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Smolderose by January Scent Project

i love this: a dry-ish, greenish, slightly fruity, slightly smokey and bitter rose (with faint oily undertones of something like slumberhouse pear & olive.) definitely not your usual rose in a field that is way over-saturated. i want a bottle.
01st December, 2017
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Absolue Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

strange that it does not mention it as an ingredient, because on me this is mostly a thick, sweet, somewhat smoky labdanum. no rose, no cumin, and nothing animalic. i do like it.
20th November, 2017
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Vetiver Geranium by Creed

"patchouli geranium" , more like. lovely.
27th August, 2017
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Aromatics in White by Clinique

meh. generic potpourri-amber macy's perfume counter at christmas smell. no rose. no patchouli. no character. not offensive, though.

i layered it with mpg rose opulente, and it (the aromatics in white) became wearable, while the rose opulente became a bit denser. not bad combo, that.
26th August, 2017
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Hermèssence Vétiver Tonka by Hermès

i love this. as i also do ellena's terre d'hermes. together with his much more generic voyage d'hermes these are all variations on a theme, from sweetish and dense (vetiver tonka) to very dry, almost metallic and herbal (terre d'hermes in my favorite concentration, the bone-dry apres rasage, which is not so harsh nor such a sillage monster as the regular edt or parfum of this scent), to (almost) generic and a bit cheap, particularly in the drydown: voyage d'hermes. if i had to choose only one, it would be vetiver tonka. but since i don't have to, i move between it and terre.
06th October, 2016
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Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

this is growing on me -- fast.

simply put:
starts green and wet and violet.
morphs into something very dry and gray and dusty (stony-vetiver.)
then relaxes into musk -- with hints of the above.


(note: evokes both fahrenheit and ck be. but better then either.)
11th April, 2016
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Winter by Dasein

another iso-e super heavy fragrance -- this one amounting to an exact replica of comet detergent.
if you have ever pined to smell like comet, do get this by all means. i will pass.
09th January, 2016
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Lakshmi by Ajne

not my usual kind of perfume, but truly lovely and intoxicating. in this perfume, the sum is definitely much greater than its parts. i've had this for years, and keep coming back to it.
31st December, 2015
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L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens

it's nice (nice not being something i usually associate with a lutens perfume) when you want to wear something that is just a good smell, not a perfume. it's clean and musky in a not-too-warm way. it took me a while to make the connection, but what it reminds me of is etro's new tradition with the patchouli and musk (i don't get much incense or even iso e super.) i'll wear it, but more for what it isn't than for what it is.
13th January, 2015
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Arabie by Serge Lutens

love this, particularly the dry-down.

the trick is in DABBING this (sparingly) -- not spraying (which is entirely too much.)

kissing cousins with rochas femme -- so if you love the one, you will probably love the other.
29th January, 2014
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Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse

i absolutely LOVE this perfume -- but not immediately.
at first i found it too sweet (i thought.)
but then it crept up on me -- and i could not stop sniffing my sleeve.
and then i bought some.
to me this is a pear and fig scent, actually.
with a true-pear blast at first, and a dry-down into the creamiest, loveliest fig.
i'm wearing this every day, pretty much (rare for me.)

05th November, 2012
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100% Love by S-Perfume

i like this a lot.

unexpectedly, really, since ms. grojsman's creations are usually not among my faves.
but this is so nice that i would actually like to own a bottle.

whoever put those notes up there in the note pyramide must have been high, though.
this is all raspberry and chocolote and rose up top
then, as alaya says, TONS of ciste labdanum (and remnants of rose)
and that's pretty much it.
the musk, on me, never shows up, and i don't miss it either.

this is strangely non-sweet, red-fruity in a *dry* way, smoky in a wet way (as only labdanum can be) -- with this restrained rose in the background.

all-around marvelous.
21st April, 2011
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AnOther 13 by Le Labo

god, these notes are sad.

what has happened to perfumery?

who wants to even bother anymore?
13th October, 2010
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United States

Fresh Mown Hay by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

this really does smell of freshly mown hay. specifically, it makes me think of a summer meadow in the early afternoon, the hay having dried for a few hours, not really fresh and green anymore, but not dried yet either -- that limp, damp, hay smell. *instant* transportation in time and space...mmmmmmmmmmm.........
24th February, 2009