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Purple Patchouli by Tom Ford

I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this, the name just sounded yummy. The opening is something floral and sparkly, which I can only assume is the orchid accord melding sweetly with it citrus counterpart. The two of them linger for 45 minutes or so until succumbing to the amber and Peru balsam. The funny thing I get with this scent is an ever present honey note. It’s not, “knock your hat off ninja in the face” like Serge’s Miel de bois or anything. It just makes the fragrance surprising and charming in its dry down. I can’t say that the fragrance vanishes; more that I forget it’s there until I move and catch it by surprise. Make sense? And, that quick hello is soft, human and lovely in its greeting. It’s subtle and I think modern, unlike the Peace & Patchouli of Haight and Ashbury, San Francisco.
31st August, 2008