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Ténéré by Paco Rabanne

An unusual spicy, smokey-floral scent with a unique character.
The original Paco Rabanne's signature base note is quite recognizable, but apparently Tenere was not satisfied with that.
Rather than to remain within the confines of its European heritage, it decided to head towards the African desert in order to mold the rest of its rebellious personality.
The aged-rose note gives it a barn-like smell which is slightly repulsive, yet strongly attractive at the same time.
While the top notes come-on fresh, it doesn't take long before Tenere shows its dark, introverted character.
Very unique. They don't make them like this anymore.
11th November, 2005

Herrera for Men Sensual Vetiver by Carolina Herrera

Simply Superb! Herrera seems to have accomplished the impossible by making a vetiver-based fragrance actually smell "sensual".
The "Sensual Vetiver" masterfully mixes the raw grassy scent of untamed vetiver with the sexy base signature scent of her earlier
fragrance named "Herrera for Men". The combination is simply breathtaking.
This is a very special vetiver-based fragrance; acquire it with vengeance!
19th October, 2005

Caesars Man by Caesars World

Has a lot of similarities to Drakkar Noir.
19th October, 2005
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Sybaris by Antonio Puig

Excellence from Spain!
Sybaris is a traditional, sweet, and cuddly scent suitable for romantic occasions.
If you like fragrances like Guerlain Heritage, Patou Prive, or Hermes Equipage, then you'll most likely have a great experience with Sybaris.
It's a scent which is perhaps more appropriate for gentlemen in their late 30's.
Remember to apply sparingly: it's quite potent. A true classic from Spain.
10th October, 2005