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Reviews by jaguaroadster

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Tome I - La Pureté for Him by Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is the new fashionable marky name for "the every Parisian people" which respects itself. A rock'n'roll brand for rebels wannabies.
So, I was curious to give a nose to their new masculine juice called "Tome I, La Pureté for him" : It smells not bad but here we just have another boring "clean" fragrance to be classified among Gendarme and Dlish products.
Casual, inoffensive, smells just like white linen out of the washing machine.
I'm a bit disappointed 'cause I was expecting something more eccentric and charismatic from Zadig & Voltaire.
06th July, 2014

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Venetta is an old Italian house founded in 1966. It began to make and develop their own technique of plaiting the leather : "The intrecciato" still established as the signature of the brand. In 2001, Gucci acquired the company. Bottega Veneta Eau de Toilette pour Homme is inspired by his clothing factories where are assembled leathers and materials of high quality.
It is a very hot fragrance : I can perfectly imagine some man, especially Mediterranean type, blue eyes, skin matte, to wear this smell which leaves in its sillage : spices, leather and conifer.
However the longevity of this perfume is not extraordinary ( 2 hours on my skin )
Bottega Veneta pour Homme is certainly an interesting eau de toilette, far from "sweet" or "aquatic-ozonic" boring current masculine eau de toilette standards but Not really my kind of fragrance which I would put personally but which deserves that we pay attention.
06th June, 2014 (last edited: 05th July, 2014)

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

My last Green Irish Tweed bottle was empty and I decided to buy another one at the Creed boutique in Paris, 38 avenue Pierre-1er-de-Serbie. At store, I had noticed a lovely white bottle of Silver Mountain Water. Curious, I decided to give a try on a test card and then gently sprayed on my wrist.
I can't believe this is Olivier Creed's proud creation !
Smells like a "pure ivory soap" mixed with a weird "aqua-metallic accord".
Slght sweet ozonic...not my cup of tea !
Honestly I was disappointed, I didn't enjoy it ! I did expect to something better after reading many compliments, many good reviews about SMW on Bn. No, there's nothing interesting, just another boring "clean" fragrance (Azzaro Chrome, 212...) ! I find it very floral, very feminine to my nose. Described as unisex scent but I consider rather as a woman fragrance. I couldn't imagine some virile, masculine gender wearing that...or it could be suspect !
SMW is an overrated and stupid fragrance ! Definitely TRY BEFORE BUY !
Finally I go back home with my new GIT and...a headache !
27th February, 2012 (last edited: 28th February, 2012)
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Millésime Impérial by Creed

Another gem from the Creed House collection ! Millesime Imperial is a crisp and sweet gorgeous scent : Agrumes, fresh watermelon, salty water from the ocean and floral note are poured with love in this golden bottle. And I could imagine famous golden boy, Gordon Gekko's Wall Street movie wearing that, walking on the beach at six o'clock a.m in Southampton, Long Island, cell phone in his hand and wisely saying to young Bud Fox : "C'mon buddy, money never sleeps !" As I mentioned before : It smells like money and power. Definitively a must have in your wardrobe. Thumbs Up !

15th December, 2011

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

A kind of magic personified in three words : Green Irish Tweed.
Not originally created by Merlin the Wizard himself right from his secret book of magic spells but rather by another legendary magician in perfume industry Monsieur Pierre Bourdon.
Basenotes reviewers, fragrance lovers, connoisseurs, Epicureans…Everyone knows this masterpiece.
Work of art, sober and easily recognizabled by its beautiful and mysterious black matte flask, it reminds me Led Zeppelin's album cover "Presence" where a family is watching a strange object, centre of attention on a table : Bottle could be the same 'thing' with the same attraction. Indeed, GIT means presence, elegance, charisma and that's why I'm not astonished to see how many famous people own it : Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan or Robert Redford, Hollywood's finest cream.
Because the "juice" itself is magnificient, brillant, clean, versatile, never aggressive, subtly measured. The essence of masculinity, an unforgettable scent for every place, every moment.

Opening starts gently with a fresh verbana and a hint of lemon. Follow then a middle note of violet infused with a sandalwood base. Green herbs, floral, slightly sweet…Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself walking on an emerald garden with a breeze from the ocean surrounding.
Obviously, some reviewers have mentioned similar notes with Davidoff's Cool Water. I agree with them but difference with GIT is that drydown is the real signature, using the magic touch of ambregris. The chemical body reaction takes place and then Heaven and Mother Earth are reunited together for a ride through the stars. Feels so cool, confident as if I was protected by the scent. Good longevity too, it lasts roughly four hours on my skin. Expect many compliments, especially from ladies. So, Green Irish Tweed is my favorite and IMO probably one of the best masculine perfume ever. A real gentleman fragrance. A timeless classic. Often imitated but never equaled. Nothing more to say...
05th November, 2011 (last edited: 06th November, 2011)

My Man by Fresh Scents by Terri

A few words to describe "My Man Fresh Scents by Terri": Simple but efficient ! I remember to have contacted Mrs Terri Weitzman ( a charming and very talented woman in perfume industry ) to order this fragrance a couple years ago.
And I must say I don't regret it ! Okay maybe this is another citrus fragrance but Bergamot and Musk are nicely distilled in there ! "My Man" is a subtle fragrance, probably more unisex than masculine. You feel sexy and confident, just like a cool cherish on your skin. Ladies love it ! Longevity is good and drydown is especially AWESOME ! A nice curiosity. Too bad it's discontinued !
14th August, 2010

Clean Men by Clean

I was expecting more with CLEAN MEN by Dlish. But finally I'm very disappointed. There's nothing extraordinary with it. First spray, citrus, grapefruit, lime start very strong, aggressive to my nose. It smells very artificial, sort of bubble gum and soap mixed together and i don't like it !
It reminds me some detergent odors you can find in some "discount stores" ( probably the use of the Patchouli smells ).
Drydown is not bad but this is not enough for me! If you want to feel "CLEAN", take a shower rather with an "almond" soap for example ! Sure you'll get a better result for less money than that "overpriced" soapy fragrance !
12th June, 2009

Good Life by Davidoff

It reminds me a walk in a garden facing the Mediterranean Sea during a sunny afternoon. Certainly with the use of the fig tree leaf, very proeminent in Greece, Italy and south of France. I can also feel the scent of the geranium, lentisc and lavender with a light breeze from the sea. This is a very green, clean, fresh, tonic and fuzzy fragrance without being too much loud and aggressive to the nose. After a while, the drydown turns sweet on the skin and gives you this feeling to feel...good. This is definately not an extraordinary fragrance but this is perfect for sport activities where you can find some grass and cool attitude ( Golf, Polo, Cricket... ).
11th June, 2009

Cool Water by Davidoff

Honestly, my passion for perfumes started with "Davidoff Cool Water". I discovered it when I was at College in 1993 and it was my very first time fragrance. I remember every classmates stopped me and asked me what I was wearing. Freshness and mystery are the right words to describe Cool Water. There was like a somekind of magic from his charming blue electric bottle: first spray and suddenly you feel confident, attractive and everybody around you feel it. Actually I could compare it to Green Irish Tweed's Creed, but I find GIT more interesting than Cool Water especially about the aromatic opening and drydown. Problem is GIT isn't very cheap ! Definately a classic one but now I think Cool Water is perfect for young men. A nostalgic thumps up !

11th June, 2009