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Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

This scent works great on me. I don't think it's fair that some people are giving this scent a bad review simply because it isn't "black" or that they saw a lot of ads for this so they feel the need to counter the hype.

I love the smell. If you are thinking about this, try it (on your skin, paper is different) and give it a chance. I don't feel that it is limited to casual use, but that is certainly what I normally use it for.
16th April, 2008

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

I'm not an expert, I just love this scent.

It's my nighttime/formal scent. It lasts very long on me.

It just smells a little strong/heavy for me to wear to work.
16th April, 2008

Touch for Men by Burberry

At first, I could not even smell this scent on paper.

Then, I smelled it and hated it. However, I took a sample home because I'm a sucker for that "girls love it" sales pitch

When I sprayed it on myself something completely different happened. This is now my daytime scent and it usually lasts 8-10+ hours on me, but I do have oily skin. Usually people complain about it not lasting long.

I don't mind the floral notes, as it suits my personality anyway.
16th April, 2008
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