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Voile de Jasmin by Bulgari

Pour Femme with a twist
The clarity of jasmine
Allowed to run wild

Barging in on Rose
Trampling on good Violet
Muting Mimosa

But oh, Dear Jasmine
Frosted-glasses drama queen
Puttin' on the show

We sure are glad we
Saved your Marshall's ass from the
Pirates of the 'Bay

Not ev'ry bad boy
Appreciates a bad girl
Who still acts proper

House of Bvlgari
And whatever else it says
On that fine tattoo

Claimin' that you knew
'Fumes of the Rich and Famous
'Fore you met the King

Duke or Whatever
Mayor of Perfume City
As we might be known

Have a Red's green card
To go with that fake BC
Fake, real, whatever

The one in the box
Your precious lil cardboard box
Claimin' that you's kin

To Old Lady Femme
And Rosie O'ssentially
Or what? Whatever.

Chill out with the stars
We've got air conditioning
On Jasmine Island

Cuz you all is now
' Case people asks, Queen of the

And now that we get
Where you be comin' from, girl
How 'bout one more star?

Yeah, don't mind the Duke
He'll make sure your Aunt Rosie
Pays us a visit

Seein' that Pour Femme
Is already hangin' out
With the Mayor's wife

And oh by the way
Let me tell you Neil's story
About fragrant dreams.
26th May, 2019

Osmanthus by The Different Company

Dokudami tea
Meets gin or kin mokusei
Somewhere in China.

To both Osmanthe Yunnan and
Jour d'Hermès, methinks.

On a poster on
The dorm-room wall of that new
Tiffany fragrance.

A floral whistle
On a spring breeze pouring out
Of that soap box in

The laundry closet
Next to those clean, slept-in sheets
Where she is lying

With her damn smartphone
Windows open, blinds rustling
On a clear spring day

And some kind of tea
(Not being a tea person)
Think I could get used

To this aroma
Though coffee and a bagel
Would sure hit the spot.
21st May, 2019

Twilly d'Hermès by Hermès

O, spicy flower
Tempted by ginger and woods
Come away with me!

Let my tragic love
Be enough for just one night
Before you return

To handmaiden days.
Let shaman's sandalwood spell
Open mind's eyelids

To woody sandstorms
Lives and stories lost to time
By some other tribe

Laughing at our own
For thinking that anything
Belongs to something

Understanding not
Why parts of speech are needed
To come between us.

Should this not suffice
To pry you from your mistress
And into my arms

Then hear ginger's song
Liar to all who listen
Faithless counselor

With sweetest of voice
Knower of men and women
That dime-store siren

Who would please us all
Just to say that she did it.
Let her convince you

To walk spicy coals
On some distant beach with me
In our fragrant dream.

Let her love of life
Infect your own on that beach
Under diff'rent stars.

Bring your silly hat
And all your other girl charms
To find your way back

But watch in wonder
With eyes closed and nose open
As they disappear

From truest story
Where all of us met before
You woke with a smile.
18th May, 2019
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Mitsouko Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

What wondrous story
Making past seem like present
Stirs in your bottle?
26th April, 2019

Hommage à L'Homme by Lalique

Yo prissy oud wood
Deserves to be slapped by some
Movie heroine

Name of Violet
As pixels dance and shudder
And the eye music

And the nose music
Jitters just right to where it
All feels like one script

Two fifty six bits
Of something or something else
"It's the texture, man!"

He says, as if these
Damn aromachemicals
Weren't just some damn Tek.
25th April, 2019

Aventus for Her by Creed

Beautifully harsh
Is the ambroxan screech of
This siren harpy

Non-royal water
Nevertheless projecting
Both beauty and beast

Creed's mythical Bond
Celebrity offering
Scent Of Peace For Her

Retaining BEAST MODE
As insurance policy
Of hommely hommage

Yet rosey delights
Await more patient seekers
In myth's fair garden

Of more fragrant truth
Herventus pomonella
As she might be known

Apple of Red's nose
And worthy announcer of
Creed's next offering

Or'nge Man Expensive
Is a complicated thing
But easy to love

By old world design
Using new retellings of
Molecular truths

As those molecular truths
Tend to end to be

Okay - where was I?
Ah, yes - Aventus For Her
Not to be confused

With the mythical
Royal Jardin d'Ambroxanne
Or some such fragrance

That most Basenoters
Would find unnecessary
Outside completion

Of their collections
And yet Red'sinner rich guy
Of zero Zara

Loves Tragic Beauty
Just like this Tragic Sampler
And bought a bottle

In another life
Of diff'rent persistences
But sim'lar beauties.
02nd April, 2019

David Beckham Classic Touch by Beckham

From the makers of
Celebrity Chemicals
Comes New and Improved

Football Chemicals
A pleasant variation
Upon Coumarin

In admixture with
Precious limonene, also
Known as the fougère

Perhaps skeletal
But a fougère nonetheless

In the presence of
Detectable lavender.
Then just add clear fruits

A.k.a. esters
Those ethereal ketones
(Ain't nature just grand?)

And you're almost there.
That's cuz Football Chemicals
Flanker number n

Doth also contain
Some buttery-faceted
Pop aromachem

That's also found in
Black-Hatted Country Music
Husband Chemicals

(Not to be confused
With similar chemicals
Of unpaired nature

Vis-à-vis the wife.)
This then lightly spiced melange
(Whatever "spice" is,

Possibly just some
Raspy facets in faux wood)
Is given some musk

Which adds pleasant warmth
And (upon too many wears)
A nice TOUCH of skank

(Perhaps then passing
For leather in certain ways)
And thus completing

My fond impressions
Of one more great flanker of
Football Chemicals

Which apparently
Was created by the great
Nathalie Lorson

Thereby explaining
Why this fifteen-buck fragrance
Smells more like fifty.

On that note we end
What is perhaps my greatest
Abuse of haiku

But to make quite sure
We add flaming lacquerware
In a brook in spring.
18th March, 2019

Lisboa Colombo Aventida Do Colegio Militar by Zara

Generic's code is
Feynman's clean sun citrus clothes
and Bottom's more room.
15th March, 2019

Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive by Zara

His Excellency
Saint Tommy Bahama Ford

And Her Persistence
Lady Amber Funk-Vanille
Of Suntan Worship

Smoking After Sex
And Daddy's Pipe Tobacco
Most kindly request

The pleasure of your
Presence at the wedding of
Their loving daughter

Neeshawna Budgette
To Sir Rich Warm-Addictive
Most loving child of

Zara Brownbottle
Of Sevilla, España
And her late husband

One More Zara Frag
Discontinued The Moment
That It's Discovered.

In lieu of flowers
Please send your kind donations
In the couple's name

To Scammers, Shills and
Speculative Resellers
Of your loving choice.
08th March, 2019

Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

"Lightness Can'tly Borne
Persistence of Red Claiborne"
Borne upon some thrill

Some distant beauty
Tangent - linearity
Call it what you will.

FrEauTea or FLEauRaL
REaLiTea or NEauRaL
Uone can hardLi say

Smell's just connection
Olfactory reflection
Beauty thr'eau decay.

Uone person's Candy
Another's English black Tea
All and nothing's real

Perfume is perfume
Chemisperception's safe room
How'd it make you feel?

Red plastic wrapper
ClariTea refracts dapper
Visperfumish lie

Curve Metaphoric
L'eau Aqua Allegoric
Y'eau're its reasons Y.

"Where's [lost note 1A]?"
Lost on someone's DNA
Was it ever there?

"Tobacco flower"
Olfactaddition's power
Far beyond the square.

If tonka's write there
And the writer's wood s'eau swear
Wood (s)?he then mislead?

What if the Basenotes
Are not the saving grace notes?
Is to say misdeed?

Thus let the mind walk
Associative cross-talk
Why should this get love?

Pure thought connections
Art collector reflections
Something from above.

Think back to Claiborne
Classy perfume t'was once worn
By a gal I knew

Lady iconic
Thus making Curve ironic
Me without my Bleu.

Words often fail us
Fragrant notes can derail us
Perfume says much more

Choice, change and spirit
Time's grace lets us endear it
Seen in what we wore.

Curve's late Connection
Flanker of lost affection
Captures in a scent

Faint fruity floral
Like fragrant future moral
Words we really meant.

Scent that could not be
When it truly spoke of me
Like equation solved

Random reminder
Time's hints, its thwarts, its blinder
Why we're thus absolved.

Thus find remembrance
Not imagined resemblance
That shall be my Creed

Fragrant forgiveness
Some that-we-all-may-live-ness
Perfume's worthy deed.

Eau sympathetic
Arguably synthetic
This my final call

Worthy Curve flanker
A take-it-to-the-banker
Pyramids and all.
06th March, 2019

C0r4n0l by Zara

Woody, spicy, soapy, weird
Nature mocked, convention sneered
Dalek pepper, Borgly cube
Wasted on this wasteful rube.

"Git thy ass back into space!
Leave alone this humble place!
Take your mimic pepper pod
From our vetiveric sod!"

Overdose Collection glam?
Nightly nichely Zara scam!
Here today and gone tonight
Moonshine fragrance op's not right!

Couldn't buy it if they tried
Sing it's praise? I'd better lied!
"Trust me, boys, this bilge is crap."
Lest the Bay spoil someone's nap.

Truth be told, it's not that bad
Not that good, but not that sad.
Worth a cheapie bargain find
Not worth messing up your mind.

Brother frag of C4SHMER4N
Bothly buy worth shiply plan
4MBROX 2 if U can win
3 of cubes in shopping bin.

Weirdness still says thus to Red
"Stick with Bleu, don't weird your head."
Some are born to bear with niche
Others best stay mainstream riche.

Think I'll stick with Tokyo
Kenzo's clone of CLOR4NO.
Sorry, that's a chemist's joke
Halophobic perfume poke.

Damn you, Zara bottle buy
Kenzoclonic reasons why
One more bottle, almost blind
Indexed in olfactive mind.

Still, a toast to fragrance more
Added to my private store
One more poem, one more smile
Life is good, let's stay a while.
03rd March, 2019

Wanted by Night by Azzaro

Where do I begin?
(No beginnings or endings
Seems to be the rule.)

So I might as well
Blame it on Pine-Sol again
(He of little faith)

Born to come at me
A thousand different ways
By Beauty's design

Eyeing clear facets
On Ambroxanne's better hand
Sayin' "Hey there, babe,

Lookin' for a job?"
Like she'll turn down anything
"This one is easy."

Until she objects
"Not those three jokers again!"
Pine-Sol starts laughing

Talkin' 'bout Lemon
Vetiver and Cardamom
"That damn kid is fresh!"

Gotta be Cardy
"He lit my damn wig on fire!"
Pine-Sol crackin' up

He knows the story
"And me - a married woman!"
She puffs 'em out good

"Double the money"
Meaning original price
The old gal is in

Athena wakes up
No mortal fucks with that girl's
Higher abstractions

"It's gonna be great"
Pine-Sol unrolls the blueprints
Amber gets that look

Zeus tuckin' it in
As throne-room doors fly open
"You ALLOWED this crap?"

With judicious cringe
"My radical abundance..."
Dodging thrown fire-tongs

"It has a purpose."
"That is MY fucking temple
He's walking into."

"Cedar will be here."
"What's that thing she's holding?"
"You don't need to know."

Gaining composure
Trying to explain Amber's
Terpenoid beauties

"This will all work out."
Lost to sound of fuck you heels
Poseidon wakes up.

"What is going on?"
Cinnamon shaking her head
Tobacco snickers

"They said we're needed."
Glancing into the rear-view
"I'm not seeing it."

"Whatever it is
If they wanted us to know
They would have told us."

"Ask the three stooges!"
Pine-Sol laughing in the van
"We's jus da cleanas!"

Vetiver blows smoke
"Don't mind us, Miss Cinnamon."
"Hey, bro - we're Wanted."

Cardamom high-fives
Vetiver high-fives Pine-Sol
High-fives Lemon Oil.

Scanning her temple
Through defiling Cyclops eyes
Athena spies him

Faithful acolyte
Walking into treachery
Her temple defiled

By schemes within schemes
Lies that hide in tiny print
Warfare cast as law.

Whisks him back in time
To wondrous gift of vision
Both promises made

And promises kept
Of her temples not defiled
When so instructed

Athena winking
Argus the Kid finds Beauty
Beauty finds Argus

Plot unfoldimg
Dance of love but no handles
Where treason thought them

Temple plots undone
By higher plots, higher loves
Vetiver's arms raised

In a fucking V
Ambroxanne comes up snake eyes
But hits the jackpot

Pine-sol engineered
"Dude, you're a freaking genius.
He's gonna buy it."

Pine-Sol turns around.
"All these jokers think that this
Other shit matters."

All eyes on the screen
Cardamom shaking his fist
"Buy the fucking gun!"

Neptune walks up to
Athena on topless beach
"Sorry, I'm busy"

Behind her Chanels
Eyes wide shut in far-off land
As he walks away

She yells after him
"No other gods before me!"
Neptune turns around

"It's why Zeus loves him.
But he will never love Zeus
The way he loves me."

The Lone Gunmen cheer
As face-palm bottle heads for
Radio City.

Athena inhales
Cedar's violin aloft
Radio silence

Temple doors erupt
To cheers from parked cleaning van
As Argus walks free

Tobacco looks at
Cinnamon looks at Cedar
Looks at her fiddle

Staring at zeroes
"I thought this guy had a gun."
Beach babe laughs "He did!"

Someone says "That's it?"
Lemon Oil turns to Pine-Sol
"We really did it."

"Ambroxanne did it.
Just like she pulls Cardy's chain
She's what makes the sale."

"And the other stuff?"
"It's all unimportant, kid."
"Then what the hell is?"

"Only simple stuff."
Acolyte smiles at goddess.
Zeus smiles at them all.
27th December, 2018

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves' parting menace
The Honey Melliflougère
Don't care what we think.
05th December, 2018
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Mandom by Mandom

May minimize mere macho
Midst more menschly math.
26th November, 2018

David Beckham Homme by Beckham

Peppery, fruitless
Pencil-woody Aventus
In 9IX style.
22nd November, 2018

Tokyo Bloom by The Different Company

On cool Spring road to
Original Vetiver
A girl at a well.
14th November, 2018

Stetson Fresh by Stetson

No sharp edges in
Easy-going country Chrome
Wind, but not Windex.
14th November, 2018

Stetson Black by Stetson

Black hat, black leather.
Smoky wood and gasoline.
Fahrenheit Dark Light.
13th November, 2018

Epicéa by Creed

Spruce beer: 90 kegs
Added to the ship's wardrobe
As a nutrient

For perfumistae
Known to prevent the dreaded
Aesthetic scurvy

Sore affliction of
Fragbro and nichester alike
On long voyages

Of discovery.
Used somewhat judiciously
Thereby avoiding

The addiction called
"Conehead fever" by such types
We were able to

The greater olfactosphere
In less than a year.

Also known by the
More charming French monicker
Of "Épicéa"

This fine concoction
When dabbed or sprayed as a mist
Provided relief

From the absence of
Tropical and citrus notes
Normally found in

Tommy Bahama
Aqua Allegoria
Acqua di Parma

And other perfumes
Of hespiridic nature
Or standard colognes.

Sadly, it is known
That modern fragrance habits
Frequently omit

Proper hesperides
Resulting in dubious
And curious tastes

Leading, shall we say
To artifice and excess
Quite unnatural.

That the common spruce
Should ward off said scurvy was
Revealed to us by

Our Indian scout
Improbably named Sternberg
Through accident of

An apprenticeship.
Now, as to the nature of
This natural cure

Some have likened it
To gray-capped Creed toiletries
Of citric nature

Both Santal Impérial
And Bois de Cédrat

Although foresaid scout
Swears that Épicéa is
Kin to an essence

To be called "Pine-Sol"
In some distant future where
All shall be revealed.

While it is alleged
That our fine spruce beer contained
Clove and lavender

And some of the crew
Swore that they could detect these
I personally

Was not so impressed.
Rather, I was entertained
With being in some

Fragrant Valhalla
Surrounded by conifers
And alpine flowers.

Such was my pleasure
That without reservation
I can recommend

This healthy liquor
When used regularly and
07th November, 2018

Whitewater Rush by Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Fierce
And Blue Yankee Cotton are
Their own cool shadows.
05th November, 2018

Traversée du Bosphore by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Tales of dusty roads
And odd sweets, we laundered with
Her Black Opium

And my cough syrup
Plus some vanilla extract
Possibly stolen

"Kinda perfumey"
But better than those bus smells
Just one sniff away

"See the world" they said
Smell the world is more like it
Then cover it up

Pretend it's not there
Then yearn for something still real
Ah, but there's the rub

That magic moment
Of information in the

Meant to hide all the
Bad information from the
Good information

And information
Just wants to be valu'ble
Or so they told us

Though I must admit
That perfume is all lies, too
Even our fake Tide

Hiding all of our
More interesting stories
In more charming ones

So now, where were we?
Ah, yes. Riding on that bus.
Climbing rope odors

I still remember
How they made Black Opium
More like Terre d'Hermès

So don't ask me what
Istanbul really smells like
I'd just have to lie.
03rd November, 2018

David Yurman Limited Edition by David Yurman

Dark exotic rose
Making gravity sexy
In that Yurman way.
01st November, 2018

Rosarium by Shiseido

Clean skank power rose
Little girly girl bottle
Hides big rose drama

Some jasmine story
Told with tea rose kabuki
Where clean is dirty

And dirty is clean
Where simple is complex and
Complex is simple

"There's only one note!"
And so began my journey
To understanding

How little I knew
About the Rosarium
Floral nucleus

Unfolded by thought
Pondering reflections on
Its shiny surface

Not mere sensation
Of obvious departures
From the obvious

At the moment when
She made Chanel Gabrielle
Smell as complex as

Gabrielle Chanel
I knew that I could trust her
To tell me the truth.
27th October, 2018

Cruel Intentions by By Kilian


new dress new heels new
job new purse new lipstick new
roses new trouble


"Of course she smells great,
you moron. It's the smell of
your money burning."


Devoted father,
son, husband, brother, uncle,
and friend to many.
14th October, 2018

Speed Smelling 2017 Postmodern Collection : Nelly Hachem-Ruiz by IFF

Super 'Nilla Girl
Platinum blond of blond woods
And smilky ethers

Her powers include:
Sweeter than pure cane sugar
Coconuts thrown at

The lightness of light
White pepper sandalwood rays
O, Brother, Where Art

Them there muses of
White pepper sandalwood rays
With power mighty

To make all questions
Of creamy versus milky
Just kinda vanish

Down by the river
Of those Bath and Body Works
In Yupper Laccia?

Well I do reckon
I run into her kinfolk
Somewhere on the way

To frag house freedom
And I done had a good time
On my journey home.
13th October, 2018

Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

Straight is relative
Complication stands guard at
The patchouli gates

Where memories of
Fragrance dear and story past
Tempt us off-line, their

Its to bits and their
Curling wits so densely packed
As to make one sigh

Upon grateful breath
With a bit less oxygen
A bit more delight

And thus we see that
All is well on the not so
Straight and narrow path

Still appearing straight
On heavenly inspection
Though to localish

Eyes, ears, nose and throat
Those boozy geodesics
Take us on their ride

Through woody woodlands
And spicy heartlands, not all
Of our own making

Nor all of theirs but
Something greater where ev'ry
It is one with wit

As we point to bit
Making our vain pronouncements
That we understand

And where was I? Yes
On some randomly crooked
Stairway to Heaven

Don't mind that it takes
That there down escalator
Through the perfume shop

Fiat lux adored
Fiat odore left to
Its own devices

Of whirling its and
Churning bits of alleged

Where somebody said
Leave out the totality
But not for my sake

Yeah, that's the ticket
I think I'll listen to that
Little old lady

The one who sees the
Wrong magic in ev'rything
She gets patchouli.
11th October, 2018

Speed Smelling 2017 Postmodern Collection : Julien Rasquinet by IFF

Myrrhum myrrhvana.
Not myrrh rhum but myrrh than rhum.
Myrrhaculous myrrh.
10th October, 2018

Speed Smelling 2017 Postmodern Collection : Dominique Ropion by IFF

WARNING: This fragrance
May result in some kind of
Epiphanous state

If you fall asleep
While first experiencing
The utter weirdness

Of psychedelic
Barnyard Egypt alien
Future fruitiness.

It has pyramids
ETs, lightshow, universe
Turns into Vegas

And don't blame me for
Leaving out Moses, cat gods
Steve Jobs and the rest

All bordering on
Simulation awareness
Though to be honest

Mileage may vary
Near the speed of xxxxxxx light.
Thus, I refuse to

Recommend this here
Mind-blowing fragrance per se
Nor seeking it out

Since these results are
Unexpected, shall we say
And rather unique.

Instead, I merely
Leave one message of the dream
A point well taken:

That we should love truth
For its own sake, and not for
The power it grants.

(I know that's a "should", but substitute "can" if you want, since the original thought was without words, and is somewhat larger.)

It would be rude of me and violate the taught principle not to bring this back to perfumery and an actual review. This fragrance has a unique tension that shows not only stylistically, as a sort of old / new conflict, and as the usual good / bad thing, but there is even a really weird accord that feels solitary and unitary and whole like chypre - like a musical tone - yet it embodies the conflict. It was a "note" that felt both beautiful and unsettling at the same time - a slightly minor key. In many ways, this is the same beauty as certain real ouds, but by a different route, or changed in some ways, which may be extending the same oud facet to create a focal point with a different feeling.

I expect we will see some great fragrance derived from this on shelves - possibly in the luxe niche category, if it's not already out there. IFF never lets a great idea like this go to waste.

Not kidding about the dream. I love this hobby! I think being in a dreamy state can really open us up to the emotional and symbolic messages in fragrance, particularly with some starter cues from the perfumer (like poem titles, etc.) Brian C.'s review of the new Slumberhouse scent (6s&7s) was a great example.

Ok. Maybe time to go back to sleep. LOL.

Good night.
08th October, 2018

Infusion d'Amande by Prada

The addition of
Almond elastomers to
Linen of iris

Gave a blue tint to
Sexy saintly macaroons
Without damaging

Their sterility
Or their soft, crunchy sweetness
Or so it sure smelled.

Fresh from no oven
Lunarossyl alcohol
Filled the air of some

Medically fresh
Patisserie of iris
Delivering their

Floral marzipan
In oblate hemispheroids
To smiling smelling.

I wasn't quite sure
I was actually there
I guess that's the point.
05th October, 2018

Speed Smelling 2017 Postmodern Collection : Domitille Michalon Bertier by IFF

So I tickles Baby Skank
Gives him a noogie

And then Mama says
He looks like Uncle Kouros
He looks just like him

Cep for she don't know
Baby Skank was adopted
And then I sees that

Li'l boy ain't got no
Li'l boy parts in his li'l pants
Oh we gone raise her

Without none of them
Gender pref'rence says Nilla
And then I'm thinkin'

She looks like Nilla
Alway tryin' some kinda
New-fangled thingy

Cep then I recall
We's all just characters in
Some Redneck's noggin

In some dang program
In some other program in
Some simulation

So I says out loud
Well she sure is a cute one
And that kid's got me

Thinkin' that maybe
I'll give old Kouros a call
Reckon he'd like one

So then Mama says
I never believed that boy's
Big gold tooth was real

So then I says yeah
Maybe it was just fool's gold
But it sure fooled me

I kinda like our
Neighborhood with all them kids
Just like the old times

Always some new name
I cain't pronounce quite right next
Door to one I cain

So I up and says
Thank God for Amber Woods and
Mama just laughs cuz

Amber babysits
The entire neighborhood's kids
Includin' Nilla's.
03rd October, 2018