves.
In the middle there is a beautiful ambrox that perfectly balances out the femininity of the florals while giving it a velvety texture.
There is also a nice musky, ambrox dry down that still hints at the rose. Damn! This stuff is one hell of a ROSE!

I also like the way they played on the name (pink peppercorn) and used a really potent rose note.

Now… is this for me? not really. But; nonetheless, a fantastic work of art.
16th October, 2011

Nautica Oceans by Nautica

Opening smells like sea water/sea salt, and lemon tonic. Then it quickly blends into its heart which is dominated by germanium and a light airy salty smell. The geranium in the scent gives it a slight spicy/peppery vibe to the florals. There is also a light light light wood scent.

think this is a good scent to wear for when you don't really want to smell like anything -- you just want to smell clean with a light scent. It is good to cool you down in the summer because you will have to spray it on a few times.

overall it is a very clean and easy to wear scent that not a lot of people are going to pick up on due to its poor projection - ITS VERY LIGHT! When i first sprayed it, I thought I had a dud until i looked it up only to find out that other people found it extremely light as well. I was like.. umm they messed up on this bottle and didn't put enough fragrance in this! But, its deliberate… or many due to this new technology they couldn't make it smell any stronger.

The one good thing about this scent is it completely biodegradable because due to a new technology allowing it to be water based with a 10% oil concentration. You will be able to tell when you spray it on because it is a bit oily and takes a while to dry up. It also decreases skin drying and irritation and it actually feels like its moisturizing to me!
27th July, 2011
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Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

Opens with a screeching, synthetic lime note that is apparently paired with a boozy note. The tequila is very faint. After about 20 minutes the scent dries to a salty, creamy lotion smell. The lotion smell at first smells like sunscreen to me, but after a few more minutes it turns into a skin-like, faintly sweet body lotion smell.. This smell probably comes from an semi-sweet coconut accord. I think the vanilla mixed with palm wood and "guava nectar" is what makes it smell similar to coconut. But, mostly I get a lotion/body butter powder.

very simple, but its low price awards this scent a neutral rating. Its a cheapy, but goodie. If it were compared to other scents within its price range, i would give this a thumbs up.
17th June, 2011

31 rue Cambon Eau de Toilette by Chanel

At first, it smells overly feminine and powdery, but only after four hours, it reaches it's nicely subtle dry down. A bitter-sweet fruity smell from bergamot and vetiver. The vetiver in this one smells like they used the same material as molecule 03 by essentic molecules.

Molecule 03 was an interesting take on vetiver; it took only the light, fresh, citrus-rind qualities of vetiver. And not to forget the iris: it reminds me of Dior Homme (not similar in smell and not lipsticky, but the combo of bitter-sweetness with iris just reminds me of it).

It's a really nice, competent chypre that is typically Chanel. I dont think it's something I will pull for too often but I definitely admire it.
09th June, 2011

Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

Overly sweet. It contains notes of apple and a very intense pear. I really like the pear, but this stuff is smothered with caramel/toffee and chocolate. It takes what would normally be a really nice, fresh and bright top and just weighs it down with heavy, sticky sweetness. There is also some light floral notes which are being masked by the sweetness as well...

This scent is very immature; in the way that a kid would would choose a candy apple over a regular one.

Sooo if you haven't caught on.. its definitely not a well balanced scent... weighs way to heavily on sweetness. But, I have to give it a neutral, because it smells very natural and a single spray may actually be pleasant on a girl. There is no doubt in my mind that this stuff will be popular in high schools across the globe...
I can see this stuff getting over sprayed by the youngsters though... watch out!
29th May, 2011 (last edited: 08th June, 2011)

Boss Orange Man by Hugo Boss

The opening immediately reminds me of Boss in Motion Edition Black; but, within minutes it smells like a cross between that and Boss Bottled -- with a bit of incense added into the mix.

It opens up with a very sweet citrus-fruity accord that quickly blends into the apple and spices. Clove? Nutmeg? All Spice? I can't tell -- the spices are a bit synthetic/generic. Soon enough, the incense makes an entrance and kind of throws it off balance. Im not sure what to make of the middle... Then, the dry down is your typical lightly spiced woods.

Is it original? NO. Amazing? NO. Interesting? Yes.

To me, it is too much like the other Boss releases; but, its pleasant. It most definitely needs to be tested on the skin, because it can come off quite differently on paper. And you might hate it at first, so give it a second chance... Definite neutral because of its overall pleasant vibe.
19th April, 2011

Lacoste Eau de Sport by Lacoste

I have been searching for a bottle of this FOREVER! I would die for a decant if anyone has it.. i will pay biggggg for it. dying to smell it.
01st March, 2011

Lacoste (original) by Lacoste

<bold> I find this fragrance to be quite simple, synthetic and dated. The top is nice, but only lasts for about 10-20 minutes. It is a citrusy, herbal smell that drys down to some civet and synthetic floral notes that I cannot pin point. The base is sandalwood which is not at all strong enough.

It is dated for late 70's, early 80's. Has that generic old man discount aftershave smell</bold>
21st December, 2010

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

Wonderwood is a woody stick of wood that has been soaked in WOOD!

You get an initial burst of the bergamot that lasts for about 10-15 minutes at the most. The bergamot then settles down as the woods come in the play. It reminds me of wood shop in junior high -- cutting, sanding and gluing, etc.

The pepper gives it bite, which it needs to simulate that sharp smell when you cut a fresh piece of cedar or oak under a ban saw. As soon as the pepper cools off, the scent gets to it's overall softness that doesn't change much throughout its 12 hour life span.

The oud is very quiet in the fragrance (which I like). It gives it a salty, smokey/leathery smell that a real chunk of wood smells like when you sand it for too long. If you sand wood with an electric sander for too long it starts to burn -- The oud does a great job at interpreting the smell of sanding wood for too long without letting it cool down. I love it!
13th December, 2010

Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

I love this scent! Great sillage, great longevity but the opening is hard to swallow. The opening smells like you have been camping and have been sitting in the smoke trail of the fire all weekend.
However, after you let that pass it turn into a beautiful vanillic, smokey, chemically leather... Its not a sweet vanilla, its very dry.

It smells like you're in an old old old university -- you're sitting in biology class dissecting a frog that has been sitting in chemical formaldehyde... the librarians are right outside the open window burning OLD OLD OLD books.. (That sweet, dry vanilla smell that old books get) -- the smoke from the old vanillic dry books is wafting in the window while you dissect the chemically smelling frog....

i am going crazy with the imagery with this scent but this one really got to me.. it just reminded me of biology class, the old books in the library and smoke... so that picture just came to me.
09th December, 2010

Gucci by Gucci Sport pour Homme by Gucci

Fresh, watery, poor longevity, and poor sillage

Smells great though.
08th December, 2010

Kristiansand New York by Kristiansand New York

A bit of crispness that stays for a minute at the most.. It starts out very HOT from the pepper and stays that way for a while on my skin.. it then starts to cool down into a warm, sensual, sweet scent. You can tell the amber in this frag is pricey because it blends with the scent and gives it a perfect warm/sweet balance. The middle also has a very slight slight smokiness.. The dry down lasts for a VERY LONG time on my skin -- it's very smooth, creamy. Then it gets a bit powdery and earthy with a bit of a resin smell as it dries away.

I really love this fragrance! It's a great alternative to By Man if you're missing that one or starting to find it harder to find.
31st October, 2010
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Joop! Jump by Joop!

I really like this cologne. It's like they took Versace Blue Jeans, made it less sweet, removed what was wrong with it and put it in their bottle.

its very nice -- also very similar to JPG Le Male

I give it props for taking what was already out there and making it better! :)
29th December, 2008

Lacoste Elegance by Lacoste

Its simple, sweet and somewhat interesting. Not exactly my favourite but i still wear it from time to time.. It is not at all an "elegant" scent. So, i have no idea where the name comes from... prolly marketing stuff.. but yea the opening is fresh with the mint and juniper... the middle is a nice smooth woody scent and the dry down is boring and too sweet. its a so sweet that it kind of clings to your nose.. so wear small amounts of this one.

i think of a raspberry covered in mint chocolate..

i give it neutral.. not great, but not bad either.
23rd July, 2008

Island Voyage by Nautica

Very simple, and pleasant. When I smell this I always YUM to this one. Its very sweet and fresh, great for the summer as its a summer edition of voyage. Great on a super hot day to keep that feeling of freshness. I wore this one in the summer a lot because of its simplicity; great for everyday wear in the summer months.
15th December, 2007

Sunset Heat for Men by Escada

Wonderful, women go crazy for it! It's very sweet, and extremely fruity, yet it keeps its masculinity. Lasts quite long. Wears best in the first hour; very energetic, after that nice and calm.
15th December, 2007

Jake by Hollister

very generic. Its typical to clothing chain store fragrances marketed to young prep school kids. Almost smells a little bit like mosquito repellant...?

Young girls like this one, i think just because they dont know any better. Mind you it very much fits the theme of hollister's clothing line.
15th December, 2007

Essential by Lacoste

This was my signature scent for quite some time. Its very fresh, clean and green - which i love. Lasts for a very long time on my skin. Its a scent you can wear every day since its not very offensive and clean. Absolutely love it. I tend to like to match my clothes with this one. :P Usually with a green polo or something... its just screams green for some reason. Its not exactly original, but its energetic, and care free. Love it.

"great for everday wear"
15th December, 2007

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

i love this cologne. This is very much a winter scent, as it maintains a warmness to it. Absolutely sexy, and affectionate. I like to wear this one on cold days, or after a nice snow. It just seems to fit the mood of a cold day to keep your senses warm.
15th December, 2007

L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

Love it! Very very very FRESH, and CLEAN! Great in the summer, in the morning right after a shower. Maintains a clean feeling on my skin. Very lemony, and some might say it smells a bit like bathroom cleaner. But in a good way. Smells wonderful!
15th December, 2007

Green Jeans by Versace

Very strong, very fresh, very clean. Its much better than Blue Jeans within this line. Im not really too sure about this one. Its a bit offensive, and strong, its a bit harsh.. But nice.. not sure when i can wear this one.. but i enjoy to test this one.
15th December, 2007

Blue Jeans by Versace

Yuck! its too sweet and powerful for me. Irritates my nose. i bought this, and i cant even wear it for long, because i start to get annoyed by it. it smells cheap, and too complex. I can take small wafts of it, maybe if someone else is wearing it, but its not exactly the nicest out there. Too pungent, and very offensive. smell kind of like Vanilla Cola.
15th December, 2007

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

I love it. Very fresh, clean and light. Great for every day wear. I used to wear this one a lot. But it has become far too common. Everyone knows what it is, and too many people are wearing it. But you got to expect this one to be common as it is a wonderful fragrance. Its a classic, and will either be around for a VERY long time, or will always be remembered. I can see this one becoming discontinued and then re released in 20 years. Just because its so good.
15th December, 2007