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Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

This new fragance of Hermes is something chic and well made.

This is perfect for a cosmetic bag of a business class airline seat.....Not jocking, something fresh, relaxing and spetial too.

I recommend it for people who work in offices and dont want to offend co-workers, for small places,etc....

After the gym, for to travel, for to go to the church, for spetial moments....this is so versatile!

I bought 2 bottles of 100 ml spray in 78 usd each in a sale...Good price for this new product.

Longevity is average and sillage is a little bit bad....Subtle, in elegant words.
27th December, 2010

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

I was in a Starbucks near the San Francisco Parc 55 Hotel. (Union Square Area)

Was a monday, drinking a latte with my brother Christian.

2 old ladies....well, not very old, one about 45 , the other 55.

The girl of 45 was something of Kim Bassinger or Michelle Pfeiffer....very chic, blond and well dressed.

I smelled and mmmmmmm, what amazing perfume......I asked her what are you wearing? She said Pure Poison.

In my opinion one of the best women fragance. Its intoxicating and sexy, chic, all.

Try it.

Thuabs very up.
09th December, 2010

Black Fleece for Men by Brooks Brothers

Not very interesting . Not an olfactory experience....(Thats what I search on a fragance)
08th December, 2010
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Infusion d'Homme by Prada

This bottle is awesome. I don t have too many words to define it because its very simple and soapy, but the smell is not something refined and well made. If you want that after shower feeling this is an excellent option....but an after shower of a five stars hotel, thats a good difference between this juice and other clean scents.

"Chic" is the best word for Prada Infusion d Homme.

On my skin I have very good longevity and projection. Absolutly recommend it.
21st September, 2010

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

I think Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin is perfect for people who like sweet fragances, but modern at the same time.
Anis notes gives a very interesting touch here...Licorice and sweet. Perfect for nights or winter days. Absolutly recommend it.
16th September, 2009

Allure Homme by Chanel

Allure is in my opinion a very safe fragance. You never go wrong with this.
If you have some interviews or for office wear, this is perfect, but if you want a big surprise or to shock with an incredible and original sillage this is not for you.

Range: 30-50 years old
17th May, 2009

XS pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

XS is average, but thats not all. Maybe I m not correct with this bottler.....Why? Mmmmmmmm, because I see it everywhere, specially in ordinary stores.

The smell is not bad, safe, not agressive.....Recommend it for day wear.

In the same line, I prefer the very traditional Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. Without doubts.
19th February, 2009

Vétiver (original) by Carven

My mother had one new bottle of this fragance some years with the box in her closet....Short story? I decided to use it.
This is not bad, but zero sillage and longevity. This 2 elements are very important for me.
Somthing good here? Yes, the scent isnt very bad, very natural and organic. But doesnt last!
I use this frag when I need something for few moments, for to go near home, alone sundays or something like that.
Very cheap....Maybe good relation price/ quality....(15 usd on Ebay, 100 ml, not big investment)
19th February, 2009

Dior Homme Sport (original) by Christian Dior

I tried Dior Homme Sport and I m in love with it. I love spices and this frag is that: spices.

This bottle is for people who enjoy to smell good and to project that as well.

Clean and classy, not very common mix, I recommend it for every ocasion. Specially in casual moments.

Much better than his overrrated father Dior Homme.

13th February, 2009

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Intense by Issey Miyake

Good and long lasting effort of Issey Miyake.

Young, intense, metrosexual and sporty. Compliments? Of course! People loves this kind.

Excellent option for people who loves aquatics with good longevity. Thats not easy to find, that s why this bottle is a good choice for this fragance concept.
13th February, 2009

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Nothing interesting or spectacular to say here. Overrated.

Check the Dow Jones and Nasdaq. We are in very hard economic days. Protect your money and dont spend in products who dont deserve your atention.

Longevity, average.....Sillage, average. I repeat, overrated.

I will give a Neutral because I m with good mood. Try Dior Homme Sport.

13th February, 2009

Cool Water by Davidoff

I think this is one of the most iconic aquatics with Aqua di Gio, Dolce Gabbana and L Eau d Issey. Well, thats not a big new.

Created for young people and metrosexuals concepts, I consider Cool Water a very well made fragance in that style.
I m not a big fan of aquatics, but sometimes is necessary something like this....., fresh, simple, safe, without ambitions, sporty and very versatile.

I didnt listen in my whole life somebody who say "Cool Water is bad". And thats important.
13th February, 2009

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

Mugler Cologne is a nice fragance for people who dont like complex fragances. Thats clear, but I don t see the difference between this fragance and some cheap baby colognes. Here, Chile, you can spend 4 dollars for better baby colognes. Only marketing.
Longevity is zero on me. Sillage, the same....
Simple cologne. Too simple for me.
13th February, 2009
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Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

I dont like long and complicated reviews....I prefer simplicity.

What can I say for Azzaro? Nothing. Just buy one bottle. Nothing more to say.

Blind buy maybe? OK, I guarantee your money.

(I m using that bottle like 20 years, I m 31 now (not non stop, but wih intervals) and I know it perfectly)
13th February, 2009

Kouros Eau D'Été by Yves Saint Laurent

Not bad scent at all...."Kouros Light" is other perfect name for this fragance. Clean and fresh but with an interesting aura.
Longevity and sillage are not very good on my skin. The original Kouros is better.
25th December, 2008

Aramis by Aramis

Very strong, granny and nasty smell. Old, very old. Who wants to smell old and bad? Any grand mother here?
Thanks Aramis, this is not for me. Next please.
07th December, 2008

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

Some associations with Silver Shadow (Davidoff), but The One is much better. Very italian style with nice ingredients.
Some vanilla or something sweet is here, but good one. Natural sweetness. Exactly.That s it.
Good longevity and sillage, absolutly recommend it for a romantic night date.
The name is perfect! The One!
25th November, 2008

The Dreamer by Versace

Some of reviews compare The Dreamer and D and G for men. For me....absolutly different. With Le Male? Sure.

This sweet or floral experience is not bad if you like sweet or floral fragances (stupid conclusion, lol)
For me, is a little bit loud and deep for some ocasions. Is not bad, but I prefer other fragances....The market is huge, I prefer to spend money in others. Ahhh......The longevity is pretty good.....Thats important, but not all.
Conclusion: Not bad, but other options are better, including Le Male.
23rd November, 2008

Romance for Men by Ralph Lauren

Fresh and spicy experience. Weak without caracter. Not bad at all, but I prefer other options. Nothing spectacular to share here. For a gift?Mmmmmmmm......Ok..... Maybe.
22nd November, 2008

YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration by Yves Saint Laurent

Citrus experience here with big results.
YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration is one of the best fragances in the market. Simple and nice lemony juice with great projection and longevity. This is a mature lemony and thats fine. Lemons, lemons and lemons.

Pure class. Do you need something else?

(Not very popular, thats a nice point too. Check Ebay, very nice prices on this yummy perfume.)
03rd November, 2008 (last edited: 25th December, 2008)

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

I respect very much Ralph Laure. He is a great designer, awesome clothes, classy style.

First of all? Why Black? I dont understand!
This fragance isnt maybe orange, mandarine, mango, or whatever, but black? mmmmmm, I dont think so.
Is hard for me to speak about the concept of this fragance, because is very weird......

Check other reviews,

PS:I will give a neutral because I love Ralph Lauren products. Everybody did mistakes.
25th October, 2008

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Elegant and deep....Caracter, personality, masculin,mature.....Few words for this classic Farenheit.
Old scool style with great longevity and sillage. Absolutly recommend it. Nothing more to say. A masterpiece!
25th October, 2008

Signoricci by Nina Ricci

Absolutly sad with Signoricci. I ordered blind from Ebay after to read excellent reviews.
Simple fragance for people who dont consider longevity and sillage. On my skin 5 minutes only.
How was the smell? Very 80s. But, who cares. Lemons , oh....yea.....for that, try YSL pour homme Haute Concentration. You will enjoy it.....
Apologies folks, but this is bad investment. For a gift? No....With that grey box? With that bottle?
Mmmm, no thanks.
19th October, 2008 (last edited: 20th November, 2008)

Armani Attitude by Giorgio Armani

A friend give me a bottle sample of 5ml....and my eperience was.....mmmmmm......

I want to say......Giorgio Armani did Armani Attitude. Ok...Right....But what kind of attitude?
This Attitude is boring, very boring. Nothing exciting here. Is not bad fragance, but 1000 other options. Pass.
11th October, 2008

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

A winner....from A to Z.

Givenchy Gentelman is all in one bottle. Classic and modern times are sitted in the same table. Versatile, confortable and luxurious fragance.....About 50 usd a bottle. Feels like? 1 million dollars.
Chapeau Givenchy!
08th October, 2008

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne was a must in the 80s.
I tried some days ago and still love it. Very masculine and classy.
I absolutly recommend it for mature gentelmans . (Office wear in my opinion)
27th September, 2008

Envy for Men by Gucci

This is a green fragance of a very good brand. Is not bad at all, but something chemical like menthol or I dont know what is here. Try Gucci pour homme, 100 times better. A trully experience.
22nd September, 2008

Eau Sauvage Extrême by Christian Dior

Nice version of the succesful Eau Sauvage. Is different, ok, but the concept is the same, elegant, chic and sophisticated. Very classy and old school.
Extreme version have an average longevity,but with a very interesting aura.
This fragance is 26 years in the market...guess why.
22nd September, 2008

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

Expensive, old fashioned smell, bad longevity and awful projection. Created in 1955, but we are in 2008. Absolutly out If you like clean fragances, try something modern like Terre d Hermes. Without doubts.
22nd September, 2008

YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Do you like lemonade? This stuff is pretty nice and fresh.....Lemons, but good ones.
YSL pour homme is not very original, maybe common, but very well made. I like it very much.
Not very young style, but excellent option for people who love conservative manners. Daytime recommended
21st September, 2008