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Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

I had fairly high hopes for this Bond, a house whose unisex line is usually too feminine or exotic for my taste. Brooklyn is not a complete letdown. Were it more reasonably priced, I would probably buy it. But this juice doesn't reek of exquisite blending or high quality ingredients. It starts off with a heavy dose of cardomom tempered nicely with grapefruit. The cardamom lasts well into the drydown, where the fragrance peters out. Like Bond's description, no one note shines. It certainly smells nice, and more masculine than anything else Bond has done, with the exception of the extraordinary Riverside Drive. I could see myself wearing this work, but thats probably it. It lacks the decisive edge I expect from fragrances priced this high. Unfortunately Brooklyn seems like another high-priced-but-average outing from Bond.
01st March, 2009

Royal English Leather by Creed

One of my favorite Creeds, Royal English Leather is an example of how a fragrance can be very simple yet still quite interesting. On me it starts out smelling like cheap, orange flavored cough syrup, but this quickly fades away and reveals a well balanced leather that is clean yet still pungent and, well, "leathery." Also I would note that this smells much different if I spray it on my shirt. There the mandarin notes persist well into the drydown, making the composition too sweet. Unlike many other fragrances I have, I only spray this one on my skin.
14th December, 2008

Orange Spice by Creed

The general dynamics of this fragrance have already been reviewed. I will echo that comments that, at least to me, this smells like something they would scent a urinal cake with. That's fine if people you know would be impressed with that line of work, but I for one don't feel confident walking around all day smelling like something people pee on.
13th December, 2008
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