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Sensuous by Estée Lauder

It smells awesome. I found the paper add in a magazine when I was at the gym. It reminded me Armani Sensi may be because of the name and the picture of the bottle. Then, I tried it at a store, it is definitely fantastic. It still reminds me Sensi, but not as powdery as Sensi. Magnolie, jasmine and honey.. combined in a great way. I haven't bought a bottle yet, so I don't know its lasting power, but the paper that I sprayed on still smells after weeks:) Hopefully, it will smell on me for hours.
09th September, 2008

In Black by J del Pozo

Amazing, sexy, hot. I can't believe I haven't tried it before. Again, I bought it online without any idea about it because there was a deal and its bottle seemed fancy. My husband and I fell in love in the first second we smelled it. It has good lasting power. The only problem I have with this one is the old style perfume bottle. So it has two types of bottle. One is like the old times perfume bottle, I don't know its name. The other one is an ordinary spray bottle. I have the old style perfume bottle, I bought three old style bottles, two were for my sister and sister-in-law. None of them seemed working good. You can spray the perfume, but you need to spray more than you usually do, because it sprays air most of the time. Other than that, the scent is really really great. Sweet, but not like overdose sugar sweet. It is amazingly sexy. But definitely not for those. who adores flowery scents. To sum up, one of my favorite five.
09th September, 2008

Eau de Lalique by Lalique

Yes, nothing sweet, nothing floral. My skin usually favors powdery, a bit sweet scents, so I would never think myself as liking such a dry scent this much. Eau de lalique is amazing. Very affordable, I should add. I bought it online just because it was so cheap. When I received it, my first impression was "hmm, not bad". Then, I gave it to my mother. Everytime she put it on, I liked it again and again. EDL is good.
09th September, 2008
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cK one by Calvin Klein

was a classic for me in early twenties. Fresh, charming, young, not one of those extra sweet teenager fragrances of today. I remember I got a lot of compliments whenever I wore it. In my mid-twenties, I met my husband, and he was wearing CK One:) I couldn't stop smelling him on our first date:) I should admit that CK One was one of the reasons I fell in love with him.
09th September, 2008

Vera Wang by Vera Wang

I read good reviews for this one, so I bought one. It smells nice, but nothing fancy. It smells like a nice smelling body or hand cream. I agree with those saying that it is definitely not a wedding fragrance. My husband says I smell nice when I first wear it, but it doesn't have any lasting power at all. I don't get the flowers either. It is just a clean scent, but you are lucky if you can smell it till you get into the car. It is like you have nothing on afterwards.
09th September, 2008

Byblos (original) by Byblos

It was one of my favorite perfumes almost 10 years ago. I decided to buy it again, because I needed something sort of fresh, for daily use. I felt the same when I got my new bottle, but I lost my appetite for this one in a short time. Actually, it is still a nice scent, but nobody notices me when I wear it. May be this is the reason for this perfume not being in my favorite 5.
09th September, 2008

Intuition by Estée Lauder

I got a mini bottle of Intuition as a promotion. Although it is a very nice fragrance, I don't get anything incredible with this perfume. I can definitely smell mandarine. May be that why I prejudged it, because I am usually a fan of powdery fragrances. Well, it is definitely nice. Moreover, I get the most compliments with Intuition. People say that they can smell me even when I am meters away. And they like it. This is why I like to give it a try.
01st June, 2008

Promesse by Cacharel

Yes it is pinky, yes it is for teens. But I can't stop myself falling in love with this fragrance. From the first second I tried Promesse, I couldn't stop loving it. Finally I bought one for myself but I don't know why but people didn't give the response that I was expecting. May be Promesse is not for my skin, may be it is really standart or it doesn't have lasting power. I don't know the reason. Promesse is sweet, warm and flowery. God, I love this smell, but at some point I felt like I wasted my money on this because no one noticed me! I used it frequently during a vacation with my husband but because I couldn't get the response that I want fro other people, I stopped using it for a while. later, one day I usedit again and my husband was half-sleeping at the time. Later that evening he told me that I smelled real nice that morning and it reminded him that vacation. After that I started to use Promesse occasionally, everytime I feel wonderful, but not enough people recognizes it. I don't know if I should buy Promesse again but I guess I can not stop myself buying it again because at least my husband loves it:)
13th April, 2008

Curve Crush for Women by Liz Claiborne

I was at a store one evening and I was in a hurry and I was looking for a nice fragrance because mine were almost gone. I asked the lady to suggest me something affordable, she gave me curve crush and said that people liked it, but because there was no tester at the time, I didn't have a choice but trust her opinion. It was really affordable, what could I expect anyway? However, I was completely wrong about my prejudice. Crush is definitely lovely and not once I could get away people smelling me. Everytime I wear it, I get compliments and when I say what perfume I am wearing, some people say "yeah, I knew it, my coworker also uses it, and she always smells great" or similar stuff. Cursh is definitely powdery, nice musk and vanilla combination but not like those who make you throw up because they are so sweet and intense. It is clean, casual and relax, not sexy or flirtatious. But definitely lovely!!
13th April, 2008

Sensi by Giorgio Armani

Fresh? I don't think so. I bought this fragrance as a gift, but then I showed it to a friend of mine just to get her idea about the perfume as a gift. I always liked her fragrance taste and when she said "really good", I decided to keep it for me. As I said, it is not fresh to me. I like fresh perfumes and my understanding of fresh is more like Davidoff Cool Water (women). I like powdery perfumes, too, but I can not say that Sensi is exactly a powdery perfume either. It was strange to me at first. Not exactly my style. But because my expert friend told that this piece was good, I kept it and started to use it frequently after a while because I got compliments whenever I used it. Then it became my top choice. I like some other Armani stuff and I agree that armani has its own signature. Sensi is strange to me at first but not a "bad strange" rather a "good strange". It is powdery somehow but not an ordinary powdery, it has its own and unique way of powdery. There is something weird in it, I don't know what, may be this benzoin thing. But I don't suggest it to those who like flowery fragrances or romantic stuff. Sensi is mature yet not old, feminine and sexy. I also agree that it has reat lasting power. It is not fresh according to me but definitely dynamic and energizing. To sum up, Sensi is good stuff.
13th April, 2008