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Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

I own this, and like it, but nowhere near as much as the original Covet. The woman in the shop tried to stop me even having the slightest sniff of the top notes on the basis that , "it's too strong to begin with, but it gets really delicate". I think her definition of delicate must be somewhat different to mine. Though it absolutely smells more feminised than the original Covet (which while not totally unisex seems wearable by a man), it doesn't seem at all delicate.
The top notes of plum, mandarin and coconut water I'm assuming are supposed to give it a tropical fruity floral kick. However, they seem to be the most transient top notes of any scent I've tried. Usually it takes about half an hour or so for me to be able to smell the middle section, but it was under ten minutes on the first go with this.
Thus the kick is more of a prod and it goes all floral (as the name suggests). It's very like a bouquet on me. I like it, but it's going into my work scents pile rather than the wonderful pleasure pile.
04th August, 2008

Delirium by Mango

I'm not sure what it's supposed to smell of but on me it is like a hair salon, and not a particularly good one. Sharp, nose hurting and hairspray like.
29th May, 2008

Fever by Lush

According to Lush this scent is intoxicating, and one of the most requested soap to perfume fragrances. I can't say it inspires that level of love from me. However, it is a nice simple jasmine based fragrance, it has rose and sandalwood in there too, but it's the jasmine that is most predominant for me. It seems a bit sharp to begin with, but on me scents often do. Being a solid scent there isn't that gradual changing element that liquids have, however it sometimes does smell different depending on amount applied or my skin (perspiration?!).
For less than four pounds it is an absolute bargain, and solids have the wonderful bonus that you don't have to worry about the bottle breaking in your bag if you want to take them out and about.
25th May, 2008
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Devon Violets by Aidees

I'm working on the assumption that the Aidees version is the same as Lowdnes Pateman version that I have.
(A googling for Aidees gave me only Yorkshire Dale Violets)

It is a really simple scent, and lovely. It's quite powdery and if that makes you think little old lady then you probably should stay away. Personally I like smelling a bit old fashioned sometimes. For me it is the scent version of Swizzels-Matlow's fine sweeties, with less sugar, and no teeth rotting.
It is a slightly alarming green colour though. Just close your eyes and smell it.
25th May, 2008

Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

I love this. I have to be feeling in a lively mood to carry it off though. I started wearing it a few years ago when living with my GBF who decided I was in need of scent therapy, and it worked. It is a perky fruity floral, and unlike most of the fruity florals filling the shelves at the moment it is citrus rather than sweet berries.
As BettyBoop's review says, it is a contradictory scent. It starts really quite sharp with the grapefruit (reminds me of breakfast), then gets sweeter and quite cutesy, and then goes all 'grown up' again.
I'm on my third bottle, but it does strike me as very young feeling so I'm not sure whether it'll continue to suit me enough to get to bottle 4!
19th May, 2008

Charlie Gold by Revlon

Lovely vanilla-y scent. Starts a bit floral, but goes very much vanilla on me quite quickly. Can be too sweet (I got my bottle donated from my mother whom it made feel ill), and is perhaps quite an early/pre-teen scent. Though Revlon seem to target all the Charlies at that age group.
For the price though it is a really very decent scent.
19th May, 2008

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

The bottle is very pretty, I love the cute plastic little flower. The scent is as dull as anything. It's not horrible, it's perfectly inoffensive and just so boring. On me it seems to skip the notes I'd most be interested in (Violet) and just smells lightly floral.
I imagine it'd be great as an office fragrance if you happen to work with olfactory over-sensitive types, but to me it's too bland.
27th April, 2008

Showtime by Kylie Minogue

My husband bought me this because, and only because I'm a Kylie fan. A very blind buy.
First time out it didn't really grab me, but a few wears on and I'm rather liking it. Yes it is one of a gazillion celebrity fruity florals, but it's not bad. In fact it's rather nice. It is very sweet, certainly to start with, and if you'll be spending time closely with other people one squirt is quite enough. Yet it doesn't smell as childlike as some others seem to ( e.g. JLo Live, though I do enjoy it), but is still quite a cheery summery scent.
26th April, 2008

Fig, Almond and Cassis by Tesco

I should start my review by mentioning that I hate Tesco, and avoid the loathsome place as much as possible. Unfortunately needs must, and whilst grumping my way around there this week I remembered Wordbird's review and thought I might try some, though my Tesco hatred caused some cynicism. She's right though, it's good. Especially considering the price. A few months back I bought the Berkeley Square Fig and Cherry one at a similar price and much as I love it, the lasting power isn't a patch on this Tesco one.
It seems to be a one spritz only on me sort of scent, which again surprised me as my skin ordinarily eats about half the scent I put on.
The fig seems to start off with a bit of bite, but it does warm up and become a bit softer.
I'll certainly be wearing this one come next winter.
16th April, 2008

Fig & Cherry by Berkeley Square

I love this. It's now one of my favourite scents. I'll admit I bought it originally because it was half price in Boots, and the packaging lured me. It's been a great purchase.
On me it's less cherry than I would've liked, but it has led me to discover that I enjoy fig too. I also don't seem to get any of the musk, and it does stay figgy to the end. Unfortunately it does have pretty lousy lasting power, and has gone about two hours later. Three if I'm lucky.
I wish they did an EDP version.
13th April, 2008

Very Irrésistible by Givenchy

I'm rather jealous of all the reviewers who get to smell the roses in this. I don't. What I get on my skin, is the smell of the kind of spray you use to keep muggers away. It prickles my nose in a way I'm not terribly keen on, and gives me a headache. In the bottle and on the test strip it smells lovely though.
04th April, 2008

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I adore the smell of Hypnotic Poison. On me it smells like marzipan and vanilla, and is warm and comforting, yet sultry too. However, I can only wear it for a short while as it gives me the most awful frontal headache.
04th April, 2008

Cornubia by Penhaligon's

I love this scent. I only bought it on a whim, but I ended up wearing it on my wedding day, and everytime I wear it I can't stop sniffing my wrists.
On me though clearly a spicy oriental smell the most emphasised notes are the vanilla and heliotrope. It is pretty sweet, but absolutely beautiful.
02nd April, 2008
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