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West Indian Limes by Truefitt & Hill

I have a theory about old style perfumes of this sort that pre-date the synthetic fragrance revolution.

At the time it was created people were generally not as familiar with the smell of something like a lime to the extent that they are now, similarly they weren't used to synthetic fragrances. So essentially something 'lime like' automatically brought all the associations of a real lime with it.

These days people are very familiar with fresh limes - and simultaneously familiar with synthetic 'lime like' smells used in air fresheners, cleaning products etc. To the point where this fragrance smells like a good synthetic lime smell rather than bringing to mind fresh limes.

Yes, you do get neroli, orange, a touch of cloves etc. The dominant smell is that of synthetic lime though.
08th May, 2015

White Musk by Body Shop

Reasonable quality but anonymous and fairly generic scent. Starts off with lots of green notes and a strong smell of clean linen - it's similiar at this stage to Paul Smith Story, or Body Shop's own Kistna. It ends on a floral musky note.
06th July, 2008