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    D'Humeur Massacrante by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    An interesting scent reminiscent of strawberry fields. The scent dries down a little spicy like smashed pumpkins and finishes with a waft of Naperville zest. All in all it isnt bad but leaves out the Yankees spirit that I like in my scents.

    01st August, 2004


    Cuiron by Helmut Lang

    WOWWWW! FINALLY A MANLY FRAGRANCE!!! This is amazing! I got it as soon as I sniffed! Further description of it later for now I am in BLISS!

    19th October, 2002


    Intuition for Men by Estée Lauder

    Intuition is cheap smelling and awful. It is too sweet and lacks complexity on the dry down. If you dig this genre of scent Kiton Napoli or Allure are way better. Allure has a richer more pleasant dry down. Allure finishes smelling a bit like caramel. Intuition finishes smelling sickly sweet. a friend of mine kept on about how bad I smelled when i wore Intuition one time.

    13th September, 2002


    Allure Homme by Chanel

    This opens up with a bright burst of citron-zest giving a fresh snappy tart note. It then dries down to a smooth caramel like aroma with lingering patchoili undertones.

    17th October, 2001


    Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

    Thierry Mugler company sent me a sample of Cologne (how sweet of them). It almost blinded me it is the MOST BIZARRE sample I have ever seen it squirted me in the eye!!!! GRRRR. The scent IS NOT bad at all but not something I would wear. It smells like bug spray REALLY green. Anybody ever use "OFF?" It is an insect repellent and Cologne makes me think of my days at summer camp as a tike. Thierry is on my bad side now!.

    15th October, 2001


    Chrome by Azzaro

    I really dont understand WHY people like this

    01st September, 2001


    Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

    smells like that shampoo with the orgasmic woman

    01st September, 2001


    Number 1 for Men by Clive Christian

    I LOVE IT BUT, its kind of like a By meets DK MEN hybrid, not so origianl that I would bust close to 2 grand on it even if I was Bill Gates! I prefer By and its $80 or even less if you look on Scentiments! Besides who needs a crystal bottle when I could have a Zebra striped one????

    31st August, 2001


    212 Men by Carolina Herrera

    See now this is the thing about 212, a lot of people on the forum like it and it is a good scent BUT its B-O-R-I-N-G. nothing original. textbook lavender citrus woody fragrance. YAAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNNN! If ya like it enjoy it, its excellently crafted and of great quality but it aint got any zip to it. [UPDATE: July 2002, Al likes 212 now!]

    30th August, 2001


    Michael for Men by Michael Kors

    yes I like it! I would sleep wit hit if I cold its PHENOMENAL! Sometimes I have the idea of an amazing scent in my nose but can never find it. Its weird, I know WHAT I want something to smell like but I cant ever find it. Well, Kors men HIT it in the NOSE (no pun intended). To me it is initially like Angel women but lighter, then it dries down into an Allure men/Opium men hybrid but lighter than Opium and richer than Allure. Finally the Patchouli and Suede noted come out and make it AMAZING!!!! Also, I do smell the tuberose in it although it is quite muted. I felt MK was like a WAAAAAAYYYYYY better version than Allure.

    28th August, 2001


    Elements Aqua by Hugo Boss

    It starts out fresh with Juniper berries jumping out at you. A muted Lavender accord is also noticeable. mmmmmmm. The dry down is VERY smooth and almost creamy as the musk settles in. The fragrance is fresh, light but still a little dark and erotic

    28th August, 2001


    Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

    I tried BLV today at sax for the first time. HUGE LET DOWN!!

    25th August, 2001


    Présence by Montblanc

    yeck yumm yeck yumm yeck that is my reaction to the PEN company's fragrance!!!! It starts off bad then evolves nicely into a smooth light scent then dries into an artificial aroma then becomes interesting when its various notes start to dance around and finally just ends on an artificial note. I did link the lingering mint note in it.

    17th August, 2001


    Pasha Fraîcheur Menthe by Cartier

    LOVE the minty topnotes!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm! Like a York Peppermint pattie!!!!

    14th August, 2001


    L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! PERFECT SUMMER SCENT!!! SO fresh and light. YAAAAMMMM!!!! nice lingering herbaceaus notes. I sampled this a while back and have gradually come to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    12th June, 2001 (Last Edited: 10th August, 2001)


    By Man by Dolce & Gabbana

    I must say the most animalistic scent EVER and possibly one of the best fragrances ever is 'By Dolce Gabbana'. It comes in a zebra striped bottle. It screams GRRRRRRRR, LETS GET BUSY!!!! yes, Al is on hormonal overload AGAIN.

    31st May, 2001


    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    Amen is the closest thing to an aphrodisiac that I have ever encountered. No Joke (read old basenotes posts about my experiences). I find it too sweet BUT every time(and I mean EVERY time) I wear it out I end up with a girl. ITS CRAZY!!! However, it smells different on me than ANYONE else I have ever smelled it on. On me its lavendery with a little vanilla/caramel scent. Mugler is very generous with samples so if you go to a sax5th or Bloomingdales ask for a sample and wear it for a week. Not for a day or two but for a week. Ironically, the ONLY girl I ever met who did not like it is the girl I've fallen for.

    03rd April, 2001


    Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

    Umm, I would not go for it. Try Allure instead. It is a similar scent but more subtle and better made. Boss6 is a little cloying and synthetic smelling. It has done poorly in the US as well (east coast at least). Just a warning, you might love it who knows so try it out first.

    21st March, 2001


    Eau Sauvage Extrême by Christian Dior

    I re-tried Eau Sauvage extreme today and remembered how AMAZING it is. MUCH better than the original

    13th January, 2001

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