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Eau des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

An adequate rose soliflore, with a sharp edge reminiscent of nail polish remover. Lasts decently, with a rather strong sillage. Not powdery or 'old-fashioned'. Since there are so many excellent examples of this type, I hesitate to recommend this one.

I enjoyed the fragrance more when I first bought it; it might have gone off in the bottle and it doesn't smell good now.
05th November, 2012

Red Roses by Jo Malone

I love rose scents, and I've tried several rose soliflores-- some powdery, some sharp, some green. They seem an adequate enough approximation, but grow tiresome.

This one smells like actual roses, an up-close sniff in a summer garden. It's absolutely lovely and putting it on transports me.

Initially the sillage is somewhat strong but it calms down after half an hour or so. Nothing funky happens to it on my skin; it softens but its character doesn't change much. After a day of wear it's faded to only a close smell.
13th July, 2012

Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica by Guerlain

I really wanted to like this; I love rose scents, I love Guerlain. It's certainly not a green rose, or a powdery rose, it's a strong wet rose with blasting hot-pink aldehydes. Something in there reminds me of the way Champs-Elysees feels, it's the same fizzy pink smell. (Mimosa?) It is young and bubbly and pleasant enough, but loud. Like all the Aqua Allegorias it don't have great longevity, just as well for me.
01st July, 2010
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Lavender by Woods of Windsor

Now this is the lavender soliflore that I was looking for (you failed me, l'Occitane). Good, herbal, bracing lavender, makes me feel a teensy bit mannish but I don't mind. Wish it lasted longer.

Edited to add something interesting: When I wear this, people say they smell... oatmeal cookies. I don't even know.
25th June, 2010 (last edited: 05th November, 2012)

Eau de Campagne by Sisley

This is a bit like wearing a salad, but I love it. The scent is like summer in a bottle-- tomato leaf and basil and lemon and grass and a bit of mossy muskiness, extremely refreshing. Like going into a herb garden and grabbing everything and mashing it all up. When I first apply it, I inevitably get the sense "Wow, this stuff is so sharp and strong and I'm going to have a headache" but after 30 minutes it's mellowed pleasantly. Not a lot of staying power, not a lot of sillage, but my goodness it smells nice.
25th June, 2010

DK Collection Chaos by Donna Karan

It's deep and spicy and sweet and woody and I do enjoy the scent. As for the feel of it... it's rather confident and take-charge. I get an idea of a powerful '80s woman with shoulder pads. Sillage is actually rather gentle but not understated-- it's not in-your-face but it's there. Not for everyday office wear I think, but for a time when you need a little 'oomph' and feel brazen-- not Tabac Blond brazen, but "Excuse me, I can buy my own drinks" brazen.

(This review is for the new formulation)
25th June, 2010

Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

American girls get Love's Baby Soft, French girls get Anais Anais. Life is unfair.

I am well past the age of its intended demographic, but I can apply this soft floral and feel a bit younger. It's really lovely.
25th June, 2010

Tomato by Demeter Fragrance Library

I love the smell of tomato leaves, and I loved this (when I could find it). It smelled herbal and musky and, well, like tomato leaves.

In the end, I opted for Sisley's Eau de Campagne to satisfy my need to smell like a vegetable garden. It's a bit more dressed-up, with mown grass and herbs tossed in.
14th April, 2010

Eau d'Iparie by L'Occitane

Interesting! Applied with a nice warm patchouli and roses, not heavy. The patchouli dried off quickly (how patchouli acts as a top note, I will never know) and settled into an incense-spice fresh rose with a nice resiny base. Wears very close. Despite the patchouli disappearing too quickly, I am liking this a lot.
13th April, 2010

Eau de la Recolte Bleue by L'Occitane

Went into the shop looking for a lavender soliflore, something herbal and a bit powdery. Got talked into this. Smelled like gin on the application, and dried down to something... aquatic? and very sharp. Definitely not woody. Perhaps I can give it away.
13th April, 2010

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

I'm guessing they're shooting for a mental image of a greying but distinguished man in an old leather jacket, wearing a vintage fougere, and drinking a vanilla cappuccino in a dusty old book shop.

Not bad. A bit heady and sweet at first, but dies down to a mild sugary coffee and lavender.
13th April, 2010

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

This is a fairly funky, masculine (to my female nose) musk, with a bit of depth and good woody character but definitely not overpowering. Sillage and longevity were both weak on my skin-- I wish it lasted longer, but it's nice for office wear with no flying aldehydes to spread it around.

It may be similar to MKK (which I have not tried) but it is nothing at all like Musc Ravageur (which is mostly vanilla and not musk anyway).
08th March, 2010

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

24 Faubourg, though a thoroughly modern scent, puts me in mind of the classic French chypres of yore. If your favorite scents were formulated before 1950, give this one a sniff!
06th January, 2010 (last edited: 08th March, 2010)
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Yatagan by Caron

Being female, I was surprised when I loved this scent on me. The initial application smells like a pine woods, yes; but once it dries down it's musky and leathery and woody and lovely. Give this one a try, ladies, if you're tired of the old floral tropes!
03rd December, 2008

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

I don't get cucumber, nor do I get fruit. (I get an impression of apple upon first application, but it doesn't really smell like apple.) When it dries down, though, it mellows into a warm, slightly sharp rose scent that's pleasant enough if not overapplied. (This stuff turns into a bomb if overapplied. It will clear out your office building.)

My male friends love the stuff though.
06th November, 2008 (last edited: 05th November, 2012)