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Casmir by Chopard

Casmir is a very fruity yet almost exotic take on a what is suppose to be an oriental? At first spray I am greeted with a strong piercing blast of PEACH! Yes PEACH! It is so strong I almost say GOT DAMNIT! WTH IS THIS?! However some other fruits start to creep in, somewhat of a lime note hidden beneath the carnation, a note in which I do note like as it smells repulsive to my nose. I also get a little raspberry as well to give it some sweet yet tart flavoring. By the dry down, the cinnamon & patch makes it's way to the stage with the cinnamon being the star show towards the end.

I find Casmir to be a little off putting to my nose as it reminds me of another old world fragrance that does not work for me, Mitsouko yes I am talking about you!

While this is constructed very well & does not smell synthetic, it does not agree with me which is fine. I honestly only purchased this because of the bottle back in the late 90's! So no love lost. Average Projection & longevity on my skin.
24th January, 2019

Rochas Man by Rochas

Rochas Man is a very nice fragrance with a mocha, vanilla raspberry & lavender accord. I do not get any coffee but I do get the other notes I listed. It is very nice for a designer fragrance & especially nice if you are a gourmand fanatic like me! Projection is not the best, & longevity is about average so be prepared to expect that if you are purchasing this. It is done nicely & one cannot deny that the price for this is GREAT! My suggestion buy it all up before it becomes discontinued & prices sky rocket!

While this is nice, there are much better offerings in the frag community especially if one is looking for a coffee frag.
18th November, 2018

Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart

Cheap? Check! Projection? Check! Silage? Check! Longevity? Check! SYNTHETIC MESS? HELL YES! Keep or Pass? PASS!
18th November, 2018
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L'Heure Bleue Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

One of the classic Guerlain fragrances. A powdery old world charm of a fragrances with bergamot showing up at the beginning with violets. I think the two notes seem to somewhat clash to my nose but maybe that is just me! It soon gives way to a more blendid concoction with heliotrope & other florals hanging in there. I do pick up some resins but they do not shout.

All in all, if you are looking for an intimate soft fragrance with nice longevity then give this a try. It does put me in a calm state of mind whenever I wore it. Unfortunately my taste in fragrances change frequently & I parted with my vintage EDT bottle. Would work well in autumn weather & a mature classy dame!
18th November, 2018

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta

What we have here is a beautiful, elegant classic from the 70's! I get a bitter lemon opening with lavender & some floral arrangements, it is sweet, not sugary sweet.

There are herbs to cut out some of the sweetness. It is for a classy individual more so for an adult because I do not see this type of fragrance appealing to the younger gals. I owned a vintage EDT that I acquired but only kept for nostalgia reasons.

One day my granny came to visit me & I gave her my bottle of Oscar & she absolutely LOVED IT! She was happy to have it & I was happy she enjoys it! This is ideal for fall/winter wear as that is where it shines. It projects nicely & it last at least 8 hours on me. This was created in the 70's yet it does not smell dated! Enjoy!
03rd November, 2018

Oriental Lumpur by Les Néréides

This fragrance is spicy, VERY SPICY! On the verge of being bland & uninteresting but there is a tad & I do mean a TAD bit of sweetness tucked somewhere in all of that concoction. It is also VERY DRY! I had a full bottle that a dear friend of mine gifted me but I hardly wore it & when I did it was around the house & it did not mix well with my skin chemistry, I seemed to have smelled of BO! Longevity is decent for that of an EDT, projection is average.

I don't mind skank ( in a good way & i'm talking about you civet ;). but this is just disturbing to my nose. I sold my bottle after trying to adjust after 5 wearings. NO THANK YOU!
03rd November, 2018

Pure White Cologne / Original Cologne by Creed

What a beautiful cologne type fragrance done in a traditional manner with the added notes of pear & rice. I do get the pear which smooths out this fragrance & the rice note is there which gives this fragrance that IT factor & sets it apart from others in this type.

One would be pressed to find a more suited, unique fragrance of this type that gives off a more unique & interesting ensemble. I salute Creed for this fragrance as everything you wear does not need to shout HEY I AM HERE! Longevity seems to be about 5 hours or so on me, projects arms length for a while. Check it out.
27th August, 2018

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Pure Havane is one of the better designer releases of recent years. A popular one at that. I owned PH for a while & it was a nice little addition to my ever growing collection. The tobacco, honey, vanilla & cherry note tho not listed it is there, was very nice. I got no cacao from this. The execution is good as I can see what Mugler was trying to do here & that is think outside of the box.

This made for a good date or bar fragrance if that is your thing & it appealed to the younger audience which I think it may have been targeted towards. It is not juvenile, but has this young man quality about it.

Unfortunately I grew tried of this & sold it as I did not have a need for it. Projection is on the low side for me, while longevity was around 6-7 hours which is good for an EDT! PH has it cult following & I can see why because for a designer release it will conjure up compliments & will grab attention. Tho for me there are better options out there that suits my needs. Enjoy!
25th March, 2018

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Alien is the perfect name for this fragrance. With only three notes Jasmine, woods & amber you would think it is a simple fragrance which it is yet not really.

Alien is all about Jasmine, she dominates the entire show from the moment you spray her until the end. The woods and amber do show up but they don't have a prayer in hell with the Jasmine leading the forefront. Now there is a problem here, it is with Jasmine. I so happen to like Jasmine but Mugler seemed like he wanted to amp it to 100x's & on top of that it can come off as a synthetic mess!

Yes Alien is a bit to synthetic for my taste as I use to wear it sometimes, tho there was always this almost stomach turning feeling I'd get from this & I knew it was from the Jasmine. On the bright side, it will get you noticed across a stadium & it will last on you from sun up till sun down. Normally only Aliens have that type of power. :) Nice, but a no for me as my nose cannot bare it anymore.
25th March, 2018

1969 Parfum de Révolte by Histoires de Parfums

This is another one where I got a good deal on a travel size bottle so I went for it. By looking at the notes I thought I would love this fragrance because of all the gourmand notes listed, and I love gourmands. I just don't love this.

1969 opens up with peach with some other fruity notes which give way to some white florals. It is hard for me to wear white florals unless it is Carnal Flower but this ehhhhhh. Up comes a rather small dusting of patchouli which is good for this composition & the white chocolate & musk come aboard. I get no coffee from this.

Parfum de Revolte does not intrigue me nor my skin much for that matter as it sits rather flat with no real excitement. I am sure it will suit someone else just fine, but as for me it is just a average like yet a not for me fragrance. Quality ingredients, longevity around 6 hours, projection is ok.
25th March, 2018

1740 Marquis de Sade by Histoires de Parfums

1740 was an experience I will always remember. However, it was not very pleasurable. I got a good deal on a travel size bottle so I decided to opt for it.

This fragrance starts off with a blast of patchouli, a note that I am not fond of honestly unless it is blended very well. In this case it is not. It is like an assault of the most dirtiest of smells. I don't pick up much of any of the notes listed besides the obviously patchouli,cedar, birch & some leather.

I do not sense any vanilla which would have helped this fragrance a great deal to cut out all that woodiness & earthiness. That is the problem I have with 1740, it's all dry with no sweetness. These are the type of frags I cannot stand nor wear. It is made of good materials, Long lasting at least 8 hours on me, projection is ok, not great but noticeable.

The Marquis de Sade is like drinking Chianti, full of life yet no charm. Thanks, but no thanks!
25th March, 2018

Perry Ellis Oud : Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis

What we have here is Perry Ellis trying to create a oud fragrance since the rest of the universe is heading into that direction. Do they succeed in doing so? I think not!

This is your typical cheap, synthetic smelling fragrance that you could find in Macy's. The oud is barely there if at all, the vanilla is bland yet sweet & rather annoying to my nose. Typical for this house.

While it lasts a reasonable amount of time,
(8) hours & projects at a decent length & the price is perfect for what you are getting one can't really make to many gripes about this scent, that is if you are looking for quality than I would suggest you run for the hills because you won't find that here.

Over all I'd give this a average rating for what it is. Nothing ground breaking here, I would suggest this to somone who does not want to spend alot of money yet wants a somewhat of a Tobacco Vanille effect. Just dont expect this to smell like Tobacco Vanille. A pass for me.
11th November, 2017

Habit Rouge L'Eau by Guerlain

Guerlain has created a beautiful off spring from the original classic! The opening is a beautiful citrus opening with a delicious hazel nut accord that is creamy & blends nicely with the orange.

Soon it is joined by the jasmine which brings a little bit of a fem vibe but rest assured, the composition remains fairly unisex/Manly for those that are concerned. It all ends with some nice woods & vanilla which creates a nice elegant touch!

This is best worn in spring & fall, daytime wear as it is not heavy enough for evening wear for my taste. One would be pressed to find a similar fragrance that does what this does & for the price & quality? It probably won't be matched.

A MUST have for your collection! `
09th October, 2017
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L'Essence de Must de Cartier by Cartier

This is a very nice flanker to the original which is also nice. I feel that the combination of notes used in this particular fragrance is very good for a designer cologne.

It starts out with a citric (grapefruit) cinnamon wood accord. It goes on smelling nice & well rather dull... The conclusion is that it is under the radar with not much to holler about. In fact, it is very laid...

I don't see how this could offend anyone, would be nice for the office or casual date. It last 5-6 hours. Not much projection but it is there. It is not strong, but gentleman like. If you want a nice fragrance that is low key, you should pick up this one here.
12th July, 2016

Donna Karan Woman by Donna Karan

When I was a fragrance model, Donna Karan was one of the companies I worked for. I was so pleased & happy when this scent hit the market.

It is a very nice & different take on vetiver which is usually a heavy note. Here it is done in a contrast way, surely it is there but not in a very earthy type way. There is a floral note in there possibly the orange flower which gives the vetiver that contrast appeal.

A few things DK messed up with this fragrance. The name.. Woman... Not very creative & not smart. I say that to say this smells VERY UNISEX! Almost completely masculine. This was such a hard sale for me because when women smelled it, the first thing that came out of their mouths was IS THIS A MENS COLOGNE?

Yes marketing was all wrong on this one. The name should be changed & called something completely different & it should have been marketed UNISEX at the very least! I believe it would have had MUCH better success on the market.

It is beautifully done & sexy. A night fragrance with longevity at least 8+ hours on me & projection is high! Leaves a nice scent trail & it does lure compliments.. If you want to stand out & smell different than the crowd, this is a nice one for sure.
05th July, 2016

Jicky Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

This is for the vintage Parfum De Toilette

Jicky is mostly lavender, vanilla, spices with a almost gourmand gingerbread vibe to it. I must admit I am not a fan of lavender fragrances, but it is done right here with this particular fume & the notes added alongside it blends in so well it is very good.

That lovely civet kicks in & gives it that one, two PUNCH! I just love NATURAL civet in fragrances, it adds such a dirty, sexy vibe to the composition. This was created & marketed for women but it can EASILY pass for unisex or even a men's frag.

This beauty last on my 5-6 hours, & projects nicely for the first couple of hours & the rest leaves alot to be desired.
I expected greater longevity from this one but it just is not happening. Tho the Parfum De Toilette is what EDP's are today, The notes here are more natural & less synthetic which is always good.

I'd certainly make this a signature scent doing the fall as it reeks, class, beauty & sophistication with the right amount of sex! A classic & underrated beauty for sure!
30th June, 2016

Insensé by Givenchy

This review is for the vintage juice!

Insense by Givenchy is a really nice fragrance marketed for men containing many floral notes. Very much so that it is unusual but it works.

I get the basil, magnolia & lilly of the valley. This is such a green swampy fragrance. It smells of wet, swampy waters where gators, & bullfrogs reside in the midst of the damp forest.

I get between 6-8 hours of longevity out of this with arms reach projection. I enjoyed this particular aquatic fragrance which I normally don't tend to pursue, but it was so unique I had to have it until I got bored with it & sold it. Nice to have & get especially in it's vintage form.
30th June, 2016

Équipage by Hermès

A very old school, aromatic, herbal, floral, leather, mossy fragrance with very well made ingredients that is suited towards the grown ups.

This type of fragrance will not appeal to many younger men IMO.. Something in this does not set well with me.. I am thinking it is the carnation & pine mix? I am not a fan of carnation, It literally flops on my skin.

It is classy & sophisticated but I don't have a need for this fragrance in my wardrobe. Lasting power is 5-6 hours with arms reach projection. If you like retro, masculine dated fragrances, check out Equipage!
29th June, 2016

Chambre Noire by Olfactive Studio

Chambre Noire is a woody oriental fragrance along the lines of Chanel's Egoiste! No it does not smell like Egoiste, but it floats along that realm.

It opens up with prune/plum with leather & incense! It stays that way for a while with the prune/plum eventually getting bumped in the back but still present. The leather approaches making this scent somewhat dry giving the fact that the sandalwood note is there. It last 8 hours or so on my skin with medium projection. For use in cold weather as it does well.

This is not a masterpiece, but it is good. I am not crazy about the fruit note as you can find better fragrances who use that note much better such as Montales Dark Purple.
27th June, 2016

Bois des Îles Parfum by Chanel

This is for review is for the vintage EDT!

Bois Des Iles is a wonderful Sandalwood fragrance. It is marketed for women but it is very much unisex. I get a blast of sandalwood off top with some floral arrangements & that beautiful woody/ginger cookie note.

This could ALMOST be gourmand but it falls short. It is delicious & wonderful in spring & fall weather. I personally think it is to thin to wear in winter. Much better options for that.

A draw back is that the lasting power is only around 5 hours or so... Not good considering the soaring prices for the vintage juice. The new version is still good, but lasting power is about the same, tho I would say, if you can live without the vintage juice & its real use of sandalwood, than by all means get the new version because it is a better option for your money as you will get more juice.

This is a classic for sure.
27th June, 2016

Absolue Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Let me say I can appreciate a good quality fragrance & this is one of them, however it is also out of place.. What I mean by that is, I literally do not know when to wear this fragrance because it is not flexible at all...

This is one of the most dirtiest, skank filled creations I have ever smelled... Totally putrid! As a major fan of amber, I detest it here.... I don't know what they were trying to pull off here but I simply cannot...

If you enjoy loud, nasty, out of place, skank fest fragrances, this is for you! One place I would wear this is before intimacy, tho I am scared this would run the other person in the opposite direction seeking Holy Water to cleanse themselves. Good quality, not so good juice.
27th June, 2016

Coney Island by Bond No. 9

Coney Island is a weird yet fun fragrance. First of all, I was surprised to see a fragrance with these type of notes being marketed for summer use. Cinnamon, chocolate, cedar? YIKES! Well...... Not so much. :) Coney Island is a unique composition that starts off with a blast of melon, cinnamon & aqua notes. The beginning is strong & comes at you full force, but don't let that steer you away from this beauty. As it mellows down after a couple of hours, the musk, chocolate, lime & melon all appear on my skin in harmony with no note outdoing the other.

Coney Island projects nicely and last about 8 hours on my skin, which is good for a summer marketed fragrance as many of them are fleeting. I would think the cinnamon, chocolate, cedar & sandalwood are responsible for the fragrance holding up thus far along with higher quality of materials used. The only thing problem I find with Coney Island is versatility! If your not going to a beach & or amusement park, picnic, maybe even a zoo, I don't see where this would fit in. I would not wear this to the office as it does not fit in with that type of setting at least for me.

I do applaud Bond No 9 for creating a fragrance such as this. They stepped out on a limb & ran like the dickens! Rather you like this or not, it deserves credit for what it is.
30th October, 2014

Little Italy by Bond No. 9

Little Italy is all about citrus & musk to my nose. Clementine mandarin & maybe tangerine's is what I smell, I get no grapefruit. This is a unusual composition because you have a wollop of citruses fighting to be top dog, but it appears that clementine is winning the battle here. The opening of Little Italy is very strong, there is also a cheese note somewhere in here that makes this somewhat off putting. Yes I pick up a cheese note, and I despise cheese.

Once the fragrance starts to dry down, the musk enters the ball game & mingles with the citruses which never fade away. It is a simple yet weird concoction that I have difficulties with. I admire strange & unique fragrances, but Little Italy leaves much to be desired. It is not terrible, but it is not great either. As much as I love Bond No 9, I am afraid I will have to pass on this one as their are better fragrances in this category that are done way better than this. Average projection & longevity.
22nd October, 2014

D&G Le Bateleur 1 by Dolce & Gabbana

Out of the entire Anthology collection, I chose to go with this & La Force. Why? I don't know... I guess you can ask why do people wear white after Labor Day? I must admit after testing all of the collection, I did find that Le Bateleur projected more & lasted a tad more than the others. Key word. TAD!

This is still a weak fragrance that belongs in the aquatic family, and that is one of my least favorite groups. This last on my skin 4-5 hours if I am lucky but it becomes a skin scent rather swiftly. I noticed a long time ago I am not really into soft, weak fragrances. I love heavy hitters who make a statement. Not those who run away from a fight.. That is exactly what this entire collection does. At least on my skin.

Le Bateleur along with the rest of the collection line is a synthetic, watered down mess says my nose. Teenagers and those in their early twenties may find these sorts of things pleasant, but I for one do not. A watery, woody concoction that Goofy along with Donald Duck created I am sure. My gosh D&G/Proctor & Gamble WTH are you guys doing????
20th October, 2014

D&G La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana

I am really baffled @ D&G for creating this Anthology collection. All of them are a miss for me except this & No. 1, and even these two are NOTHING to brag about but they were the only two I owned so here goes.

La Force is right up my alley. Gourmandish, vanilla, light dusting of cinnamon, nutmeg & sandalwood. But when it is applied to the skin, it is one of the weakest fragrances I have ever came across or owned for that matter.

You literally can spray yourself ten times and this stuff still wont kill a gnat. Longevity in all seriousness is around 2-3 hours. Projection? Basically none exsistent! I see what D&G was trying to do, yet they failed miserably not only with this, but the entire Anthology line.

Judging from the notes, one would expect a heavy hitter or one that would hang around for a while, THE JOKES ON YOU! YES YOU READING THIS! It is everything BUT THAT! This would make a perfect gift for someone who does not really like fragrances, or prefers them soft & or for teenagers & those in their early twenties. I can't see a grown adult over the age of 25 taking this seriously, but then again people take the easter bunny seriously so what the hell do I know?.
20th October, 2014

Accenti by Gucci

What a great old school, fruity, non apologetic fragrance that was created in the 90's but could have very well been manufactured in the 80's do to it's loud opening as many 80's fragrances were designed. This starts off with peach, raspberries & floral notes of rose & I also get some white floral as well.

There is vanilla, sandalwood & tonka in the base to add depth to the fragrance. It is a well balanced fragrance especially for a mass marketed designer brand. This opens up loud, heady & projects very well for the first 1-2 hours. And it last at least 8 hours on me as I am referring to the EDT. This is nothing short of a feminine fragrance. I for one hate to classify fragrances to the men/women category as I wear whatever works for my skin regardless whom it is marketed towards, tho I cannot help shake the feeling this is more suited towards the dames.

It is a shame that Gucci discontinued this beauty as this was when Gucci as a perfume house WAS one of the best in the mass market designer game. Since the fall of Gucci Envy for men, this house has taken a downward spiral into the gates of hell with it's current creations which are uninspiring & non pleasing to my nose. The great Tom Ford helped this house ALOT when he worked for them, but once he left, it was curtains & mini blinds for Gucci!
10th October, 2014

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

This is a clone of the original Allure Homme Sport. However, the vanilla is more pronounced in this and the woods seem to stick out to me. I purchased this because I owned the original at one time but got bored with it & besides the fact the it was/is so common. I gave up on it. I have gotten to the point where I do not want to smell like EVERYONE else WHERE EVER I go.

With that being said, this last on my skin six hours with average to strong projection in the beginning. After about 2 hours, I am left with a orange/vanillsh wood type smell that is not unpleasant, but it is synthetic. Chanel normally makes good fragrances, but this I am afraid to my nose is a average offering marketed towards the younger crowed. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is not for me. I will say I do prefer this over the original, but when it comes to Chanel's frags marketed for men, I will stick with the likes of Antaeus! Grown up stuff!
05th October, 2014

New York Amber by Bond No. 9

This is by far the strongest Bond I've had. The name is misleading as I get NO AMBER from this & I am a Amber lover with many Amber fragrances. What this smells like? Rose, Aoud and pepper. It is not sweet yet it has the oily effect about it. The lasting power is well over 14 + hours, the projection is great. It is a well crafted & executed fragrance. Yet it does not smell right to me. This has a middle Eastern vibe for sure.

I am not a fan of roses unless it is done right, I go to West Side for my rose fix, as far as Aoud is concerned , I am learning that is not one of my favorite notes unless its blendid right. The bottle is one of the best out of the entire Bond line. I'm afraid it's going to take more than a beautiful bottle to keep me satisfied. I can certainly live without this in my life which is why I sold it.
20th September, 2014

Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Eau is a relatively nice/safe designer fragrance in the vein of it's father the original Dior Homme but it is not better. This is a more fresh take on the original minus the leather with added bergamot to make it more wearable for the warmer months. The iris/make up smell is still there supporting citrus & some light woods.

This is a daytime fragrance for me at least. It is to light for evening wear. Suitable for office and casual dates, brunch etc.. It is one of the better designer scents thus far making it a go to stable. It's projection & longevity is both average on me. If you want a Iris fragrance check out Hermes Iris Ukiyoe. 3/5 rating
25th July, 2014

Terre d'Hermès Parfum by Hermès

This is actually a nice fragrance that is not as sharp & pungent as the EDT. Smoother & dense. Which I prefer, yet it does not really do anything for me. It is dust, with oranges & grapefruit. When I smell/wear Terre D' Hermes, I am suddenly reminded of the desert. Dry and lagging. It last longer than the EDT, yet it does not project as much. I give it a 3 out of 5. But I am over this type of theme.
25th July, 2014