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Ted Baker Skinwear by Ted Baker

It's not as shortlived as many say. My skin gulps down heavy hitters like Opium and Givenchy Pi. So I have every longevity problem in the world. This one requires the right environment (warm to hot) to work. It just sills and sills in the heat. I've also realised another thing. You must sweat minimally as well, you must be CLEAN for it to work. Exfoliate and do all sorts of stuff and be squeaky clean. *Then you must spray it on and moisturize and spray it on again. Wear light clothes for it to show through and it'll stay on for the whole day into the next. Complementary shower gel boosts this stuff as well. Worth having.

*Credits to Divatologist

All in all a nice if not boring summer scent. But it gets the job done exceptionally well. And I mean EXCEPTIONALLY well.
13th April, 2009

Unbound for Men by Halston

I give this one 5 stars. One of the best out there in this whole marine thing and I've got a soft spot for aquatics. I think they smell great but this one is particularly nice. It's not sweet, not at all. It's very fruity and bitterly green up top. That's the melon and tomato leaves. My nose isn't complex enough to get through the myriad of notes in the middle but I get some marine feel and woods later. Very much a staple in my wardrobe. Wonderful stuff!
10th March, 2009

Bleu Marine by Pierre Cardin

Spicy and sweetish. Lots of patchouli in this and it smells like Halston Z-14. Terribly misleading name, no marine-ness in this whatsoever. I'm a sucker for aquatics and expected this to be such but it's actually heavy and spicy. I don't care for it.
02nd March, 2009
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CerrutiSí by Cerruti

I was given a sample by my girlfriend. As I normally have an aversion for light watery fruity scents, I dismissed it and yawned upon first spray. A few hours later, I could still smell it. I was not expecting it to hang around for that long, given how it smelt; all watery and slightly weak. It stayed.. and stayed.. AND STAYED!! It smelt pretty damn good too, reminded me of Acqua di Gio slightly. It's so friggin' cheap and perfect for summer, holds its own in winter, matter of fact wear this any day and it will perform! Get a bottle of this before it disappears. Foolishly discontinued.
09th October, 2008

Chaps (original) by Ralph Lauren

Very sweet and powdery on me. Surprised by it totally although it smells really dated and simplistic. Not the most sophisticated smell which is surprising because of the multitude of ingredients. However, it should be a nice clean scent to wear on those days when you have no idea what to wear. A nice addition to any wardrobe.
09th October, 2008

Vetiver by Floris

Absolutely astounding! I received a couple of samples and immediately this one got my attention. I would apply it and keep sniffing my arm. It's so masculine, so powerful and smells oh so divine. It's vetiver complimented by hints of spice to produce a somewhat silky effect. I kind of detect leather and tobacco in it. Whether it exists or not is something else. My nose says it does. One of the hidden gems of the industry. Probably nearly as good as Guelain's Vetiver, i'm still not sure. I prefer the citrus blast GV delivers upon spritzing. Layered together, they are perfect.
01st September, 2008

Vetiver by Guerlain

Its THAT good. I'm into sweet and heavy and this is not sweet at all. I don't even know why I like it. It's one of the few frags that lives up to the hype. It lasted 3 days on my wrist and most of it was an addictive tobacco note. Yes I bought the big bottle and I have not regretted it since. Thank you for this beauty JP.
24th June, 2008

Aigner Black for Men by Etienne Aigner

Dear Aigner Black

Aigner Black, I love your leather note, sometimes I also hate it. It uplifts me and sometimes it beats me down. I love your sweet notes. I love your insane longevity alongside your controlled but pronounced sillage. I love your bottle. I love your sense of style. But I just don't know where I can wear you. Stick around and maybe when I'm suited and booted. We can take over the world together.


11th May, 2008

Magnetism for Men by Escada

Love is a mysterious emotion. You know you are in love when you have a wardrobe of some of the most celebrated scents and yet you reach for just one. It stays on your mind, you worry about it, you love it, you constantly have it in your innermost thoughts. It lives up to its name. Magnetism has got me clinched.
I wore it for the first time and I got the craziest sillage from it. It danced wildly around my wrist constantly somersaulting onto my nose. I then went to a trip and took it with me. During my time there it would only last 20 minutes. Maybe my nose was getting tired of it. Either way, I was disappointed greatly. Then when I got back home, I gave it one more chance. The little beauty pulled off 8 hours. So I had thought, but then it doesn't end there. That night, I slept with a smile on my face, knowing my Magnetism wasn't just another great smelling weakling. I then woke up surrounded by that all so familiar warm, sexy coca cola like smell. Magnetism had just pulled off 22 hours on my skin. Amazing!!
11th May, 2008

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

He looked at me and said; "That is one crazy perfume kid. What on earth is that? To just fill up the room like this?"

I in turn smiled and said, "Oscar de la Renta pour Lui"

"De Lui Oscar what?"

The statement had been made. Buy this if you want people to know you are there.
11th May, 2008

Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

Beautiful fresh scent. Sweet fro, the start and I can detect the mint in the opening. Its quite prominent.

Then it dries down to a soapy phase. This must be the florals in play. Then it has a liht vanilla base which is quite pleasant.

Longevity: 20 hours plus
Sillage: 3 feet
Power: Heavy (3 hours) then subtle (10-20 hours)

It'll rival scents worth £200 yet this is £10
07th April, 2008

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

Words cannot describe how much I love this fragrance. I just cannot describe it. Buy a bottle, I don't think a puny sample spritz will give you a fulfilling experience.

Sillage; 3-5 feet
Longevity; 10 hours plus
Strength; Intense opening, soft dry-down
03rd April, 2008

Quorum by Antonio Puig

The opening is almost 'sweet' but sharp and spicy all the same. This is probably the fruity topnotes in play. In a few minutes it becomes the uber masculine beast it is known to be. This is not for the feeble. It is really out there. The sillage is worrisome especially on a warm day. It seems to flatten all living and non living organisms within 3 feet. Not for the flower enthusiast as I can picture roses withering with this. Initially I hated this fragrance. Then one day I found myself craving it, so I wore it to sleep. That night I had an awkward dream where I was being constantly dogged by a strange smell. I woke up and this smell was still with me. I realised the culprit was Quorum!

In a nutshell, this has great longevity (8 hours plus) and sillage to match. Sidenote; the scent in the sillage is wonderful but the scent close to the skin is forgettable. This stuff scares me and I do get self conscious as it's very easy to overdo it. I'll always keep it in my wardrobe.
03rd April, 2008
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Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

It was around 3 pm, about 7 hours after I had sprayed it and I was just socialising with some friends. Then it got very windy and a gale force proportion gust of wind burst through the window and swept my shirt. Suddenly a girl uttered " Who's wearing Joop? It turns me on". She followed the trail and finally decided I was the source. She then realised it wasn't Joop! Before she could correct herself on being so insulting, I smiled and said "Le Male.. Jean Paul Gaultier"
03rd April, 2008

Canoé by Dana

The opening tickles my nose. This works best on a cool day in my opinion. It takes me back a few weeks where the temperatures were below freezing and I only had a jumper and a t-shirt. I was wearing Canoe. It surrounded me in this cool calming cloud of powdery sweetness. I never shivered once. It was so refreshing; which is a strange paradox given the conditions. It also reminds me of a moisturizer I used as a child. So I do get nostalgic. I do hate how it smells cheap but sometimes cheap is excellent. This is the case.

Longevity; 6 hours plus
Sillage; 2-3 feet
Strength; Intense opening 1 hour, moderate to subtle dry down 5 hours plus)
03rd April, 2008

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Yes, believe the hype. It is really THAT good. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Beautiful scent. I was anxious to try this gem so I went to theperfumeshop and the sales assistant who had sour breath sprayed it on my wrist. With this initially unpleasant experience I sniffed and dismissed A*Men as just a run of the mill fragrance. Luckily the weather brightened up and it got really hot. Worse still, I got into a stuffy bus. Here's where the magic began. The chocolate heavy scent began to project like nothing I have come across before. It was absolutely insane! I fel in love! Off that one spray, I was encompassed in a fresh but light chocolate cloud. People moved ever so closer. Whether this was because of A*Men or my rugged good looks ( he he), I will never know.

03rd April, 2008