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Brit Gold by Burberry

Very unisex, top notes are playing second fiddle to the great sandalwood drydown, good for layering also.
03rd June, 2009

Ormonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

Deserves the 5 star status from Turin IMO, good peppery opening, great cedar drydown and very long lasting,
19th May, 2009

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

Great fragrance, in the same vein as Clinique Happy and ADG, lasting power is great.
30th April, 2009
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Nicole Farhi Homme by Nicole Farhi

Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleue Pour Homme revisited, if you like that one then fine, but too sharp for me.
05th April, 2009

Green by Byredo

Could have so been made by Diptyque, not purely green but more of a floral, thr drydown is good and lasts quite a long time.
05th March, 2009

Victorian Posy by Penhaligon's

Sharp floral opening, rose and hyacinth, certainly not unisex, seems old fashioned to me
05th March, 2009

Offrez-Lui by Galimard

Reminds me of Caron Pour un homme, great drydown, the longevity isn't great on me though.
04th March, 2009

Jardin Clos by Diptyque

A green floral, smell of hyacinth is very apparent at opening, good longevity, too feminine in my opinion.Smells like a garden but a garden very different to the "Hermes" sort!
04th March, 2009

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Great material, great bottle, but the iris note is a little overwhelming in my opinion. I prefer the 'Cologne" version which is more citrus and the iris is more subdued.
26th February, 2009

212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera

The original 212 men is much better, this is cloying, linear and reminds of Joop that I hate..staying power is average but sillage is good.
14th February, 2009

Aramis 900 by Aramis

Appeared very modern to me, very unusual rose/pachouli and long lasting to . Turin has given the almost identical womens perfume made (very probably) by the same perfumer, Aromatic Elixir a 5 , so count Aramis 900 as a Turin 5 , it deserves it.
25th December, 2008

Solo Soprani Musk by Luciano Soprani

This is marketed as male scent in the Middle East, great sexy musk
12th September, 2008

The Dreamer by Versace

The top notes are too harsh and the drydown is very long lasting and good , but I was expecting much more from this.
31st July, 2008
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Bijan Nude for Men by Bijan

The fragrance features gardenia, amber, musk, citruses and precious woods, one of Bijan's best IMO, with great staying power, citrus opening, gardenia middle and very woody drydown, really good.
23rd July, 2008

Bijan Style Men by Bijan

Very aromatic with
top notes are lavender, cloves and bergamot;
middle notes are lime, musk and vetiver;
base notes are sandalwood, citruses and cedar.
Very similar pyramid to Musc Ravageur, the only problem maybe longevity...
23rd July, 2008

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

After the initial rather harsh opening, it quietens down and becomes highly enjoyable, similar to Polo green but with less green opening and great leathery drydown. Lasts for ever.
18th July, 2008

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

The intense version has a much better drydown..
05th July, 2008

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

Type the words Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan into Google and you'll wind up with a deluge of hyperbole: "shocking and erotic", "raw, dirty and sensual", "musk, salt, armpit and leather, in that order", and my favorite piece of ridiculousness: "the aftermath of bodies intertwined in coitus".

Uh-huh. Right.

People, please -- can we have some perspective when it comes to talking about a frickin' perfume? One of the reviewers said she let her fourteen year old daughter smell Muscs Koublai Khan and the girl said that it smelled kind of pretty, like incense, which is a far more perceptive and honest statement than all the noise about skank, sweat and armpits her mother was raving on about.

I've been in a lot of locker rooms, played baseball, football, soccer and basketball with a lot of sweaty guys, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that there's nothing about Muscs Koublai Khan that smells remotely like a rank armpit or a sweat soaked guy, and I have this suspicion that some women (and some gay men) who review this perfume engage willingly in a kind of mass Harlequin Romance delusion about how men smell when they sweat.

Really, we don't smell anything like Muscs Koublai Khan when we sweat. If we did, we wouldn't need Muscs Koublai Khan, and need it we do if we desire to smell at all dashing or charming when standing at a doorway, a bunch of flowers clutched in one hand and a finger pressing the doorbell.

Muscs Koublai Khan is, instead, exactly how the level-headed fourteen year old girl described it -- a little sweet, a little smoky incense and kind of pretty (albeit underscored with a warm, rich synthetic musk for lots of depth). The rest of the twisted-knickers crowd twittering their skanky fantasies over Musc Koublai Khan reminds me of the same sort of reactions that get twittered over Caron's Yatagan -- since it doesn't smell like a powder-puff, the more, erm, delicate souls among us succumb to the vapors and immediately start hallucinating fecal matter and men's sweaty armpits.

Believe me, how they jump from a bottle of rather nice, lightly floral and smoothly musky cologne to writhing coitus, sweaty balls and "every secretion ever extracted from a mammalian backside all rolled into one" reveals far more about them than it does about Muscs Koublai Khan.

25th June, 2008

Aigner Suede for Men by Etienne Aigner

You can smell the suede right from the start and it gradually drys down to a ambry finish nothing very original.
24th June, 2008

Aigner Black for Men by Etienne Aigner

Very sweet opening which I personally did not like, thogh I normally like gourmands, try before you buy.
24th June, 2008

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I don't know what note is it in the opening but I hated it from the start, washed it off immediately, I really am surprised at its popularity, I love Body Kouros BTW, as it is a completely different type of perfume.
24th June, 2008

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

It reminds of rubber, grass and petroleum , if you wait for the drydown it is leathery and good though.
24th June, 2008

Cool Water by Davidoff

I think the opening is an overdose of rosemary, and it seems linear to me..
24th June, 2008

Brit for Men by Burberry

Very feminine even more so than Burburry Brit Gold for women!, it has rose in it and turns baby powdery in 5 minutes...I returned my bottle.
04th June, 2008 (last edited: 14th June, 2008)

Casran by Chopard

very gourmand and sweet, good drydown, made by Nathalie Lorson, of Kate Moss and Boucheron Saphir fame.
15th May, 2008

Cool Water Summer Fizz by Davidoff

Notes are kiwi, lavender, mandarin orange,
mint, sage, cedar, bergamot,
white musk and lemon.
13th May, 2008

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

Has similarities with A men. very sexy and youthful, made by Oliver Cresp no less and notes are fresh lemon notes, Kalamanzi fruit, tagetes, sage, praline, cardamom, cinnamon, Tou balsam, rosewood, black amber, patchouli and ebony.
11th May, 2008

Cool Water Game by Davidoff

Created by Pierre Wargnye. Top notes are basil, grapefruit, lemon verbena and watermelon; middle notes are black currant, lavender and violet leaf; base notes are patchouli and woodsy notes.
08th May, 2008

Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

Oriental woody fragrance for men. The noses behind this fragrance are Francis Demachy and Louise Turner. Good but I prefer Fhrenheit 0 degres.
07th May, 2008

Pour Un Homme by Caron

very dated, gives me a headache, must be the lavender.
07th May, 2008