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Vanille Banane by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Delicious! This warm bananery scent smells more like banana cream or banana dessert then the fruit. It's sugary and reminds me of freshly baked banana cake.

When I wear this even my guy friends tell me I smell good enough to eat. This is a casual scent to be worn around friends who know what you're like though because someone I didn't know commented on how strange it was to smell like a banana whereas my friends know how cooki I can be.

The staying power is okay too. On me it lasts about 5 hours and I have oily skin which is supposed to retain scents best.

Definately one to at least try, unless you hate bananas..
27th March, 2006

Vanilla Vanille by Body Shop

Sweet. This scent is extremely sweet! It doesn't smell much like real vanilla, more like corn syrup and honey with a slight hint of florals. So unsuprisingly this scent becomes cloying and overly sweet when it's on your skin for more then an hour. The lasting power of this is not very good either. It only lasts 3 and a half hours on me and I have oily olive skin which is supposed to retain fragrances the best.

In general, I do like this scent it's rather foody but only in small doses. I recommend the body lotion or shower gel instead.
14th March, 2006

Angel by Thierry Mugler

First of all I'ld like to say this perfume bottle is the most original and one of the most beautiful out there.

When I first sniffed Angel, it didn't strike me as being anything fantastic, though I could appreicate how others had come to admire it. The top notes were a fine blend of spices, Bergamot, patchouli and other notes which give Angel it's rich and complex top layer aroma. But this kind of scent wasn't quite my taste.

But when I sniffed this a few hours ago the middle and base notes came out and WOW! This perfume has thee most delicous chocolate note I've ever smelt. It genuinely does make me want to eat chocolate and it seems to last for days (2 and a half so far). The lasting power is great and it would look beautiful on any dressing table.

But in spite all this I'ld only get a mini or sample because it's expensive, it's also commonly worn and this one is also bad for my diet. ;)
13th March, 2006
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Secret Wish by Anna Sui

When I first tried this it was foul! But this is certainly a scent you shoud give a second chance. A month later when I tested it again it smelt wonderful! It was so sutbly fruity and musky. The top note of melon was the most prominent and the dry down was an interesting woody smell. To top it all off, this has the most beautiful bottle cap design I have ever seen! The bottle itslef looks like a green-blue rock with a little fairy perched on top. It would look beautiful on any dressing table.
08th March, 2006

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

This is definately not unisex! It's completely sweet and feminine. The top notes are very sweet, sugary and a little spicy and the dry down is even sweeter maybe creamy. Suprisingly it works well in cold weather too. My only compliant is that it smells quite childish, it's certainly not sophisticated.
06th March, 2006

Escada Sport Spirit by Escada

I do like this one, it's my favourite from the series! It's airy, almost aquatic and fruity as opposed to your usual intensely fruity fragrances with heavy floral backgrounds.

It's a little more feminine but does smell right on a lot of guys I know who've worn this.
06th March, 2006

Country Weekend by Escada

I find this fragrance to be more of a male one. It's nice and refreshing though I'm disappointed at how linear it smells. It's like fizzy cinnamon and wood notes. It really does a good job of smelling like the country.
06th March, 2006

Escada Sport Feeling Free by Escada

Very refreshing and marine like, it really does smell like it's name. It almost smells like sophisticated soda pop. It's fizzy yet complicated and rich enough to be a wonderful perfume. However, I'ld only wear this scent whilst doing leisurely activities as this does seem to intensify the smell of B.O.
06th March, 2006

Sui Love by Anna Sui

The bottle is absolutely beautiful! Probably the nicest I have ever seen. It's a pretty stained glass butterfly with a golden lid. From the bottom it slowly fades to clear glass revealing the pink juice inside. However, the juice is a little too floral and heavy for me. It's okay but not fantastic. I would just buy this for the bottle.
06th March, 2006

Pleasures Exotic by Estée Lauder

This smells just like a cheap, sweet tropical drink with a heavy floral background. It's very linear too in that the smell doesn't change at all.

The good thing is great lasting power but that's just about it.
05th March, 2006

Island Kiss by Escada

This one smells similar to Rockin' Rio but it's a lighter version with a more prominent Mango top note. It's airy and fruity. I love this one however, the lasting power isn't great and the top notes don't last very long at all.
05th March, 2006

Summer Shakers Berry Crush by Impulse

I Love this stuff! It's a juicy cocktail of berries (raspberry and strawberry) with a strong mango scent, background citrus/lime layer and a light mint undertone. This is almost exactly how I think a lot of red berry scents should smell like. If only this could be turned into an Eau de Parfum form.

As it's only a body spray, this lasts around 3 and half hours on me which I consider to be good for something weaker then an eau de toilette.

Any bad points? It just makes you hungry after a while.
28th February, 2006

Summer Shakers Frangipani Fling by Impulse

Sweet and juicy, I like this one. It smells just like sweetened grapefruit. If you smell hard enough you can detect red oranges and a little bit of floral frangipani in the background. It's simple and sweet- a gorgeous summer scent.

This one lasts about 3 and a half hours which is good for a body spray again, I wish it could be turned into an eau de toilette or eau de parfum form though the scent is a little linear and simple.
28th February, 2006
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Cherish by Ghost

This is beautifl. It's a rather strong floral mix and smells like a combination of flowers soaked in the rain and sunlight and the dry down smells of sweet damp Earth. It is rather deep and I appreciate it's complexity even though I've only been into fragrances for a few months and could be classed as a "beginner".

The bottle design is elegant yet annoying as it has a narrow base and falls over too easily.

If it weren't for the strong middle notes of florals, this would be my perfect scent. In my opinion I feel they dominant the other layers too much. This is actually the only reason stopping me from buying this fragrance.
28th February, 2006

Ex''tion Star by Coty

I would really like to give this a half thumbs up. At first, when this was first launched, I was pretty excited. The advertising campaigns marketed it as a scent which embodied hollywood star-style, glamour and confidence. However once I smelt this it was so musky, vanillary and subtle, it struck me as a shy girl fragrance (or a sy girl wanting to be more confident scent, maybe this is what the ads were aiming at?). Here I was expecting something wild, sparkly and maybe even fruity but what I got was the opposite.

The lasting power, like with all other Ex''tion lines, is pretty weak. This one seemed to last only 2 and a half hours even though I have oily skin which is meant to be able to retain scents for a longer period of time. The scent itself is mediocre- not good, not bad. The bottle is pretty, there's even fine glitter in this, but the anticlimax I had when smelling the scent was disappointing.
28th February, 2006

Love at First Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

The mains things I can smell is chilled peach tea and roses.

The more I smell this, the better it seems to get. Though it doesn't seem nice on paper, it's better on skin. It's nice and a little strange but it's nothing spectacular. Liking this scent is like trying to like a guy you're not that into.
28th February, 2006

Fantasy by Britney Spears

This smelt so beautiful at the beginning. It was almost peachy and smelt of lychee but after 15 minutes it just made me sick when the middle notes kicked in. I couldn't wash it off quick enough.

If the top notes were more prominent this would have been amazing. Maybe it was just my body chemistry.

I certainly recommend others to try this.
28th February, 2006

Escada by Escada

This smells just like fresh cucumber and sea salt with a hint of florals. It's a combination I'm not very keen on.

It's advertised as smelling like "crushed diamonds" in some magazines I've read. I suppose they've captured that well in that it's fresh, light and sparkling. It might be nice to wear in the summer as it's refreshing.

However, I find this scent disappointing. It's weak and watery and so unlike a lot of the other Escada scents. This one desn't seem to fit in with the brand that's well known for it's fruity and sweet fragrances.
28th February, 2006

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

This one makes me smile. It's container is shaped like a grenade which is clever because the scent is so strong it really does "explode" onto you. The bad points are it's an extrememly overpowering blend of florals, so overwhelming, it gives me headaches. It's also extremely expensive as a 50ml bottle costs £100 where I live and it's sold in limited locations (which could be a good thing...). The only good point for me is that it's long lasting and smells alright on my skin.
28th February, 2006

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

Strangely this doesn't smell of apples to me. It just smells strange and generic, I was expecting an apple scent but the cucumber seems to dominate it all.

It's NOT a scent to try.
28th February, 2006

Le Jardin D'Amour by Eden Classics

Very generic and floral. This scent is as old as I am! And by old I also mean out-dated. It seems to smell like a dozen other cheap scents in it's genre. The lasting power isn't great either. Please don't make the mistake of purchasing this as a deoderant like my relative did. It only enhances the smell of B.O. as she so pain stakingly found out. After being passed around, it landed with me and I kept it because I was 12, didn't know anything about perfume and the bottle was quite nice. This one is on my swap list.
28th February, 2006

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

This one definately smells like it's name. It's just like Green Tea- fresh, light and slightly sour. Certainly a summer scent as it doesn't last long in winter (maximum of 3 hours). It's the best green tea scent out there but I personally find the aroma to be strange as I don't really like these scents. The god thing is this one seems to smell the same on everybody.
28th February, 2006

Incanto Dream by Salvatore Ferragamo

WOW! I love this one. It's a lovely fruity sweet scent that smells like apples. It's name should have "Delicious" in it. This can be compared to Escada's limited editions with the closest one being Island Kiss however I find this scent to be more sophisticated. Too bad it doesn't last long at all in cold weather, I really wish this came in a long lasting EDP form..
25th February, 2006

Cheap and Chic I Love Love by Moschino

At first I wasn't willing to try this out because of the bottle. It looked so tacky and plastic and the design was weird. But don't let that fool you, the juice inside smells wonderful. The top notes smell just like a mixture of grapefruit and lemon with a hint of orange. It's sweet and citrus, a combination which makes me feel so alive, awake and happy- literally the feeling I feel when I'm in love! It's name suits it well.
25th February, 2006

Pleasures Intense by Estée Lauder

This smells just like rotting flowers. The top notes don't smell particularly pleasent- too sweet, too powdery, it gives me a headache. But if you wait for the top notes to evaporate then you're left with a rather ok to nice sweet but lighter version. Personally, I don't recommend this as I've only ever found one other person who remotely likes it.
25th February, 2006

Sentiment by Escada

This one is extrememly sweet and romantic. The to notes consist of strong florals and an almost cotton candy like base. This makes me drowsy when worn in large quantities (i.e. when it's sprayed more then 4 times). I find myself liking the beautiful bottle more then the scent itself.
25th February, 2006

Princesse Muscat / Coeur de Raisin by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I'ld like to give this half a thumbs up because it's only the dry down I like. One of the top notes here give me a headache. Apart from that one note, the top layer smells like a very sweet blend of mangoes, berries and grapes. But if you for this to evaporate then it starts smelling truely delicious! It becomes a little powdery, sweeter and fruiter as the grapes and berries become more prominant. You have to smell it for yourself. For me it's well worth the wait.
25th February, 2006

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

At first, because of all the hype, I was reluctant to try this scent out but once I spritzed it, it smelt wonderful! Fruity and different is the best word to describe this though the scent does border on smelling like rotten fruit. The dry down keeps getting better and better as the scent gets sweeter to me and to top it all off, the lasting power is great! This is certainly one to try.
25th February, 2006

Escada Margaretha Ley by Escada

Certainly an evening scent or for special occasions. This scent is rather rich and strong and as it's an EDP the lasting power is great. However, I find the topnotes to this last for about 15 minutes, which is disappointing because those are the note I like most. The dry down is a lot gentler and all the way through it maintains that rich texture. Strangely, this one reminds me of Chanel No 5
14th February, 2006

Icø by Impulse

This one smells so much like an immature version of Davidoff's Cool Water for women. By immature, I mean not quite refined, it's a version for the younger teen or girl.
And it's wonderful! This is also one of those scents you can use anywhere- on night outs, casually or even for romantic use. I recommend this one for beginnners.
12th February, 2006