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    Charriol pour Homme Eau de Parfum by Charriol

    Very close to the Paco Rabanne1 million... more intense version for more "friendly" price.

    18th July, 2012


    Emporio Armani City Glam for Him by Giorgio Armani

    I must admit that CG was love at first smell. I don´t know why, but I like that bubble gummy opening. But true is that CG has poor longevity and 0 projection (same from begining to the end) and fade into nothing, so I cannot give it a thumb up.

    11th March, 2010


    DKNY Men (New) by Donna Karan

    Non offensive fresh citric scent, with hardly detectable drydown and poor lasting power. Smells like if it DK made for Avon (no offense). No reason to buy for a full price (or at all).

    04th January, 2010


    Voyage by Nautica

    Bought it for a cheap and already regret it. Fresh clean aquatic scent with offensive fruit drydown. Voyage seems to me like on a half way to Azzaro Chrome, which is way better. Best clean aquatic scent for me is still ExciTED from Ted Lapidus.

    24th November, 2009


    Ungaro III by Ungaro

    This is also my blind purchase, because in stores it cannot be found. First blast reminded me little bit Denim, which my father used when I was young. But Ungaro III is really complex scent with beautiful drydown. I usually don’t look for a perfumer who made the fragrance, but in this case it is obvious that these noses made most of the production of Chanel and Dior, so I start to understand how this could be so good. Longevity is great. Before I went to sleep I applied III on my wrist and after nine hours of sleep I still feel this beautiful drydown. This one is true masterpiece!

    17th October, 2009


    Unforgivable by Sean John

    I am sorry to say, but I already regret this purchase. It was mistake. Unforgivable is ordinery clean, fresh scent, with poor longevity and zero projection. One of the "spray and forget" fragrances, that last just for an hour. Cannot imagine how Unforgivable won Fifi.

    15th October, 2009


    Reporter by Oleg Cassini

    Lovely scent, classic, but not that old school way "daddyusedtosmelllikethis". It is easy wearable and will not offend anyone. From top to drydown it´smooth ride. Too bad it´s dicontinued.

    16th April, 2009


    Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

    My first impression was that Guerlain Homme is mix of L Instant and Bmen (which I both like). Later when I compared GH a Bmen on wrist I did not find the similarity. GH is save fresh-woody fragrance, more casual then L Instant. Nothing groundbreaking, but I like it, so thumbs up!

    27th November, 2008


    Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Giorgio Armani

    Just tried today at the airport and it forced me to write my first review. Well, start was close to the CK Euphoria (that´s not that bad), little sweet, but nice. Lady at the Greek duty free shop told me, that when the cologne settles down it will be completly different. She was right. Hour later I was not able smell nothing. Others parfumes that I tried was detectable long after flight, but Armani Diamonds faded away hour after I left shop. Not worth 46 euro. But I am ready to give AD another chance. Maybe the Diamonds Intense will solve the problem.

    20th August, 2008

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