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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

With all the talk of how GIT and Cool Water smell so similar, and the fact that I think Aspen and Cool Water smell similar, I finally broke down and ordered a sample vial of GIT to see for myself. Is it similar to Cool Water? You bet. But I think Aspen is closer to GIT than Cool Water is. It's the lemon in the top note of both Aspen and GIT. CW doesn't have it.

Bottom line: GIT is typically outstanding Creed fragrance. But if you're on a budget, save your money and buy Aspen. Unless you've got an extremely discriminating nose, Aspen smells enough like GIT to satisfy anyone who finds the notes in GIT appealing.
04th October, 2008
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Clubman Special Reserve by Pinaud

I can't agree with the previous review. Special Reserve is a solid leather fragrance, very much like Creed's Royal English Leather, but without the "urinal cake" sweetness that pervades the drydown of REL. Any fan of REL or English Leather (by Dana) should give Clubman Special Reserve a try.
13th April, 2008
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Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

Don't be misled by people who say this fragrance smells like pine oil cleaning products. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pine is only one note in this complex and very masculine scent. It reminds me of how my uncles and cousins would smell when I was a child and they would come in from a long day of clearing land, which included lots of close work with various evergreen trees, cutting them down, pruning them, etc. Their clothes and skin would get the juices from these trees on them and by the end of the day, that scent coupled with the natural smell of hard work, was intoxicating. Pino Silvestre captures that scent perfectly. It's one of the ultimate "outdoors" mens fragrances that actually delivers the goods.
02nd April, 2008
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