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Lalique pour Homme by Lalique

At first it reminded me right away Zino Davidoff, but a lighter version, as if Davidoff have decided to make a more wearable fragrance for the spring/summer. I read someone saying it was like Davidoff Silver Shadow, that i need to test it. For me it was exactly what i was looking for, Zino with less vanilla and more Cedar, a more versatile version. I ordered a bottle same day i sampled it.
09th April, 2012

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

Back in the 90's alot of new fragrances for men had vanilla. My theory is after the 80's when men scents were really heavy, they came with perfumes that had vanilla and/or amber to be a little bit more wearable to a larger audience. I just hated them. I think of Jean-paul Gauthier Le male, Givenchy Pi, Paloma Picasso Minotaure, all vanilla based fragrance that smell for me a little bit too feminine. The beginning of the unisex era.

15 years later sniffing around my old samples, i came across a samples set containing 1 ml of Davidoff and 1 ml of Zino Davidoff and it was a revelation. First, Davidoff by Davidoff a great tobacco scent that kept the 80's vibes, a must have for tobacco lovers (if you can find it), then Zino Davidoff...WoW. It is soooo goooood. Can't stop smelling it. The tobacco and the vanilla with the rose and lavender combo is so gorgeous, so sexy, and it got cedar which bring the elegance. It's perfect.

Can't wait to compare Zino to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla.
02nd April, 2012

Ambrarem by Histoires de Parfums

For a long time i was looking to get an amber base fragrance for winter. Usually amber fragrance tend to be too sweet for me, because of either the vanilla or the cocoa. I tried alot of them from Annick Goutal, to Serge Luthens, or l'Artisan Parfumeur even Montale, none of them was really what i was looking for. I wanted to like l'Instant de Guerlain but never enough to buy it. Then one day i got a couple of Histoire de parfums samples (btw i liked them all, very nice line) and one of them was Ambrarem, that i ordered first for my son who is an amber lover. My first impression was wow nice fragrance, i got the amber but a smooth one, not overwhelming, not too sweet, probably the pepper and the oud tone down the natural sweetness of the amber. Nice. then I came back 5 minutes later and i was blown away. What could have been disastrous for me is the vanilla part in the base note. Instead of becoming like all of the others amber fragrance, the vanilla is there to blend all the notes together in a perfect ensemble. OUTSTANDING !!!
27th March, 2012
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Black Aoud by Montale

A perfect composition for the rose lover. A wonderful fragrance that have an insane lasting power on me. Can be compare to No. 88 from Czech & Speake, but Black Aoud is better imo.
20th March, 2012

Agua Lavanda by Antonio Puig

Lavender and leather. Smell again...lavender and leather, it's all you got and it's all you need. A clean smell that bring you back in time when men were men. It's my cologne choice for my own pleasure, no one else.
20th March, 2012

Burberry the Beat for Men by Burberry

Uninteresting synthetic pepper smell on a base of uninteresting synthetic indescribable stuff. Highly recommended for someone that don't want to get noticed.
09th March, 2012

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

At first you know its Tom Ford fragrance, you smell a high quality fragrance, well blend, very sexy. It's start like Grey Vetiver, very dry, then you'll get some vanilla to bring some sweetness and after slowly but surely you get a really nice amber coming. The best dry down amber i ever smelled.
09th March, 2012

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

What you get at the beginning its basically anis and vanilla, and you have a good nose you will get the violet also. Its a pleasant smell but imo more a unisex fragrance because of the vanilla. I would probably like that on a woman but not on me. I saw someone mentioning Root Beer and i agree. Worth a try.
09th March, 2012

Aventus by Creed

The initial impression was, maybe, a little bit too fruity, bergamot, yes and i thought it was grapefruit with something sweet, i've been told after it was pineapple...of course !!! But wait a little, not long cause the initials scents disappeared, to welcome something that i was looking for years, a well made masculine scent, classic and modern at the same time, a sign that the unisex perfume are over now, i hope. Something that Terre d'Hermès or Voyage should have been. Also, Aventus has a great longevity. The morning after, when i woke up, i was like, hmmmmm something smell good, i noticed then the vanilla, not a sweet vanilla, a very nice darker version. I finally found my signature perfume.
27th August, 2010 (last edited: 09th September, 2010)