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Hiris by Hermès

I got the purple bottle version at the Hermes store in Las Vegas, the store is gorgeous, lots of wood and gorgeous scarves all around. Hiris smelled at that moment like a small pot of pansy flowers, cold & wet, including the smell of the earth in the pot. Since then, I've noticed my perception of it always changes, it's never boring, sometimes it'll smell like a hot clothing iron, most of the time it'll smell of iris and cedar, sometimes I can smell a white floral in there too. Most of the time, it will seem to disappear on me even after 3-4 serious spritzes, but later people will say I smell very good or clean, I will have surprising people burying their nose in my chest, and my clothes will smell of it the next day. It's a very stealthy scent, so it's great for the office, or being around very sensitive people.
I love it, I will definitely buy again. I only wish there was a more intense version, or products to scent layer. I think a man could wear this just fine.
27th August, 2017

Douce Amère by Serge Lutens

I like it, it would not be annoying for work. I work in a cube-farm where everything is scentless and grey. So (some) scents become amplified, cloying or embarrassing especially if some prissy uppper-manager goes by.

I smelled the anise on initial application, but that faded to more vanilla, cedar and chocolate. It seems discreet, sexy, something to please the personal wearer.
I don't know of any smell-alikes, but always like to know about them.
24th March, 2007

Ambre et Vanille by E.Coudray

I smell Vanilla and Amber, that's all. It's very pleasant, it would be OK at work, and it costs about $33/3.4 oz.
20th February, 2007
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Poison by Christian Dior

I begged for this and got it from a boyfriend. I quickly tired of it, it was too strong, obnoxiously. I ended up giving it away but made them promise never to wear it around me.
I never smelled berries or incense. To me berries should smell like a blackberry patch heated by the sun, so there's a silky thick pool of intoxicating, sweet blackberry heaven. The same with raspberries or strawberries.
Loved the pretty bottle though.
02nd September, 2006

Jack Black Signature Black Mark by Jack Black

Lasts most of the day, smells very clean.
23rd April, 2006

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

This is a very clean, nice scent, not obnoxious, great for work in the beige cube-farms. If I want to smell fresh & clean, but not advertise at all that I'm wearing PERFUME, I wear this.
If a guy wore this, I'd think he was a classy, subtle guy, who doesn't want to kill people with his cologne.
It's hard to say if it lasts all day, but I do notice that I can smell it on my clothes the next day, in a subtle clean way.
23rd April, 2006

Ginger Essence by Origins

I like this but wish it would last longer. It smells like Hansens Ginger Ale Soda, with a splash of orange. It even smells a little fizzy.
It's very light and clean smelling, so would be great for work.
23rd April, 2006

Spring Fever by Origins

This smells exactly like spring at my grandparents old house, standing on the hill overlooking the river. Cottonwood & fruit trees budding, new grass, daffodils & iris blooming. The cottonwoods make the air syrupy & thick, warm & sweet, like honey.
I am thinking about putting it in a roll-on, to better control the amount. Sometimes it seems a bit strong in my cube in the beige cube-farm. It lasts all day.
Notes: Artemesia, Apple, Marigold and Linden Blossom, Mandarin, Cypress and Watermelon.
23rd April, 2006

Beach by Bobbi Brown

Brings back instant memories of the S. Oregon coast in innocent times that are no-more. Nowadays there's soo many three-wheelers, drunks & vandals, incessant noise & the smell of gas.
In the past, it'd be chilly, but nice if you can find of warm spot out of the wind, where it'd be peaceful, and you could hear the ocean and the wind brushing the beach grass, and maybe watch some deer walking along some streams in the dunes. You could hear the streams trickling, and there'd be some unusual wildflowers growing there. Beach smells like suntan lotion & scotchbroom smell, or maybe a lupine smell, you sometimes find them in the beach grass. It is a nice mood lifter, brings back memories of more innocent times. The smell doesn't last very long though, and it's very discreet if you have to deal with attention-ho-ish "chemical sensitives".
15th April, 2006