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Cerruti Image by Cerruti

(Edited from neutral to up)

Was my signature scent in my late teens, and I got a bit tired of it when I wrote my initial review.

In all fairness, it is a really good scent for the spring, a light and fruity citrus, nothing offensive but it has some depth to it.

The pear mint accord is the only thing that sometimes troubles me, as it can be a bit too sweet and synthetic for some people.

However, while I agree that this is completely 90's and metro and somewhat juvenile, I would still rank it as one of the better metro fragrances from the 90's.
21st April, 2008 (last edited: 12th July, 2014)

Allure Homme Sport Cologne by Chanel

I'm not saying this one is for everyone.

After all, the bastard half-brother of the sport version of one of the less-respected men's Chanel is doomed to struggle in order to make a name for itself.

Pure Agression. That's how I'd describe it.

It opens with a razor-sharp citrus accord that, altough arguably one dimensional and lacking complexity, is powerful and overwhelming in a good way.

It is then a pleasure to detect the elemi middle note, the spices, the barely detectable coriander (just how I like it).

The cedar and musk base add a discrete seductive-sexy quality to this otherwise ultra-dominant fragrance.

I'm really trying to keep this a sport frangrance, and only use it when I actually work out, because I'm afraid it's a narcissist's fragrance, the intoxicating blast, if you can survive it, gives an intense psychological boost and by the time you're done with exercice, the sexy drydown leaves a strong feeling of confidence.
21st April, 2008

Jacomo for Men by Jacomo

Here's another scent I bought on a whim because I liked the sample vial I recieved.

To be fair it's nice for the price, all Jacomo fragrances are bang-for-your-buckers, the longevity and sillage are actually pretty good for that type of scent, but I got tired of the cloying sweetness.

The out of place pineapple is the main culprit here: an sharp-ish citrus note to balance the coffee beans and plum or a woodier base and a smooth lavender middle would make this infinitely more well-rounded.

I don't want to sound like a sweet basher, because I can appreciate a sweet/unisex fragrance, but this is bordering sticky-sweet and thus it's hard to pull it off.

Cool bottle altough the cap logo is a Chanel ripoff.
21st April, 2008
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Lanvin L'Homme by Lanvin

A true masterpiece.

I think a particularity of this fragrance is that it defies the traditional behavior of the top/middle/base notes, where the top notes are fleeting, the middle note stay the longest and the base notes are only detectable upon complete drydown.

Here, it's like the middle notes form a support structure for the top notes, that stay interwinded together for a few hours until in finally crashes down through it's foundations, and the sublime, elusive base notes appear out of nowhere to console you, and remind you to spray on some more in a few minutes.

Mint and lavender can often ruin a fragrance, but those are masterfully tamed in this scent, relegated to a supporting role, they only keep the top notes from running away too fast, yet only those that need to stay.

I think the sharpness is very tolerable, and I get the cleanness through the whole thing, even in the basenotes I can't find anything remotely dirty.
I fact I'll go as far as saying it's my favorite clean fragrance.

For a lazy day at home, or office/classroom days where offensiveness might be an issue.
I don't think of it as a seduction fragrance even though it is reassuring and got me a lot of compliments.

The only downfall is that you have to use every trick in the book to get some sillage and longevity.
My favorite setup is to spray my neck often but only once on my wrists, because the base notes are so special and personal you don't want to ruin that.

Two thumbs up.
21st April, 2008