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Cool Water by Davidoff

Coming from the 50's generation when Mennen and Aqua Velva wowed the ladies, I can't say anything bad about this one--I'd never knowingly smelled this before I turned 70, and, when I did, I found a clean aquatic scent with a touch of peppermint ... and the dry-down was less sweet and better than merely inoffensive. As for the mid-notes, I can't detect any, but that could be part of the aging thing.

I should add that after 60 or so, many of us lose some of our ability to sort out the subtleties of colognes/perfumes, so one must take that into consideration when reading the reviews of the older generation.

When I judge a scent, I sincerely attempt to forget about its popularity, price, and reputation among the perfumistas.
22nd June, 2009