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    Versace pour Homme by Versace

    I tried this out today, its available at Harvey Nicks and House of Fraser in England, they really are trying to push it. I loved the opening, I do get the Bitter Orange Leaves with a Neroli smell, during the middle stages (about 1 hour in) I get Cedar, Cedar and more Cedar, eventually this lightens off and i'm left with a slight Cedary-Musky smell with a slightly bittersweet quality, which I presume is the 'mineral amber'

    Overall a nice fragrance, nothing groundbreaking but extremely wearable, gets the thumbs up simply because its something thats nice, but doesn't appeal above a lot of other stuff. Would I buy it? If discounted, yes. At RRP of £36 for 50ml, probably not.

    03rd May, 2008


    Santal de Mysore by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Argh, being part Indian, this smells like my Grandma's kitchen used to in the opening, not bad by any means, a well blended, balanced fragrance (a bit more sandalwood would be nice :D) but nonetheless, too spicy, in an Indian Curry sort of way. Not my thing, rather go for something different!

    17th January, 2008


    Space NK Man by Space NK

    Got a sample of it, considering buying a bottle simply because it's so soft and comforting, yet not feminine at all powdery, slightly woody, and traces of spiciness.
    Drydown tones it down makes clove almost disappear, unfortunately.

    11th January, 2008


    Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

    Not too keen on the top notes, but then it gets dead sexy. The longevity is just how I like it, 6ish hours on my skin. Sillage could be improved, dying to try the improved version.

    Originally got a sample, went back the next day to buy 50ml, they were out of stock though, my lovely SA gave me 2 4ml miniatures for free :D!

    10th January, 2008

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