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White Shoulders by Elizabeth Arden

I tried this on my aunt and mother's suggestion, both of whom wore it as young woman and listed it as their all-time favorite fragrance. The top notes are delicious, a very strong floral without being offensive, but as it cools down it can only be described as powery. The lily of the valley is very present (which I like) but other than that it smells almost like wet baby powder. Not terribly offensive, nobody's going to gag smelling you, but it's not something I would choose on purpose.
16th August, 2009

Crystal Noir by Versace

I stumbled across this particular scent only because it happened to be next to the Burberry I'd originally gone in to test. I was looking for a more grown-up, sensual scent, so of course the dark bottle struck me. On a whim, I sprayed some on and was very glad I did. The top notes are very in-your face: an oriental sort of floral, gardenia and clove were the two that stuck out to me the most. As it started to cool down, it started to smell more and more like wine. Very rich, very sophisticated, and long lasting (I could still smell it faintly on my wrist the morning after.) I haven't decided yet whether to buy a bottle, since I was hoping for something a little less floral, a little more spice, but it's definitely made the short list!
26th July, 2009

Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

One of very few scents that I have bought after only smelling once. Came across it, went back the next day money in hand. Very sweet, the apple is definitely present, but without the sort of acidic sting that accompanies a lot of other apple scents (bath and body works being the worst offender.) The basenotes are nothing special, but not unpleasant either. I wish the weardown was a little slower; for special occasions you'll definitely want the matching lotion in order for it to have any discernible presence after the first hour or so. One of the most amazing smells in the world, though. I can't wait for summer to be over so I can continue wearing it. It's more of a fall/winter scent, I ditched it once the snow melted.
23rd July, 2009
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Burberry London for Men by Burberry

My all-time favorite scent for men. It's very rich, very spicy, makes you think of a well-dressed man with a pipe. I disagree with the reviews saying that they don't smell the tobacco and leather; these are two of the most present notes for me, and give it a definite warmth. Strong while remaining approachable and inoffensive, peppery without stinging, it makes me wish I was a man just so I could wear it. I can't walk by a man with it on without feeling the need to hug them and bury my face in their chest and tell them how good they smell. It's that wonderful.
23rd July, 2009

Heiress by Paris Hilton

Very sweet, definitely a perfume for younger women. I couldn't picture myself wearing it ten years from now, but for a teenage girl, it's perfect. Very floral, but with some fruity notes as well that keep it from being too cliche. It's very light, and inoffensive enough to wear to school. My one complaint is that it doesn't last long enough. After an hour or so on my skin, it's basically gone. It smells delicious, but I won't be buying another bottle when this one wears out (which it did very quickly, since you have to reapply so often.)
10th May, 2008