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Supermodel by Victoria's Secret

I love this fragrance. It is soft, creamy and sweet. Smells very warm and envelops you in a sexy aura of soft fragrance. This one would be great for day or night, and I could see it being the scent I reach for on most occasions. I have the mini bottle, and will probably be buying a big one. I can smell a bit of berries, as well as a soft peachy smell, and the drydown is a creamy vanilla sandalwood. If this perfume were to be a color, it would be gold. It is rich and warm, very comforting. My fiance likes this one, and he is hard to please. Great job VS, this is what a supermodel should smell like.
04th October, 2008

Juste Un Baiser by Fragonard

This is quite a yummy fragrance. I get the pear and blackberry at first, and can definately detect the violet, but it is soft and not overwhelming. The Vanilla and musk come through, and it is quite sweet and fruity smelling. Smells like eating blackberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream. Probably best for a younger woman, has a very youthful sweet feel to it. Would be great for a teenage girl, or someone who doesn' t mind smelling like candy. Very nice, worth a try.

Here is the description:
"A fusion of mandarin, pear and violet on a heart of blackberry and wild strawberry, leaving behind an imprint of vanilla, amber and musk. Sweet, fruity and voluptuous, an eau de toilette imbued with charm and impertinence, poised between innocence and a bewildering feminity"
19th June, 2008

Magical Moon by Hanae Mori

I really expected to like this one. I LOVE the bottle, and the description sounded intruiging, yet once I actually put it on, I quickly decided this one is not for me. It smells mostly of incense, with a hint of flowers, and a sort of baby powder aspect. It is a very mature fragrance, one that I would not expect to smell on anyone under the age of 40. For an older woman it could be quite nice, but for me at 22, it is just stuffy. I do not smell much coconut, much to my dissapointment. Worth a try, but not for someone of my age.
16th June, 2008
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Crème Brûlée by Laura Mercier

Smells divine! It is the fragrance they put in the Creme Brulee Body Souffle, which I own and love. Sweet, sugary, carmelized, this one is definately a gourmand! After sitting a bit on my skin it took on an almost sweet flowery hint. I love this. A must try for any sweet vanilla lovers.
15th June, 2008

Almond Coconut by Laura Mercier

Gourmand at its best! This is a sweet treat. Syrupy sweet almond and coconut mingle with vanilla. It smells like a cross between some delicious pastry, and a tropical vacation. A must try in my book, but I am a sweet lover. If you do not like sweet foody gourmands, this one is probably not for you. Wear at your own risk, someone may want to take a bite!
15th June, 2008

Missoni Acqua by Missoni

When I sniffed this at the department store I loved it, but after taking a sample home and spraying it here, the magic is somewhat diminished for me. When you first spray it a rush of juicy melon can be detected, but the melon dissapears almost instantly leaving behind a fairly generic flowery smell. It isn't bad, but it's not exciting either. I wish the melon would stay longer, because it is the best part of the fragrance as far as I'm concerned. The floral leftovers seem like they would give me a headache after a while, and I don't want to stick around to find out. If you like very flowery smells, this one might be for you, don't get me wrong it is not at all bad, just not my style. Worth a sniff.
12th June, 2008

Coco Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This is a great scent if you are looking for something COCONUTTY. It is that, and not much else. That is what I was looking for when I purchased it, so I am happy, but I do not pick up much of the "island flowers". It is a great scent for summer, and has a very tropical beachy feel to it. Just spritzing this I am reminded of warm summer days on the beach, and tropical getaways. Doesn't really seem appropriate for winter (althought it may give you a pick me up on a cold dreary day). Quite pleasant and easy to like. Perfect for the coconut lover.
10th June, 2008