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Havana by Aramis

Want to smell like you've been stuck for hours in a roomful of chain smokers? This will do it.

I like many fragrances that feature a tobacco note, especially pipe tobacco, but this just smells like cheap cigarettes. The other notes are nice, but then you can get most of them, presented with better balance, from other Aramis scents.
16th November, 2009

Vetyver by Nicolaï

This is not your father's Guerlain. It isn't clean, it isn't fresh. It's boldly spicy, rubbery, animalic. If Edmond Roudnitska had used the vetiver root instead of citrus and leather in Eau d'Hermès, that divine, equally earthy, concoction may have smelled something like what Patricia de Nicolaï has done here.
30th June, 2009

Black Aoud by Montale

It smells like disinfectant. Sometimes disinfectant actually smells good. But not here. The purported rose note is more like isopropyl alcohol.
24th April, 2009
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