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Activist by Body Shop

This stuff is pretty good, I just got it off the eBay as a blind buy and I knew that it was hard to find fragrance so I just had to try it. I think that it qualifies as an everyday fragrance. It is not too powerful and has a good silage.
27th May, 2010

Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir Blue No. 1580 by C.O. Bigelow Apothecary

I have all 4 elixirs and am getting the latest 5th (Elixir White) within the next week. But the Elixir Blue is definitely the best one of them all: very pleasant and clean, and slightly mysterious everyday fragrance. Some stores stopped selling it but you can still grab it for $10.00 if you look hard enough. Well worth even the full price of $20.00.
13th May, 2010

Donald Trump The Fragrance by Donald Trump

I personally love this stuff, especially after shower in the morning before work when I am in the great mood. Sure the name is tacky, but it does smell very pleasant: just the right amount of lemon. I am almost done with my bottle and will definitely buy some more if I can find it for a cheap price. I did get a couple of compliments but I never revealed that this was a Trump fragrance. It smells nice and clean.
13th May, 2010
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No. 5 by Chanel

I recently gave Chanel #5 a sniff at the local department store. I had high hopes for this because I know how Chanel #5 is regarded. As soon as I sniffed it I became really disappointed because it smelled like an old lady. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle smells really great but this one (Chanel #5) is just horrible. I can't imagine any modern/young lady wearing this stuff let alone paying the retail for it. I rate this one a 2. Even White Diamonds smell better then this.
13th May, 2010

Blue Jeans by Versace

This was my 1st cologne ever, brings a lot of memories about junior high. I received this as a b-day gift along with Heroes of Might and Magic 3. All these gifts and the memories of summer are forever embedded in the Blue Jeans scent. I frequently wear it in the summer. For me Blue Jeans means carefree good time.


They reformulated the formula and its called Versus Versace Blue Jeans now. Weaker projection and silage and slightly different ingredients compared to the original scent.
19th April, 2010 (last edited: 17th December, 2013)

Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

I've been eyeing Curve Connect since it came out but I did not want to pay the full MSRP. Couple of days ago I decided to to stop by at TJ Maxx and found myself buying a 4.2 oz bottle for only $15.00. I really like most of the Curve products because they are modern and theres a wide variety of them for for my tastes.
19th April, 2010

Curve Kicks for Men by Liz Claiborne

I don't know about other reviewers but I personally think that this is the best Curve for men. Well, maybe not the best (Soul is the best), but definitely the 2nd best. I wear this out frequently in the fall and in winter, cooler days and sometimes in the evenings. I give it thumbs up and recommend to everyone to give Curve Kicks a try.
02nd July, 2009

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

Regarding original formula:

I like this one a lot. It is hard to find but usually it goes for cheap on the eBay. It might be too strong to some people.

Regarding the reformulated formula:

Thumbs-down - I hate it; it barely smells close to the original Montana. Weak silage and light projection of a light-themed scent. I bought 2x 4.2oz bottles on sale on Amazon for $7.00 each sometime during June 2013, and I thought that I got a great deal, but when I received the package and opened one of the boxes, I realised that the fragrance is reformulated and so is the bottle [light greenish-brown transparent, compared to the original dark coffee-brown almost-opaque bottle]. The new reformulation is now made in Italy [compared to original that was made in France, according to both bottles]. This new formula is basicaly a joke compared to the original, and I see it as 2 seperate fragrances. I still have original old bottle half-full and you can tell the difference by whiffing the spray actuator. I sold both 2x new formula bottles on eBay, where original Montana is sold at a premium.
02nd October, 2008 (last edited: 17th December, 2013)