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    F pour Homme Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

    You can tell the provenance - the powder and orange from F are here, but there's tonka, a bit of booze, and black pepper. At first smell, I thought it was a wonderful tweaking of F - still fresh, but rounder and a little sweet. As it progressed, though, it became much too heavy and cloying for my taste and lost what I thought was distinctive about F.

    20th February, 2010


    Dior Homme by Christian Dior

    A sleek stainless steel kitchen, gleaming from a thorough cleaning. On the counter sits a bowl of cookie dough and a vase with tiny white flowers. A beam of sunlight comes through the window, warming the room.

    16th February, 2010


    360 Degrees Blue for Men by Perry Ellis

    Reminded me of Cool Water mixed with a sharp soapy accord - but not in a good way. This fragrance seemed to get stronger as it developed. After thirty minutes and a developing headache, I had to scrub it off. Sillage is great, but it's harsh and synthetic.

    15th February, 2010


    Oxygène Homme by Lanvin

    A mild, slightly sweet aquatic mixed with hamster cage cedar chips. The synthetic cedar overwhelms everything else and borders on being harsh. Bleh.

    17th March, 2009


    Usher for Men by Usher

    I find this to be similar to SMW, but without the odd ink note. It’s not bad for what it is – a restrained fruity aquatic – but it’s been done before.

    06th March, 2009


    1818# by Brooks Brothers

    For the first thirty minutes or so, this is a potent, boozy, room-filling sillage monster - don’t use this before taking a breathalyzer test! When the booze burns off, a spicy and floral vanilla is left. It’s nice and certainly classy, but it may be too quiet. Plus, you have to sit through the massive, headache-inducing opening.

    15th December, 2008


    Sergio Tacchini by Sergio Tacchini

    Fresh, minty, and with a bit of citrus, but anchored by strong, soapy woods, a touch of incense - and is that a hint of earthy vetiver I smell in the base? This could have been a very heavy and dark scent, but, as others have noted, it strikes a remarkable balance with the mint and citrus, which keeps the scent fresh and provides a coolness to contrast with the warmth of the woods. Worth noting is that this is a somewhat linear fragrance in that, instead of drying down, the various notes continue to play off each other for the life of the scent.

    For comparison, it reminds me of Timbuktu - both are sharp, dry, woody and soapy. ST doesn’t have the floral and spice notes, though, and is fresher and lighter, though no less concentrated.

    Sillage is decent, and it lasts forever – two sprays to the chest and you’ll get wafts of it all throughout the day and even the next morning.

    16th September, 2008


    Everlast Original 1910 by Everlast

    Wow - I'm shocked by the positive reviews. This smells like fruit cocktail that has started to ferment, mixed with dish-washing detergent. I don't like the fruit at all, and it's even weirder mixed with the soap. This is one of the few that I've tried that I can't imagine a situation in which I would ever want to wear it.

    02nd September, 2008


    Number 3 / Le 3me Homme / The Third Man by Caron

    Classy and distinguished, yet suggestive and almost rugged. There’s lavender, spice and vanilla, but also an undertone of something funky and dirty that makes it captivating. From two feet away it says, “I am a gentleman.” From two inches away it says, with a wink and a low voice, “I am most certainly not a gentleman.” The warm, floral cousin of Eau Savage. Wear with a tuxedo and one eyebrow salaciously raised.

    23rd August, 2008


    Weekend for Men by Burberry

    Take cKone, tone down the citrus a bit (so it's not quite as neon), add a dash of fresh soap and tea (perhaps that's the ivy) and a hint of honey to balance the soap. Very nice stuff - good for casual or work. It's a shame it doesn't last three hours, though, hence the neutral rating.

    11th August, 2008


    Silver Mountain Water by Creed

    Odd notes of ink and tarnished silver cascade across a breeze of weak tea and faint blackcurrants. A light scent with little longevity.

    08th August, 2008


    Touch for Men by Burberry

    All I can smell is the harsh violet which overpowers everything else (though, in fairness, this happens to me with other violet scents, like Grey Flannel). There is a coolness to it, much like Vicks Vapo-rub, but it always gives me a headache. This stuff doesn't have longevity and sillage, it has a half-life and a fall-out zone. We're talking 24 hours or more. Go easy on it.

    Why the neutral review? I received some good compliments on it. If violet doesn't overpower your nose, you will probably like this.

    08th July, 2008


    Corduroy by Zirh

    Warming, inviting spices (mainly cinnamon, with vanilla and nutmeg) with citrus to lighten it up a bit. Think a spice cake made with lemon and orange peels. Others have mentioned wood and lavender, but I don’t notice those notes. At first, I thought atrac was crazy mentioning CKOne, but there is a connection with the citrus. The juice isn't very strong - you may want to use a few extra spritzes - and it has little sillage.

    Corduroy is the perfect name for this fragrance. It’s too casual for the office, and it won’t get you noticed in a crowd (in part because of the sillage). It isn’t complicated or sexy. Like the fabric, though, it is comfortable, comforting, and easy to wear.

    04th April, 2008

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