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Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Pineapple upside=down cake. I wouldn't wear it to smell sexy, but I DO like it.l
04th August, 2008

Desert Flower by Shulton

Horrible story about this scent.

When I was a 14-tear ofd girl, I wore this, sometimes. It always smelled pretty and pleasant to my unsophisticated, child nose.

Then, one day, it turned on me, when I was playing volleyball with friends. I don't know if it was because I was in my period, or because I had been exercising heavily. But, think: sweetish, rotting, fruit amid assorted garbage, ripening under an August sun.

I had to go home and take a shower.
04th August, 2008

Molinard de Molinard by Molinard

Woody floral with a fresh green note. Very feminine-- one of the few woody florals that I can wear. Very elegant and classy. Leaves a lovely wake.

I used to wear this to flamenco dance classes, back when I was a bellydancer in night club shows. Another dancer asked me what the dazzling scent was, every time I wore it. Every, Single, Time.
04th August, 2008
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Joy by Jean Patou

On me, Joy smells like a dewy, fresh, early spring day, where I was raised, in the Midwest. For about fifteen minutes, until it vanishes, anyway. I find it extremely romantic, and lush, in an old-fashioned, high-fashion way.

Because it reminds me of spring in my childhood state, it always inspired me with a pleasant and joyous feeling of nostalgia. I finally found out that it contains a strong note of lily-of-the-valley. That would explain it.:-)

That being said, I love the way it smells-- beautiful and old-style glamorous. But, I cannot wear it. I wear Orientals well. Soli or floral bouquets just disappear. (sigh)

Thumps up, for women who can wear it.
04th August, 2008

White Shoulders by Elizabeth Arden

I have no experience with the original version. But, this latest is eau de grandma's closet. It turns on some people, too.

For some odd reason, a couple of people have made me presents of this. I don't wear it. I have also been told it smells similar to Joy. It doesn't.
04th August, 2008

Rare Gold by Avon

All my best notes: honey, amber, vanilla, musk, orange blossom. I can't wear many Avons, but I DO like this one.
04th August, 2008

Ariane by Avon

On me, eau de grandma's closet.
04th August, 2008

Sahara by Madini

This is a richly complex, vanillic Oriental in the style of some of the great "movie queen" fragrances of the 1930s. I don't see this as a masculine fragrance, at all. Garbo would wear this. I could smell it on Harlow. Bergman would wear this, as she mounted the gangplank of an ocean liner, her face shaded by veiled sun hat. Sahara is one of Mr. Madini's "old-fashioned" blends (read: drop dead glamorous) that scream "sophisticated woman."

03rd August, 2008

Olive Flowers by Madini

On me, this is either a slightly smokier Shalimar, or a sister of Vol de Nuit! Citrus top note, with a sexy amber-vanilla-incense drydown. Very sophisticated, tons of "presence." AND lasts a LOT longer, at least on me, than Shalimar. Like some other Madini fragrances, scent has a complexity that reminds me of the great perfumes of the 1930s.
03rd August, 2008

Musk Gazelle by Madini

Youth Dew's subtler, more sophisticated, but slightly younger sister. Youth Dew has always held a bit of an "old lady" feel for me. That is not the case with Musk Gazelle.
03rd August, 2008

Alma de Alma by Madini

This fragrance will put a definate switch in your hips! Even in scrubs and no makeup, I feel like a beauty, with drop on a pulse point, or two. This is serious night out on the town, or alone with a lover stuff. Gorgeous! It's an intensely sexy, smooth vanillic amber, with just a shade of a citrus that I can't quite identify. Just enough to round out the fragrance, and add dimension. No enough to say, "Oh, it's lemon"-- IF that's what it is! All of this over a barely-there undertone of skin musk and the slightest touch of-- swear to God!-- civet. Now, I can't wear civet. My skin amplifies it nastily. But, THIS note of THIS civet is subtle and slightly disturbing. Very adult, very mysterious. If Madindi discontinues this, I may jump off a bridge, It is a necessity.
01st August, 2008

Jack by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Jack! ACK!

This scent seems to have quite a few fans, among BPAL addicts. On me, it's butter. Period. And, NOT n a good way. It's nausea-inducing, appetite-killing butter.
13th May, 2008

Brisingamen by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This is sex in a bottle! On me it's warm layers and layers and layers of unfolding amber, like a flower blowing. This, Snake Oil, and O are the sexiest, most alluring and attractive scents, IMVHO, in the entire BPAL catalogue.
13th May, 2008
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Ambargris by Madini

I wasn't impressed, at application. It seemed both too sweet and harshly medicinal. But, HOLEY-MOLEY! This is either the Holy Grail, or close to it!

Imagine sitting next to a camp fire, at the beach. The night is chilly, but the fire is warm. You've scented yourself with amber, under your warm sweater. Meanwhile, your sweater has soaked up the comforting fragrance of the wood smoke and glowing embers.

THAT'S what Madini Ambergris smells like! Delicious wood smoke over smooth and sensuous amber.

I had had a bottle that I hadn't touched. I finally tried it, yesterday. A couple of hours later, I ordered a big bottle-- n the catastrophic event that this might ever be discontinued. No WONDER this is A best seller!

Those who have no experience with Madini need to be careful of deciding "yea" or "nay" on early unfoldment. Madini fragrances tend to open slowly, and become more and more beautiful over a slightly longer time than most. Sillage and last are superior. And, it only taks a drop!
13th May, 2008

Musk Pierre by Madini

Light, clean musk with a strong caramel note. YUM! Apply with care. Sillage and last ar superior.
12th May, 2008