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Gravity by Coty

I really can understand how anyone likes this. Dont buy it. Soooo many better frags out there
27th February, 2006

Stetson Black by Stetson

The top notes smell like whild berries, while the base notes have a baby powder smell to them. Scent does not last to long on me, maybe an hour or two. Not a bad frag. I need to give it some more time though.
18th February, 2006

Zirh by Zirh

YUCK!!! Not for the younger guys (im 18). This stuf reeks of old man, oakmass and ginger. Just so overpowering I cant see how anyone would enjoy wearing this. Smells like bad hair gell. The only way I could see someone pulling off this scent is if they had a beard
17th February, 2006
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Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

While I agree that this is a "heavy sweet" scent, its quite nice. Warm vanilla is just so...mmmmm yumm! I know a lot of ladies like vanilla scents on guys so this sould be a hit. Lasts long but I cant smell the woody notes...a good thing IMO
17th February, 2006

Style In Play by Lacoste

The top notes smell like dish soap, but after there gone, oh wow! it smells great!....if you 16. If your out of high school, look for somthing else. Great scent for the younger guys
07th February, 2006

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Very musky, very old smelling. Not a huge fan, since im not over 50...
07th February, 2006

Burberry for Men by Burberry

I like this. I love the dry down. The combo of musk and vanilla is fantasic. This lasts FOREVER on me.
01st February, 2006

Hang Ten for Her by Hang Ten

girlfriend wears this. Its not bad, a little more unisex then I like on a woman. lasts long though
26th December, 2005

cK one Scene by Calvin Klein

Smells very feminine and vanillaish. Not a fan. But if you can pull if off, just dont go overbord
23rd December, 2005

Obsession Night for Men by Calvin Klein

nice, somewhat feminine. Great if you can pull it off. Many of my friends who are girls love this on guys. Ive tried it, but it does not last
23rd December, 2005

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Not a fan, smeels like everything else out there. Try looking for something better
23rd December, 2005

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Smells like spicy wood. Last a long time.
23rd December, 2005

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Ill give it a thumbs up. Its a good bet for someone unsure of what to buy
23rd December, 2005
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Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Love this stuff! If you dont want to smell fruity or like a female, then this is the way to go! Only problem is it tends to have a hit of soap after a few hours
23rd December, 2005