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Moon Garden by Strange Invisible Perfumes

It started out as a less than interesting patchouli. Then it faded and turned into something strange, not really unpleasant, but not pleasant either. I’ll try again in the summer heat to see if it blooms.
24th May, 2008

Bon Zai by Ayala Moriel

At first I thought it smelled like juniper and pine; by the end of the day it was rosemary. A tiby bit of lemon verbena, wood, and vetiver. No rose. Overall I liked it.
20th December, 2007

Finjan by Ayala Moriel

Lovely coffee with plenty of sugar, and booze. The boozy aspect sneaks in during drydown, and dominates toward the end. An unusual but compelling fragrance. I’d give it 41/2 stars out of five.
20th December, 2007
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Fete d'Hiver by Ayala Moriel

I love this one. The scent of pine and smoke and frankincense. I think it rivals Rich Hippie's Groovy, has greater lasting power. A side by side comparison is in order.
20th December, 2007

Moon Breath by Ayala Moriel

Run of the mill jasmine, but weak. Should use a whole sample. May bring up more notes in spring or summer.
20th December, 2007