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L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

WOW! All these negative comments! But I really like it, this is so different from anything I've ever smelled on my DH and he's got a nice fragrance wardrobe with quite a variety too. There is something in the drydown that reminds me of yummy bubblegum - but wait that is a good thing too. This is just very different for a designer scent, something like this I'd expect from L'Artisan so that's a great thing!
14th February, 2007

La Perla by La Perla

This is in the same kind of sexy category that one would find Agent Provocateur in. I cannot believe how dramatic and passionate this fragrance is. I also cannot believe that I've been missing out on it for this long! La Perla is most definitely bottle worthy. This is a fragrance perfect for all those special occasions/evenings out when you’re dressed up and looking like a sex-goddess – also perfect for opera and ballet, for fine-dining, and those very ‘special dates’ - very much femme fatale! La Perla is undeniably feminine in a smoldering, assertive way – she’s not an easy pray – she is the huntress.
31st January, 2007

Jasmin de Nuit by The Different Company

My new favorite for the season for sure!!!! Jasmin de Nuit blooms on my skin with a vibrant and very extravagantly rich Egyptian jasmine infused with just a tiny bit of bergamot. ‘Right of the bat’, I sense the tiniest wink of anise peeking through the wholes of this intricately woven artwork and yet just as suddenly it is gone… Hidden, tucked away, but perhaps its reappearance will surprise me again if I catch it unexpectedly peeking thought this fine composition of Egyptian jasmine, bergamot, black currant, star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood, musk and amber… The opening is my favorite stage where Egyptian jasmine is the queen of that ball; this is quite usually the case with a lot of fragrances for me… (of course this is also what drives me to apply and reapply but unfortunately one cannot do that always, especially with heady and intense fragrances…) Then, as it starts to dry down, I detect more of the blackcurrant, sandalwood and amber on my skin lightly caressing each other and permeating through to the surface of this magic spell… Spices are settling down at this point and jasmine is smiling in the background as if to say “I’ve had my ‘starlight’ moment long enough I’ll let others shine for a bit.” Jasmin de Nuit is more than bottle worthy, it’s worth purchasing and repurchasing again and again… I can’t even imagine not having this Queen of Jasmine in my fragrance collection.
02nd January, 2007
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Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

I really think that, although this fragrance is my venture into something different and new to me as I've always preferred spicy oriental or oriental vanillas: Gold is just stunning! I's very creamy and lush, it's rich and glorious. On it's own it creates an aura of sophisticated sex-appeal. I could even see a bride waring something like this on her special day... At the same time I know that I'm not a ONE scent girl and even if I was this would never satisfy my intense craving for dark and spicy fragrances... This could layer phenomenally with Black Cashmere however, to give it more dimensions and would most certainly make Black Cashmere more wearable for me on more frequent basis..
02nd January, 2007

Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Guerlain always delivers as far as I'm concerned:

Sweet & romantic, deliciously sprawled on a bed of candied violets, attractive, youthful at any age, classy in a very contemporary way... She is beautiful & sophisticated, friendly & approachable... but honestly, insolent she's not; and that's okay with me.
02nd January, 2007

Coquette Tropique by Monyette Paris

This was the most delightful surprise. A wonderful swapper sent me this and Coquette Tropique won my heart in a heartbeat. Creamy, delicious, and adorable. Coquette Tropique is all that and more. I think it would be perfect for a summer vacation to an exotic spot, somewhere by the ocean with sea-breeze tangling my hair and sun browning my skin. This will be THE SCENT I'll bring to our next tropical vacation.
02nd January, 2007

Armani Privé Cuir Améthyste by Giorgio Armani

I've sampled Privé Cuir Améthyste by Giorgio Armani and it's like we're not even talking about the same fragrance here; me and the previous reviewer Paschat. Paschat noticed a citrus opening, 'extremely overpowering', while to me Cuir Améthyste opening was a blast of pure creaminess, at once so unforgettable, and so delicious. Huge violets - again imagine Willy Wonka's garden here and the violet blossoms you would possibly find there... smothered in leathery creaminess... some incense and creamy streams of pure vanilla and powederiness... On my skin Cuir Améthyste lasted for hours and hours and as I was falling in love with it, my wallet let out a yelp knowing full well what was to come ;)
02nd January, 2007

Allure Sensuelle by Chanel

Allure Sensuelle is just that: Alluring and Sensual. From the moment I tested it I instantly knew that this was something I would enjoy for a long time, there’s not much of a guessing game with this one, you’ll either love it or you won’t. My DH loves it. My sister loves it. My co-workers love it. At the grocery store I get complimented on this fragrance, at the mall and at my hair-salon. Ok, so I think we’ve got a winner here, well, at least for me she is. I love the way it wraps around you, like a soft caressing shawl she stays close and warms you with her sweet breath. Allure Sensuelle has phenomenal staying power, fantastic sillage and makes me feel amazing whenever I have it on.
02nd January, 2007

MV2 by M.A.C

MV2 indeed is a yummy delightful scent; honey drizzled, warm and delicious. It feels like second skin, deliciously leaving behind me a sillage of sweet delight. It slightly reminds me of Pink Sugar but I find it more wearable, not as intense, not so much as cake-like. MV2 is something I would wear anytime, right for any occasion. This stuff just cannot be wrong. I love it.
02nd January, 2007

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

I say that I would repurchase this, but I am not 100% sure that I would ever run out of it... if I do, I will be getting it again! I have FlowerbyKenzo, Bvlgari pour Femme and Lipstick Rose and they all satisfy the same craving for sugared violets. Now FLowerbyKenzo is the one I go to when I want something very gilry and pretty, youthful and soft. I know that I can wear this to the office without worrying I would offend anyone. It is slightly powdery and sweet on my skin and remains fresh for the duration. Not a baby-powder scent at all, I cannot stand the actual baby-powder scent, this in fact is very different kind of powdery - very lovely. I prefer to wear this during cooler months, especially love it in autumn. Of course I too would agree with others who say that this is one you should try on before buying blind...
02nd January, 2007

Champs-Elysées Too Much by Guerlain

I wore Champs Elysées, the original, about 10 years ago as one of my weekly rotation scents; this was back in the day when I owned only about 10 bottles of perfume. But I have to say that I've never received that many complements on any of my fragrances except maybe Samsara and Sun by Jil Sander at the time. Champs Elysées is so beautiful and passionate... I wore it for many years, then when 'Too Much Champs Elysées' came out I got a bottle of it instead of the original when I ran out, and for some reason the complements ceased to roll in. Even though I thought that Too Much was ‘identical’ to my original, (what did I know back then LOL), there was something missing and little by little, I almost forgot about my Champs Elysées original altogether. I also stopped wearing Too Much as well. It sort of got left behind. A little while ago I found the almost full bottle of Too Much and I remembered how much I loved and enjoyed the original Champs Elysées. Since then I’ve repurchased the original and I will not look back. I guess that Too Much just didn't work for me.
02nd January, 2007

Sensi by Giorgio Armani

This is a wonderful "Play-Doh" type scent that creamy and long-lasting. It slightly reminds me of Dior Addict but with less floral notes and more of that almondy something that caresses your skin and makes my hubby chase after me ;).
02nd January, 2007

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I love this fragrance! It just melts on my skin the way chocolate truffles melt in my mouth. It's fabulously delicious and very much reminds me of the way Nutella smells from the jar. The original hazelnut spread with a chocolaty taste by Ferrero. Makes me feel like a kid at a carnival. EDIT 11-27-06: this is more as an aside but I had to comment: This fragrance lasts and lasts. It's funny, I felt compelled to reapply a million times through the day, but the whole room smelled like me. This is not one of those scents makes your skin smell intensely of the fragrance you applied, but literally the whole room will smell it.
02nd January, 2007
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Adrienne Vittadini by Adrienne Vittadini

This is a cottony warm fragrance, that I've grown to have more respect for over the past year. It does have some slight similarity to Shalimar Light and I really enjoy that.
02nd January, 2007

Alien by Thierry Mugler

It's really funny how many people dislike Alien... maybe it's the name, or just expectations that it should smell similar to Angel... After all, 'Angel' is such a better name!!!! Only, personally, I did not like Angel, (the scent that is, I love the name), all that much and actually do indeed LOVE ALIEN (the scent itself, not so much the name LOL)!!! I also really like the bottle, love the intense 'amethyst-hued glass' color and as someone said in her review it is slightly reminiscent of the aliens from "The Fifth Element" :) The scent itself as well it fantastic, although I've been told that it does not always smell 'exactly' the same on me... Some days it smells more floral: Sambac Jasmine... but, if I wear it for a few days in a row, (which I rarely do with any of my fragrances - although I've done it with this one), then it becomes a bit spicier on my skin, I guess more ME... somehow it blends with my skin and my personality and just becomes more me as well :) Alien like Angel is a truly high quality fragrance, with one of the best lasting-power I've encountered in a perfume... I always get a compliment when I wear this, perhaps that's why I've worn it more then a few days in a row... So yes I would most definitely repurchase this one :)Alien is created by one of my favorite 'NOSES' Dominique ROPION who also worked on Alexander McQueen's MyQueen, Amor Amor for Cacharel, Calvin Klein Euphoria, and was a sole creator of Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower (I adore)!, as well as Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania and one of my all time faves Caron's Aimez Moi in 1996!
15th August, 2006

In Love Again by Yves Saint Laurent

I was all set to try this and had already decided that it would be something similar to Baby Doll... (I love Baby Doll so I of course would love IN LOVE AGAIN)... after all the notes listed looked somewhat similar... Notes for In Love Again are: Top notes include grapes, grapefruit, brimbelle. Heart notes include tulip tree, grapefruit, water lily. Base notes include blackberry, sandalwood, musk. ... so why then when I smell In Love Again do I smell peach and only and mostly peach? I don't smell any of the grape, or blackberry or even bilberry... Literally all I get is peach and more peach... and even if I was in love with this peach, which I am not, it just did not live too long! (Really I don't hate peach, in fact I do love it in other fragrances... like Deep Night, Valentino classique, Deci Dela, Mauboussin, Mitsouko, Champs Elysées, Hervé Léger even Allure and Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Parfum ... I mean when peach is blended with spicy oils and incense and smoky ingredients it comes to life in a whole new light... ) But to make matters only worse this does not even linger on for long... Even if you enjoyed this scent to some extent when first applied, and hope that something else would come up right after the peach dies down... a huge disappointment happens when within 15 minutes all of the scent somehow fades away and all that's left behind is a skinny ghost of a weeping peach... The bottle looks really cheap too!
22nd June, 2006

Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

Well if this is one of those fragrances that either works for you or doesn't... then Le Baiser du Dragon is my perfect-perfume-match made in heaven! I have to admit that I love rich, sensuous, seductive and haunting fragrances... fragrances like Samsara, Dior Addict, Hypnotic Poison, Prada and Mauboussin. Le Baiser du Dragon to me is in the same category with those kinds of fragrances. It's rich and seductively dreamy. It's passionate and haunting at the same time... It even slightly reminds me of something that Serge Lutens would have in his collection of bold, rich and seductive perfumes ... Le Baiser du Dragon is creamy and very intriguing in it's complexity of magical notes that flow so well together. For me it's that creamy richness with which this dragon entices that's the winning aspect of it's seductively passionate character... When I wear this fragrance I really feel like a woman...
20th June, 2006

Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

I have looked so forward to trying this fragrances... especially after having heard so much about it and read all these rave review :) The funny thing is that on my first try I was even disappointed in it... Something about it was a let down; (that's what happens when I set myself up for something specific and then if it's even remotely off the target I feel cheated)... My husband loved it right away... I sprayed some on before bed the first day I got it, and his face instantly lit up like a little boy... all he could say was: "PETTIT BEURRE"!!!! Ohh you smell so good I could eat you!!!! You smell just like "PETTIT BEURRE"!!!! Well that made me laugh but it did not make me feel like this would be one of my snazzy complex fragrance I would wear and feel really sexy wearing... But I did wear it a couple of times on the weekends (for my DH) and enjoyed it well enough... This morning however, (it's pretty warm and sunny outside), I decided to spray some on before work... I walked to my office in the sun and all of a sudden I could smell sweet incense... sun warming my skin and Butterfly caressing me and flying into my hair... playing on my face :) I remembered instantly a vacation in Tunis when I was a little girl... Walking through the market... warm sun on my bare skin... light breeze in my hair playing with it... and sweet, sweet smell of spices and incense lingering in the air... I don't smell spices in Butterfly, but there is something, a lightest touch of incense there that shows up when your outside in the sun... That was what prompted this review and what will most likely have me wearing this wonderful fragrance thought the summer and having my buy bottle upon bottle again and again... (this review is for EDT... I do agree that it's fleeting and not very "strong" but that was what I actually enjoy about this particular fragrance... that almost far-away sense of fragrant air... elusive almost like it's hiding... but you know that it's everywhere around you).

16th June, 2006

Apparition by Ungaro

(Inhales deep at the wrist) :) Well that was a good way to begin I think.... To my nose Apparition is a magical, fairy-tale like, fragrance that blends well with my natural skin smell... It reminds me of being in a Butterfly Conservatory and watching all the colorful butterflies all over the place fluttering their wings here and there and everywhere. Colorful bowls of freshly cut fruit placed randomly all over the garden... tropical misty air full of wonderful aromas mixing flowers and fruits together... Knitting fairy-tale and reality into one... Apparition is a very feminine, charming and sensual fragrance....and to my nose quite unforgettable. The tops notes of raspberry liqueur, so creamy and smooth, and sweet with a bigtime yum-factor, mingling with cayenne pepper to create a very energetic and almost thrilling atmosphere -the exact reason why I think of butterflies when I spray this on. But then shortly into it my heart swoons at the first notes of rose and passion flower charming everyone around... my co-workers stop by my office to inhale deeply and walk away smiling... sometimes they say nothing, just smile on their way, as if they were able to take away with them a little piece of that special, magical fairy-tale feeling... But as much as I adore the opening with the cheerful, unpredictable butterflies and heart notes with sexy, tiny fairies in yellow, pink and blue dresses, the base notes are just spectacular! Deep and mysterious with the marriage of seductive almondy heliotrope princess dressed in a gossamer white dress with silver shoes and raven hair, and depth and richness of patchouli, dressed like a groom for their wedding day... I would definitely repurchase Apparition again...
15th June, 2006

Just Cavalli Her by Roberto Cavalli

Sadly I have to start this review with the fact that this phenomenal fragrance has ALREADY been discontinued!!!! Now, I just don't get it... Gloria, Escada Collections and Just Cavalli are all superb fragrances... addictive and beautiful... prefect for any occasion and time of the year... they are just light enough to be worn in spring and summer and just cozy enough to make you feel snuggly in frosty winter... I love Just Cavalli! I love the way it makes me feel... I'm all big smiles while I drive to work in the mornings when I wear it... like there is no care in the world, like I'm off to the beach instead of the office... I really do not detect anything spicy when I wear it... cinnamon is very quite; while musk, vanilla, apricot and jasmine play on my skin... on me it wears very smooth and creamy... I would give it 10 stars if I could... and would gladly repurchase it over and over again... in fact I have and I will, as long as I can get my hands on a bottle ;)
15th June, 2006

Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens

When I wear this beauty I see big, NO HUGE... wax blossoms...mmm something out of the garden of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory... oozing with sumptuous fragrance...oozing like honey, dripping like the creamiest of ice-creams... melting into my skin...blending until they are only ONE... velvety fields of floral delight... tuberose blossoms as big as dinner plates and jasmine scented creamsicles... orangy color lifting all worry and sadness of the world and coloring the whole world in orange delight and 'orange smiles'!!!! I love the creaminess in this fragrance, love the way it lingers and caresses you with delicate fingertips and soft whispers in your hair... This is the fragrance of joy and delight and calm and love and all that is smiles and heart bursting with happiness...
27th April, 2006

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

So here I am wearing this for the first time and suddenly I feel like I should be in a harem, one of many of maharajas women... eating exotic fruit... listening to beautiful, longing music, warm night air brushing my long black curls of my face. LOL I know that may sound bad, but that is the first thing that came to my mind when I smelled it on myself. I really like this, even though I have to be honest that this would not be something I would wear often enough to grant a purchase of a full bottle. I’ll stick with my sample for now and when I run out I’ll probably buy another one :) ADDITIONAL NOTE: This somewhat reminds me of Black Cashmere by Donna Karen
27th April, 2006

Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood

With a name like Anglomania you'd expect a young, funky, high-spirited fragrance... One that would grab any man by his shirt collar pull him seductively close and kiss him deeply with ruby-red lips, the color of the bottle... But, Anglomania is far from that... she is more subdued on me, no not shy really, not hidden either, but not BOLD & ADVENTUROUS as I'd have hopped it would be. Just really subtle in a very sexy way... At first when you spray it, it's full of promise... promise to deliver just that... ADVENTURE & FUN! Something like a collision of Mars and Venus... Like the electricity that two bodies in love create while falling in love...LOUD!!!! Like a crack of thunder! But, after about 2 hours, (maybe not even that long), Anglomania (once full of promise), turns into a little cozy fluffy bunny! Yep a fluffy BUNNY! No kidding! It becomes all gentleness and softness and... OHhh wait! I think I'm starting to get the picture here... LOL as I'm writing this... wow what a perfect scent for a first date... You spray some of this on as you get out of the car to meet that special man... and while you may come off as BOLD and Ravishing in the beginning of the evening and you show your tigress-wild side to him, by the end of the evening you are a little bunny which he cannot help but want to love... Well maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part... but I can actually see how this could work LOL And while I may not have found my perfect CRAZY, wild, all out, scent I have found something far more interesting... hmmm perhaps a secret weapon even... on the other hand, I may just have found the right CRAZY, WILD fragrance that I can spray on when I go out with my fiance and have a great time out... but on the way home... he'll have only one thing on his mind ;)
24th March, 2006

Paul Smith London for Women by Paul Smith

The first time I sampled this ruby-red fragrance I was intoxicated by it's sexual charms and it's powerful bewitching appeal... So deep and sexy so alluring and inviting... I knew instantly that I had found the one... the most sexiest of the ruby-red fragrances made yet... There is something that is so provocative, so intriguing and so luscious about Paul Smith London that I just cannot resist it... and neither can the men in my presence when I wear it ;) Compliments just pour out... This is the BOMB!!! It's simply electrifying!!! It's creamy and lingers for a long, long, long time...

Here are the notes listed on
Top note : Lilac Leaves, Lime, Neroli, Anise
Middle note : Patchouli, Jasmine, Seringa
Base note : Green Woods, Vanilla, Heliotrope
23rd March, 2006

LouLou by Cacharel

Ahhh Lou Lou! Love the name, love the bottle, love the box it comes in... OHHH and do I ever love that luscious, sexy and magical scent of you! Lou Lou is like an elusive dream... it makes a very strong impression and yet it's so effervescent! So hard to comprehend or define, so exuberantly DIVAESQUE, so glamorous and so suggestively flamboyant!!! Lou Lou reminds me of something that Lili St. Cyr, the famous "Queen of Burlesque" would wear to entice ... I on the other hand feel like Bettie Page when I wear this ;) Mmmm just can't help myself but wave my curves suggesting flames with every step I take...
23rd March, 2006

Forever Krystle by Charles of the Ritz

Forever Krystle is sensational... it's a lasting fragrance that charms your senses and plays intrigue with your imagination... It's one of the first fragrances that made me feel grown-up, I was only about 15 and yet 15 years later it still makes me feel amazing and for that I will always have a very special place for it in my heart and on my nightstand... It's funny though how it reminds me of some of the new ones too, like Trouble by Boucheron.... I was sampling Trouble a while ago and loved it instantly, and although Trouble opens in a slightly different way the middle notes were the exact replica of my beloved Forever Krystle :)
09th March, 2006

Connexion by Lancôme

I love how different from other fragrances this one is (to me)... It's just enchanting!!! There is something soft and lingering about it that is perfect for those sensual moments... It's a fragrance like a meditation - it has a power to be still and a power to create, a power to dream and a power to invent! I just love the color of the bottle as well - it too reminds me of meditation. There is something magical about it in a very quiet, mystical way...
24th February, 2006

Metal Jeans Women by Versace

For some reason I find Metal Jeans to be a very nostalgic sort offragrance. I think it must be all the while flowers in it that bring about that feeling... White flowers, musk... something there that makes it almost a little sad... So, when my best friend's fathers passed away last year, she asked me to wear this - I guess it didn't really surprise me all that much... she said that the fragrance reminds her of him and somehow fits that setting... It made me feel a little strange but I think I understand where she was coming form on this one. Needless to say that I would never wear this around her again.
16th February, 2006

True Rose by Woods of Windsor

On its own this is nothing to write home about... Just another pink rose fragrance... but as an agent of layering this is spectacular!!! I love to add a little bit of this to Kingdom at times to brighten it up... I love Kingdom on its own but with this rose it's even suitable for the morning wear ;)

The combinations of the two brings about a very exotic but sweeter then without the rose Kingdom scent... It's mysterious and deep and very rich... absolutely yummy!
15th February, 2006

Amor Amor by Cacharel

WELL, WELL, WELL! Amor Amor like all Cacharels is bound to be yet another controversial fragrance. Aren't they all? Some of us will love it, (like me), and others will hate it and liken it to 'floor cleaners' as seen below!

To me however, Amor Amor is a happy, Passion-Kissed, fragrance like a burst of sunshine with lots or red berries and smiles, just oozing sex-appeal and magnetism. Amor Amor is one of my favorites and I do have many, but it somewhat does stand out with it's charming, whimsical attitude. It's carefree and 'impulsive', and exhilarating. You can't help but steal smiles everywhere you go when you wear Amor Amor!
26th January, 2006