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Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

Azzaro’s Onyx long the same lines as Antonio Banderas's Mediterraneum garbage and the dry down smells to me like Drakkar Noir; another perfume that I hate. Terrible concoction that wants to be spicy but fails at every aspect.
18th May, 2006

Kiton Men by Kiton

A fantastic fragrance if you can find it! Woody, green, fresh, floral and semi-spicy; there's nothing out there that smells like it which makes it a wonderful sleeper to everyone around me that smells it. Overall, it's a very masculine and classy fragrance that's good for any occasion particularly for daywear or office.
03rd April, 2006

S.T. Dupont Homme by S.T. Dupont

I love this very elegant and luxurious fruity/floral fragrance almost as much as S.T. Signature and Cartier's Declaration. Wonderfully sweet and fruity scent with some sensual woods. Although expensive when it first came out, it can be found in most places for a third of its original price. It's unfortunate for this designer to have fallen under the radar with luxurious, elegant and very sophisticated fragrances like this one, Essence Pure and Signature. Otherwise; S.T. Dupont it's an excellent and refined competition against Chanel, Armani, Cartier, Salvatore Ferragamo and Kenneth Cole. S.T. Dupont Homme it's one of the best fragrances today... Try it!!!

31st March, 2006
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Steel Mod by Monika Klink

The name does describe the bottle but the scent itself has nothing to do with it. Also has this metallic linger to it as well as a cheap bottle design. This very amber-woody fragrance isn't bad at all but could use some lasting power. The scent of Echo by Davidoff would go better with the name and bottle design. Anyways the rich woods and sensual musk make this nicely priced sleeper a surprise hit for the women... definitely!
29th March, 2006

Rush for Men by Gucci

This fragrance is waaaaayyyyy too woody smelling. So woody that you cant smell anything else. I tested a bottle of this stuff and was really disappointed. Kind of like a bunch of pureed wood and cinnamon mixed together. You have to spray and spray and spray to get any kind of long lasting fragrance out of this one. Envy for Men by Gucci is one of the greatest colognes ever made and then they come up with this weird stuff? It does smell faintly of decay, but smells mostly dirty and piney. I think a Chevron station smells better. Just go ahead and avoid this one, it's not really worth trying. I hate the bottle also. This is one of the WORST scents EVER!!! Yeck!!!
24th March, 2006

Xeryus by Givenchy

I found this to be a very intriguing, rich and very masculine scent. I don't know what's in this scent, but it certainly smells way better than a whole lot of highly-touted colognes. Unlike Xeryus Rouge and Pi, which are most suited to special occasions, Xeryus is well for any occasion. I truly love this scintillating scent. It's very versatile and powerful, so spray cautiously and lightly. Other than that, it's pretty good.
21st March, 2006

Jivago 7 Elements by Jivago

Fabulous oriental fragrance; starts out pretty sharp but dries down to a nice woody and luscious vanilla aroma. Nicely powered and sharp oriental fragrance from this not-so-popular fragrance designer Jivago. Smells very similar to Jaipur by Boucheron and Gucci Envy for Men with its sharp, oriental and kind of powdery feel. This fragrance is a good money-savings if you're into the likes of Boucheron and Gucci.
20th March, 2006

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

This is one fine, superb and very complex fragrance - woody, spicy, musky, mint all in one. Very long lasting, and when you are in good restaurant and well dressed, you feel like millionaire. Goes on a bit strong but mellows out after a while into a very pleasant smelling and long lasting cologne. Don't spray it in the neck - it's a bit too powerful so close to the nose. Personally I find it smells better on other person which is a good reason for wearing it if you want to attract some attention. When it settles on the skin it's a great aphrodisiac. So far I haven't come across a scent from Yves St Laurent that I didn't like. This is a classic that remains sensual even after 20 years in the market and should always be part of any real man's collection. If you don't want to smell like other guys - use Kouros!

20th March, 2006

Fujiyama Homme by Succès de Paris

This is L'Eau D'Issey but without the high cost and doesn't last as long (this last for all of five minutes). Both smell very similar and I could care less for either one of them.
17th March, 2006

Truth Calvin Klein Men by Calvin Klein

This scent is strange… Not that the scent itself is awful but this stuff doesn't last and is too soft and weak and is most suitable for women in the spring and summer months. The first notes not harmonious, later the scent appears. It smells like grass, wet lawn grass with a hint of rose bushes and ferns. It smells like a plant alright. Refreshing, but the dry down are gross and last only a few minutes. Not bad smell, but nothing impressive... there are a lot of better fragrances. Keep your money and look for other stuff! This is just a green and fresh fragrance...
17th March, 2006

Joop! Homme by Joop!

This stuff is pungent and assaults the olfactory senses head-on. I must say this is by far the worst I have smelled. It is strong, overpowering, piercing and not masculine; very overwhelming and not recommended for close encounters or day wear. Its smell closely resembles a car odor on Saturday morning after a night where two of your friends vomited, and you tried to cover up the smell with cheap air freshener. This is the most invasive, disgraceful and persistent scent I have smelled... awfull!.
17th March, 2006

Casran by Chopard

The most futile thing is to try to describe this scent. I can't begin to describe this one, it's just so unique. It's one of those ethereal things that words can't describe. The bergamot note is pronounced and the high notes of licorice and rum are just heaven. I also believe there's Moroccan Geranium in this very complex, elegant and unmistakable cologne. The scent lasts very well. It's a subtle scent to begin with, but has staying power. Winter or summer, casual or formal, this is the ultimate scent. If you have an addictive personality, do not buy this. You'll lock yourself in a room and do nothing but smell it. If you like classy and sophisticated fragrances you'll love it but if you prefer cheap and tawdry, you probably won't. And the bottle, what can I say? Attractive. This is a magical, mystical fragrance; truly unique and wonderful!
17th March, 2006

Montana pour Homme by Montana

I didn't like Montana first notes, since I thought it smelled a bit like an old man's cologne. Then, to my surprise, after some minutes it changed to a nice soapy, powdery like fragrance and I couldn't stop smelling. It is important to wait some minutes to discover the true beauty of this fragrance. I guess that in the same way that some fragrances because horrible after the first notes disappear, others, like Montana, become a lot better once the dry down has started. It's a unique mixture between floral, spicy and musky notes and has an absolutely erotic, oriental and irresistible karma. This is great for people who like soapy powdery fragrances.
16th March, 2006
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Francesco Smalto pour Homme by Francesco Smalto

Well, if you need a reference, it smells like a crossover between Rush by Gucci and Dupont by S.T. Dupont. It's woody, sweet, leathery, smoky, refreshing and sort of soapy but it smells very good.... about as good as it gets -- so much better than many much less appealing, but more recognizable D & G's, Burberrys, Armanis and Laurens, although virtually unknown in the United States. Very masculine and assertive typical of scents brewed in the mid '80s. Don't be a brand snob and try it!
15th March, 2006

Diavolo by Antonio Banderas

The Spanish T.V. marketing for this perfume presents Antonio Banderas leaving a train and two old men asks: Y ese quien es (who's that man)? and a beautiful model with sparkling demonic eyes answer: Ese es el diablo (He's the devil).

You must do the same, avoid this fragrance like the devil avoid the cross.
15th March, 2006

Rykiel Homme Grey by Sonia Rykiel

Rykiel Homme Grey isn't t really a bad scent. Very warm, sensual, fresh and masculine fragrance that has a subtle cleanliness about it. Not soapy but more like spice and leaves and lasts a lot also. It's very chic and very French. This is really the best companion for Rykiel Rose. Worth a try.
15th March, 2006

Watt Blue by Cofinluxe

Nice and innovative bottle - very good fragrance. No cheap fun fragrance! Watt blue smells nice, fresh, refined and it's a classy scent. Don't let the "crazy" bottle fool you. An aromatic and clean scent that is easy to wear.
15th March, 2006

Ulysse by Vicky Tiel

A very different men scent... sweet amber/vanilla mix with a hint of musk! This is one of those scents that attracts positive attention from women, but yet isn't a "babe magnet" if you know what I mean. It's gentle and refreshing especially on the dry down. I wouldn't say it's a youthful, club type fragrance though. This could be worn by either a younger guy or middle aged man with the right application. Not an offensive scent at all. I recommend this wonderful fragrance basically for any occasion use. The cool frosted base relief bottle is a very exquisite piece and one of the best looking in my collection.

15th March, 2006

Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan

I really don't like it. It has a sharp, annoying and sporty adolescent's smell that lasts for awhile. This really smells like your local drug store fragrance. Jovan fragrances smell far better. Can you say "Old Spice"? Try that and you'd be better off than with this on. Some people just shouldn't venture out of the boundaries of their profession and try to make a FRAGRANCE! The next time a dump truck goes down the street dip your hand in and you'll get this fragrance for free.
15th March, 2006

Casual Fine Fragrance by Paul Sebastian

Pleasant smell but needs to be stronger and last longer for my senses. I have only worn this fragrance a few times and I am still undecided. I don't think it suits my skin type as to me, it smells like a female perfume - in fact it reminds me of Chanel No.5 for some reason. It is very fresh and fruity, but it's probably not for everyone. I will give it another chance before relegating it to the back of my cologne cabinet!
15th March, 2006

Quartz by Molyneux

Great citrus style scent overlooked by the masses. The fragrance is somewhere in between Bowling Green and Dolce & Gabanna Masculine... distinctly unique and one of my office wear favorites.
15th March, 2006

Individuel by Montblanc

Individuel smells too spicy, strongly flowerish and sickingly sweet for a man. Mont Blanc could market this stuff as a women product because I can't imagine a real man wearing this crap. May be wearable by women or “men” but not real men. Mont Blanc it's an excellent company making pens and I recommend that they still doing so and let perfumes to industry professionals.
14th March, 2006

Capucci pour Homme by Roberto Capucci

If you like Dior's EAU SAUVAGE, you will like this CAPUCCI for Men! It's a very similar scent. A clean and spicy lemon-scent for men. Long-lasting and "old-fashioned" in a very nice way.

13th March, 2006

Anucci Man by Anucci

Anucci for Men is definitely different if you are looking for something unique for yourself. You notice how all guy colognes smell the same after a while? Well, this is different and it is also my favorite floral fragrance. It's subtle enough that people's noses won't fall off, and if you are trying to impress those ladies... you've just found your magic potion. A great smelling fragrance that's unique, luxurious, clean, sophisticated and can be worn anytime of day to give you that finishing touch. Very sweet and long lasting all day at least 12 hrs. This fabulous fragrance is bursting with sweet floral notes and it's the best among floral-type colognes I've ever smelled. Worth every penny of its small price and one of the best if not THE BEST men's floral fragrance out there. Super sexy and sensual smell that will put me in the mood all the time and every man should try this smell out. If you're tired of usual, heavy "Drakkar-like" fragrances, you'll really appreciate the uniqueness of Anucci; a classic floral cologne that also blows away the overrated, nauseating and overwhelming L'Eau D' Issey.

13th March, 2006

Loewe para Hombre by Loewe

Loewe pour Homme it's a very elegant, unique, clean and fresh scent. This is the typical mediterranean scent: timeless and masculine. Wonderful and a great secret tip; No mainstream scent!!! Loewe smell very similar to Lauder for Men by Estee Lauder but Loewe it's more warmer and sweeter in the dry down. Give a chance to this fragrance and you won't be disappointed.

10th March, 2006

Aramis Life by Aramis

This cologne is mediocre at best. Don't believe the hype and just because a tennis star is promoting it doesn't mean a thing. Aramis is a very overrated cologne company and most of their stuff smells like puke. This attempt was better yet they added too much alcohol and not enough oil. It also is very faint, lasts very little with time and gets really boring quick. The stuff vanishes on your skin in 5 minutes. I don't know what Aramis was trying to do but the scent has no clarity. The sprayer jams a lot on me too. This has a Pour Monsieur by Chanel start and finishes like Old Spice. Not worth the money. Bad! bad! Bad! and very AWEFUL!!!
09th March, 2006

Mackie for Men by Bob Mackie

I can't believe this fragrance is not more popular. An excellent clean/fresh scent that's much more complex than others fragrances out there (Polo Blue, Chrome, etc...). Great smell and decent scent with better than average lasting power. This fragrance is perfect for casual wear or outdoor activities but also it's nice for romance.

09th March, 2006

Basala / Basara by Shiseido

Shocking! Shockingly good! This cologne is amazingly kick butt, masculine and extremely spicy. The greatest aspect of this fragrance is that it is very enigmatic with a dash of mysteriousness about it. It smells nothing like others instead when people notice it they will surely ask you as to what you are wearing. It's probably one of the most unique fragrances I've ever had the chance to come across. There's also a smoky and woody character that gives a seductive aura to any man that wear this cologne. Words just simply cannot describe this cologne. I recommend this cologne to be worn during evening time especially out on date. Apply it with caution because it's very potent. Shiseido Basala it's an excellent fragrance and I highly recommend it.
09th March, 2006

Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

I tried Cuba Gold and I think it smells exactly like Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male. It's very sweet but have more staying power than Le Male. If you like Le Male but the price it's out of your budget, then Cuba Gold would surely be a great buy, especially because of the low price.
08th March, 2006

Samba for Men by Perfumer's Workshop

This stuff it's a very inexpensive fragrance that has a very nice, warm, refreshing and mysterious smell that I can't complain. It lasts for a long time and makes you feel good. It does not smell cheap, even though it does not cost much and trust me, it is much better than the much more expensive ones (like Creed). Truly one of the best kept secrets in fragrances. Let's hope it stays that way.

08th March, 2006