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New-York by Nicolaï

I recently bought a new bottle of PdN New York and it is not the same quality fragrance with a deep drydown. It seems yet another classic fragrance has been reformulated. New York is now full of synthetic top notes and does not progress into the once legendary rich scent in which I loved. IMO, skip the (new) New York...
I have tried BdP, Heritage, Douro, Boucheron and many other similar scents.

Concur with Turin. No need to describe what others have already mentioned.

IMO, PdN's New York is one of the best men's fragrances that have ever passed by my nose.
23rd October, 2011 (last edited: 02nd January, 2012)

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

Exactly what Mrblah wrote...

Wonderfully constructed, with a complex development from application to drydown. Andy Tauer is very talented.

This is as "niche" as a scent as I have experienced. I could not imagine wearing LDDM on a regular basis.

To me, this scent isn't about a Marocain desert; it is about spicy eggnog, fruitcake, and heavy wool turtleneck sweaters on an extremely cold Christmas evening.

23rd October, 2011

Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

I enjoy traditional "old man" scents. Yet to me, Tabac is a creepy old granny scent.

If you would like to smell of a dirty ashtray that has been dusted with baby powder, then Tabac should work fine. I waited around for the drydown's punchline, but time after time, only caught the scent that provoked images of a well powdered and chain-smoking granny.

I don't dislike many fragrances; however, Tabac is definitely one.
23rd October, 2011
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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

With all of the Creed hype about which stars and royalty wear their fragrances, I had high expectations when I tried GIT.

Perhaps it is because I have tried many similar scents of its era, I did not find GIT to be particularly memorable.

I found GIT to lean towards smelling cold,metallic, perhaps artificial, rather than a well balanced fragrance.
23rd October, 2011

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I did not get this fragrance at first. What was all the hype about?

I get it now. Light yet deep/Fresh/Creamy/Barbershop Clean.

Any time I am waffling over what fragrance to wear, Rive Gauche is what I wear.

23rd October, 2011

Dunhill for Men by Dunhill

For those who possess a classic fragrance benchmark of Aqua Di Gio; Dunhill 1934 is likely not going to be "modern" enough for your approval.

There's no vanilla or tonka bean or ylang ylang or acai berry scents in this outstanding mens fragrance.

IMO, this is how a refined man would want to smell like versus the beige "modern" fragrances of today.
23rd October, 2011

Cuba by Czech & Speake

I have never been to Cuba. But if the country smells like a pile of dog crap with mint and cigars sprinkled over top, then this C & S fragrance is a perfect representation.

Plain awful. My nose picks up a rank fecal note. Seriously the worst fragrance I have ever experienced.
15th December, 2009

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

Nothing memorable. Obsession like?

Perfect non-offensive winter office scent for those those dressed in freshly pressed Gap slacks and a crisp white oxford shirt. Yawn.

It isn't bad... but it ain't great.
17th October, 2008

Brit for Men by Burberry

Way too powdery/vanilla sweet for me!! I don't want to smell like cookie dough ice cream. This feminine scent is the exact opposite of what I enjoy in men's fragrances.

I'll give it to my Mom. She will likely enjoy it while baking muffins.

17th October, 2008

Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

Wear a fine suit with this juice on. Hang out in refined cocktail environments amongst the wealthy. You will have rich, classy milfs wanting to smell the angle of your dangle.

In all seriousness, it is luxury and refinement captured in a bottle - though too heavy for daily wear.
17th October, 2008

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

I wanted to like this scent. Yet to me, this fragrance is akin to an off the rack, synthetic mirco-fibre suit that wants to come off like one that is tailor made from super fine wool. Or perhaps a room full of plastic house plants.

When I smell Sung, all I can think of is Night at the Roxbury.
17th October, 2008

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

Be careful... This is not another run of the mill metro-sexual oceanic scent.

You need to have some testicular fortitude to appreciate this beautiful fragrance.
17th October, 2008

Lacoste (original) by Lacoste

One of the best hot weather scents I wear.

Think gin and tonic with lime fresh. Clean.

If I am having dirty thoughts, I spray this scent on. Probably explains why I go through so much. :)
17th October, 2008
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Iquitos by Alain Delon

Definitely a unique scent. Gothic yet refined. I have not yet smelled anything quite like it. It is in my top 10...
17th October, 2008

Havana by Aramis

It is a decent scent. Though I can't fall in line with all the rave reviews.

Personally, I can't get past what I perceive to be an unbalanced smokey scent. (Go figure given its name.) I would have enjoyed a rum or bourbon scent added for a more robust fragrance.

My preferences aside, it is still worthy of a "thumbs up".

17th October, 2008

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I don't care how anyone feels about this scent. I was not in the disco/club scene during Giorgio's hey-day; so I have no bad lingering associations.

Personally, I feel like royalty when I wear this fragrance. Absolutely love it.
17th October, 2008