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Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

Not bad. It's a very fresh woody scent with a bit of a back bite. I wasn't crazy about the top notes, but it moves quickly into a piny, musky heart that I very much enjoy. It smells sort of similar to Caron's Le 3 Homme, to me. Classy, subtle, thumbs up!
12th June, 2009

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

An interesting fragrance. Warm, dry, very outdoorsy, but more like the high desert than the forest, which makes it sort of a rarity among the fresh woody fragrances I guess you'd classify it with. I'm not particularly keen on the citrus to open it, but once it moves into the heart note it really starts to shine. It's a complex scent, I seem to get a different impression of it every time I sniff it, and I find myself smelling my wrists more than a few times when I wear it.
12th June, 2009

L'Anarchiste by Caron

This is a very sweet foody fragrance, reminiscent of an apple crumble at high-class bakery. Not the most anarchistic thing I've ever smelled, clearly. On my skin its not particularly dynamic, but what's there I like a lot. It manages to be sweet without being cloying, tart without being astringent and is just overall a good scent. Not much longevity but good while it lasts.
12th June, 2009
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Animale Animale for Men by Animale Parfums

A nice, straightforward gourmand. Not particularly dynamic on me, but good at what it does. The chocolate note really dominates, and it's braced by some very fresh notes that keep it from being overpowering. It's too bad the bergamot doesn't stick around longer, because I think the opening is probably the best part. As good or better than Angel, I think, but more cost-effective. The one thing I dislike about this is the bottle design, which looks like the bathroom of a very cheesy casino from the 1980s.
24th January, 2009

Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge by Jacomo

There are a lot of nice notes in this. Unfortunately, I don't get any of them when I wear it. The "initial citrus burst" is mostly drowned out by the smell of denatured alcohol, and it doesn't last long enough into the dry-down for me to really appreciate it. After that, it's all sandalwood and incense, with the incense note really dominating over everything else. That said, it is a very nice incense note, rendered slightly feminine by the florals and softened by the vanilla. It smells a bit like a high-end antique shop. It carries well while the fragrance lasts, which is not very long. Overall, it's nice enough, but I don't find it very memorable.
15th January, 2008

Rouge Royal for Men by Marina de Bourbon

A very sweet spice fragrance, smells very red. The opening is all about cinnamon, and after a little bit it calms down into a pleasingly warm floral smell, although the cinnamon note sticks around throughout to give it a nice spicy edge. Supposedly, there's some citrus in there as well, but I don't smell it. It's very strong, a couple sprays and it's still with me the day after. Overall, not as dynamic as I would have liked, but it's nonetheless a very nice fragrance for winter and evening wear, and it smells very unique compared to similar fragrances I've tried.
11th January, 2008

Angel Schlesser Homme by Angel Schlesser

A very fresh green scent, this reminds me of a fresh cut lawn or a sun-dappled meadow. It's a real pity that the longevity is so poor, otherwise it would be the perfect summer casual fragrance. It makes a nice around-the-house sort of fragrance because it's so charmingly light and it's usually mostly gone by evening when I want something more substantial to go out in.
11th January, 2008

Himalaya by Creed

Someone once told me that this smells like what you'd expect the Great Gatsby to smell like, and I think that description fits it to a T. It's a roaring 20's sort of a smell, ostentatious but classy at the same time. In short, it smells like money. My only gripe is that, on me at least, it lacks longevity. Still, if you're looking for a fragrance that makes a great impression in a formal setting, look no further.
11th January, 2008

Pour Un Homme by Caron

A very classy fragrance, it smells a bit like you'd expect your rich grandpa to smell. Lavender dominates for a few minutes, then very quickly gives way to a strong, cedar and vanilla smell that lasts for ages. It's really far too formal smelling for everyday wear, but it makes a good business fragrance, particularly if you're doing business with older gentlemen.
11th January, 2008