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No. 74 Victorian Lime by Taylor of Old Bond Street

smells like the bottom of your aunts handbag - nowhere near as light or pleasant as Royal Yacht. Cloying.
03rd August, 2005

Sandalwood by Crabtree & Evelyn

Now I have not often been a friend of C&E fragrances - although I hve often shopped for other very good items at C&E - but this Xmas past I received a bottle of Sandalwood Cologne which I really like. It lasts all day, is subtle and soothing. It gets my thumbs up.
03rd January, 2005

Eucris by Geo F Trumper

Mentioned in "Diamonds are Forever", this is James Bond's fragrance.
24th December, 2004
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Sandalwood by Taylor of Old Bond Street

it smells like a whore's hankie. No 74 is just as vile.
15th December, 2004

Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

I was once given a bottle of Photo by Lagerfeld and chucked it. It smelled synthetic and sweet - the sort of things you would find in the supermarket. I would never have work a Lagerfeld until I found this warm, spicy fragrance which reminds me of Pashana - and therefore of the masculine smell of the barber's shop.
20th October, 2004

Sir Irisch Moos by Sir

I find that this smells very much like Givenchy Gentleman
04th October, 2004

No. 74 Original by Taylor of Old Bond Street

I'm with Peter and have to give a thumbs down. It smells like a whore's handbag. I wore it for three hours trying to give it a chance. It's disgusting. Unfortunately I can't find any other word for it. I would love to know what is in it.
11th September, 2004

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

I love this fragrance and use it often when I want to feel instantly cool, clean, and fresh.
My grandmother had a bottle with a little roller ball applicator in the top. I had to good fortune to purchase mine at the 4711 premises.
11th September, 2004

No Debate by Body Shop

This was one of the very first fragrances I used. I must have been about 18 when I first bought No Debate. It seemed to suit me really well - and then one day it was gone. Full markto Body Shop for creating, but what a bad show at letting it be discintinued.
08th September, 2004

Eau de Cologne Vetyver by Roger & Gallet

I have a bottle of this at home, and unless I am quite wrong it is still available in department stores across London and smaller chemists.
I would suggest that it is more unisex that strictly feminine
06th September, 2004

Blue Stratos by Parfums Bleu

I remember seeing this in my Dad's bedroom when I was a boy. It was launched two years before I was born. I can't ever remember smelling it, but the bottle and logo are unforgettable.
05th September, 2004

L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain

I'm not an expert but when I purchased this for my mother I was looking for something that evoked an idea of maternity. This perfume was to me evocative of sunshine,soap, and a mother's caress. It would not suit the flippant woman, or one given to sarcasm, it is not a frivolous fragrance, but it's not a chintzy over the top perfume either.
I think the main notes are citrus magnolia and amber
05th September, 2004