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Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

An overbearing SA at David Jones sprayed this on me when my friend and I were borwsing the store. We both were horrified by its strong, sickly scent, and my friend demanded that I keep away from her until I got to a bathroom to scrub it off. Even then it remained on my wrist, giving me a headache by the end of the day. A completely overpowering perfume, that along with Thierry Mugler's Alien is the only one to truly repulse me.
08th January, 2008

Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

One of the first perfumes I ever purchased at the age of 17. I absolutely loved wearing it everywhere, it has a great spicy, sexy scent that is incredibly strong. This is definitely one that needs to be sprayed sparingly, as too much has other's smelling you from far away. And that's NOT a good thing.
It's an incredibly intense scent, and needs to be worn for the right occasion. I would never use Red for day-to-day wear. Sadly, I had a bad experience with Red and have hardly worn it since. After a big night, I came in to work with a nasty hangover, and was wearing my beloved Red at the time. The strong smell made be feel ill the entire day, as I just could not stop smelling it. It still remains on my shelf with the other perfumes, but only comes out when the occasion for a strong, spicy perfume arises.
27th December, 2007