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Reviews by helenann

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Orris Noir by Ormonde Jayne

I longed for this for two years since the sample. Now I own and adore it. A classic and totally unique. A perfume with sophistication to be worn day or night.
07th July, 2008

Coco by Chanel

A classy warm fragrance - just discovered this winter and LOVE it! I wear it with black and crimson and feel a million dollars!
07th July, 2008

Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh by Jo Malone

A cologne which takes me back to the forties. Very pleasant and light. A shade on the sweet side after an hour or two but layering with Grapefuit takes away the sweetness. Flowery and quite wearable.
20th March, 2007
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Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

This started off quite peppery then the basil note quickly turned to smell like cat's urine on me. I quickly washed it off and tried it again later with the same result. Very disappointed as it was the first one I tried in a complimentary gift of four samples.
20th March, 2007

Amber & Lavender by Jo Malone

The amber in this gave me immediate heartburn! Not a pleasant combination. Not a perfume, just a strange smell in my opinion.
20th March, 2007

Eau des Vanilliers by L'Occitane

Purchased on one of those coming into spring and "have to buy a fragrance" days! Very affordable, light oriental, flowery. Sweet but subtle. My son has just come into the room as I spritzed for this review - "Whatever that is, it's great" he says!
27th July, 2006

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

I also (at 61) find this so easy to wear, is really just "lovely", not sweet, but light, with a bite of sophistication. Always uplifting. So pleased I found this and purchased immediately upon trying!
09th February, 2006

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

Absolute favourite for the past two years. Fresh and so easy to wear. I adore it. My car seems to have absorbed the fragrance also - greets me upon opening the door! Hmmmm. Also long for the sterling silver pendant with the Parfum. Now available from Hermes website. Also seen on Ebay.
16th January, 2006

Je Reviens by Worth

Today recieved a fabulous gift of a vintage Eau De Cologne "Je Revins" 500ml bottle, complete with a quantity of perfume. Bottle has glass stopper with W in the glass. Original blue box. Has been owned by someone who kept it in the box after each use. Perfume is still beautiful, a warm protecting motherly hug fragrance. No hint of rancidity. Such a treasure. Is this a 1932 launch? Round flat bottle.
16th January, 2006

Hiris by Hermès

I fell in love with this perfume from the first moment I tried it. Until Eau des Merveilles came along, I wore this fragrance for five years every day to work. Always compliments. Dry, warm, slightly spicy iris notes (which I love) - this perfume always awakens the senses and gives confidence. I was told in 2004 (here in NZ) that it was no longer available and seems to be harder to find now. A sealed box is in my collection.
16th January, 2006

White Linen by Estée Lauder

This was my signature fragrance for six years! Bottle after bottle and two bath powders also. A true classic. Clean fresh white linen - it certainly is. Now yearn for a more sophisticated fragrance. Ormonde Jayne maybe.....
16th January, 2006

Aromatonic by Lancôme

Liked it enough to buy at the time, but after short use green notes were too green, and not pleasant. I use it now as an air freshener only!
15th January, 2006

Joy by Jean Patou

My mother brought back a gold metal flask of Joy parfume from Grasse nearly thirty years ago. This was the most beautiful fragrance I had ever smelt. I still have the little flask and same fragrance still lingers there. I purchased Joy in solid perfume and this is so similar. Warm and comforting. The sharp, sour notes are certainly there now in my 45ml bottle of Eau De Joy which is quarter full after twenty years. Yes, I have rushed to the bathroom to wash wrists immediately after spraying. Most disappointing in this form.
15th January, 2006
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