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Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

I really wanted to love Paris. All these comments made my expectations high, but on my skin, this flowery monster turn out to be boring, faint floral. Twin sister of boring Bulgari Voile de jasmin. No rose, no violet, just some boring white flowers:( Longevity cca 1,5 h?!? Silage - none. Unbelievable... I'll have to try another bottle, I just can't believe that we're talking about same Paris...
21st April, 2011

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

My favorite Poison and one of my favorites in general. Quite simple (rose + patchouli), but beautiful. Very versatile and wearable in all occasions, plus office friendly;) Good silage, solid longevity. I have both Edp and pure parfum and Edp is slightly rounder, softer, richer, while prafum is sharper, less sweet, almost unisex.
21st April, 2011

Magnolia by Yves Rocher

On my skin it's almost identical to D&G red cap - 95% aldehydes + 5% flowers. I guess that my skin brings them out loud. But too loud for my taste, I would really like to catch some magnolia scent instead...
24th March, 2011
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Magie Noire by Lancôme

Not quite neutral, but more on neutral than on the thumb up side. Although I respect it's status, on me it's nothing legendary - just incense and incense and incense. I feel like a walking cathedral when I wear it (same thing happens with another legend - Samsara).
21st March, 2011

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I was scared even to try this one. But month ago I've find out that my beloved Angel le lys is discontinued (whole Garden of star collection:( ), so I've decided to give a chance to her older sister (mother?). I've expected a sweet bomb - chocolate, vanilla, candies, sugar, honey, fruits... And I got patchouli. Nice one, polite, a bit sweeter than in Eden for example but not sweet. Not loud, not cloying, just well behaved patchouli with some strange spices. And I love it:) I still prefer Angel le lys but Angel itself is pleasant surprise. And nothing to be scared of (on me).
21st March, 2011

Angel Garden Of Stars - Lily Angel by Thierry Mugler

Although my latest love interest is Poeme, this one will forever be love of my life. Strange, unusual, complex, powerful, wild, beautiful... I'll be missing you!
21st March, 2011

Poême by Lancôme

Amazing! The more I wear it, the more I love it. At first I've thought that it's just another nice floral I'll soon be bored with, but with my body chemistry (strange one, believe me) it works wonders. It's heavenly floriental, not too sweet, not too strong (noticeable but not cloying) Every note has it's place in this wonderful simphony. And it's so well composed that I can't even tell what notes are dominant (if there are any). Pure perfection!
21st March, 2011